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Default need some encouragement...

Sorry for such a needy post, but I'm needing some encouragement. I haven't technically gone off-plan, but I did eat more popcorn than I intended to last night. Afterwards, I kept thinking "You're kidding yourself; you're never going to lose weight" and I kept trying to squish those negative thoughts, but they kept coming! I am terrified that my body isn't meant to be smaller(even though I've lost weight in the past, but are fears rational?). I am afraid I will be stuck with this stupid hanging belly forever(Sorry for TMI) and I can never look good in a bikini or, ahem,have romantic encounters without feeling self-conscious(Again, sorry for TMI). I see here all the ladies who have great success, but what if I'm not like that?

Sorry for the fishing for encouragement post, but I really need some right now. I just feel...exhausted.
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Sometimes we all just need a positive thought sent our way, so don't apologize for asking for encouragement. You CAN do this! There are so many successes out there, people who weighed more than you do now! It is possible. You just have to be willing to make the commitment to stay the course.

The other way to look at it is... what is the alternative? Give up, start eating whatever, not exercising? You have to ask yourself if that will make you feel better. What if you give up and start gaining more weight? Will you want to go to the store and get bigger clothes? Will you want to get unhealthy and develop something worse, like diabetes or other weight related problem?

Of course you don't! You want to make a lifestyle change. You want to feel better. You want to look better. You want more energy. YOU have the STRENGTH to make it through!!!! We all know that and now YOU have to believe that!
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The other day I went out to the mall. I was gone all day and by the time I got home I was STARVING. I had a light dinner planned, and was still hungry, so I went over my cals by 400, I had 1 cup of seasoned brown rice and some fruit with light whipped cream, I was satisifed, and yes, those negative thoughts DID creep up on me, but I squished them down and said damn, haven't you had worse days than going over by 400 cals on HEALTHY FOOD? I asked myself, was it really a cup of rice and some fruit that got you to the size you are now?

No. It wasn't.

It was binging on wings and pizza and fries and eating out 5 days a week. It wasn't eating a good healthy home cooked meal. and it wasnt' going a little overboard on popcorn for you either. It's a combination of bad eating habits and not moving.

Dont' demonize food. It makes it harder to stick with your healthy lifestyle change! We are not perfect, we will make mistakes, the beauty of this journey is that we have the CHOICE to learn from those mistakes, and do better the next day, and know in our hearts that we can and will succeed even with failures along the way (inevitably with failures along the way) but they aren't even really failures unless you FAIL to learn from them.

Or, you have the choice to say, "I can't do this. I messed up." and get fatter and fatter until you end up like me, or some of the other bigger ladies and at this point, speaking only for myself, I feel sometimes like it is so so very far away. I would LOVE to be at your weight right now, It's all relative. You don't want to end up here, where I am, and that is where the road leads when you make the choice of "I can't do this, I messed up." Just because you can't be perfect doesn't mean you should throw it all away, becuase listen, even the ladies here who have had huge successes have faltered along the way, I guarantee you that, and the only difference between them, their success and where you are now, is the choice to stay On Plan.

You can do this.
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And never apologize for needing encouragement. THAT is what we are here for.
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I know that negative voice, it lived in my head for 25 years! I'm glad you are recognizing that the negative talk has to stop. It will keep you going up the scale if you allow it to continue. I gave into it for years, it was easier, or so I thought, than doing the work to lose the weight. Living an obese lifestyle in reality, is so much harder than getting the weight off and living in a healthy smaller body. I feel so relieved to be free of that nasty negative voice in my head always tearing me down. It still comes around but I've gotten much better at making it stop.
You have the power to lose the weight! You just have to make good choices. Like Lottie said, you will mess up, but don't look at it as a failure. It was a choice, now you are going to make more choices that will lead to weight loss. Dust yourself off and keep going!
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This hits all of us at some point along the way. The key is to power through it, get support where you can, and recognize that nobody's perfect...

Hang in there...

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3 + years maintaining
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I truly didn't believe that I could "do it" either. For so many years. Now keep in mind that I DO have hindsight on my side. So please listen to me when I tell you, and I know this sounds cliche - if I can "do it" any one can. ANY ONE. Losing weight IS a doable thing and anyone and every one CAN do it. Yourself included. It's not some crazy, hare-brained, ridiculous, out of this world scheme. Losing weight IS something we have control over. You don't have to be fat if you don't want to be. Make the commitment to do whatever it takes, whatever is necessary, whatever is required - and then seek out ways to make it work for you.

So many people ask me how I lost so much weight and I tell them very simply - that I decided to. DECIDE to do this. No matter what. Make that commitment and take the ball and run with it......
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Don't Give Up!
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I know how you feel. Losing weight can be overwhelming at times. But, we need to keep trying and eventually we will succeed. I keep having to restart but eventually, I hope the time between going off plan is shorter each time.
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Live with Intention
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Peachykeen, we all need encouragement. Thanks for writing this thread because I also am in need of encouragement and reading the wonderful replies you have gotten has helped me. Yesterday, I went off on myself in my Blog because I haven't been doing what I know I need to be doing. Deciding to lose weight is the first step, doing it is the final step. We can do this...and we will! Never give up on yourself.
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We all have felt this way right?? I have those voices too. Every post on here is correct. I had 5 herrsy's kisses last night, woke up this morning, and wanted to give up. Over 5 pieces of candy!!! You know what?? I didnt' floss after lunch either (I know I am a rebel!). I don't feel bad, I never once said to my self, I am a terrible person because I didn't floss. I don't deserve to have pretty healthy teeth. I don't think I will ever floss again! NO!!! I did not. I thought, well probably should have taken the time, but next chance I get, I am flossing and using Crest white strips too so THERE!
No apologies Peachy! Hang in there Beautiful, you can do it!
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Your asking for encouragment is helpful to everyone. Others see you do it, and they feel more comfortable doing it! Also, it shows others that this is hard for everyone!

When others are struggling, I feel less like a freak for being so weirdo about food. I'm not alone, and I know that because you expressed yourself!

And you can lose weight, you already have! Think of the progress you've made so far. And popcorn really isn't bad at all, considering what you could have eaten.

Even normal weight people overindulge from time to time, they just don't let it ruin their days, weeks, months, years. Just keep swimming!
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Everyone has spoken the truth beautifully so I will just hand out a couple of hugs for you and anyone else that might need them. Tomorrow it might be me!
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You have already received some great advice so I can mostly just say "ditto".
Another things that helps me sometimes...when my goal weight seems SO FAR to set shortterm goals and celebrate them. Take each step (each pound) at a time because, I know for me, looking at how much I have left to lose can feel overwhelming and discouraging. Celebrating each 10 pounds...or 5 pounds or whatever feels much more doable.

I celebrate everytime I change my avatar from one chick to the next. 55 pounds here I come!!
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Loving life!!
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Wonderful advice and words of encouragement given to you I don't have anything else to add lol

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Awwww, thanks guys! Ladies, I guess. It's so great to have a support system when it gets tough(like it is now). You're all awesome and so inspirational!

Back to my sugar-free Red Bull and being on plan!
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