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scarletmeshell 08-04-2009 10:41 AM

What scale do you have and why it works?
I have read many threads on here about our horror stories about scales. I would like to invest in a scale for home that is fairly accurate. What is working for you?

lottie63 08-04-2009 10:47 AM

the eatsmart scale (amazon search: eatsmart scale) has awesome reviews, and lots of ladies here have it or are waiting for it to arrive ;)

Tanita also gets good reviews, but I have seen some and are pretty expensive. the eatsmart is 30$.

I am currently using my wiifit. it's very accurate and has four sensors, I think my old biggest loser scale only had 2, it was very wonky from the get go.

TJFitnessDiva 08-04-2009 10:50 AM

I use a WW scale that I've had for about 3 years....it's spot on in accuracy (sometimes if I am doubting it I will get a 5lb weight and put it on).

chubbs 08-04-2009 10:51 AM

I have a Weight Watcher scale which I really like. It's digital and its right on with my doctors scale. It can be programed for several different users - you enter your age, height and sex - and it weighs you, shows your body fat, your bone density, your hydration level and your BMI. On each it shows if its high or low based on your individual need. I only paid $30 for it. I love it! Plus it's nice and wide unlike alot of other scales!

paris81 08-04-2009 10:58 AM

I use a WW scale that I got for I think $34.99 at Target, and it works well. I got the same reading there as I did at the dr's office.

Beck 08-04-2009 11:06 AM

I have a Taylor Biggest Loser scale. It works well for me, but I don't use all the options yet.

ANewCreation 08-04-2009 01:03 PM

I just recieved my eatsmart scale through amazon.com

I love it for two reasons:

It weighs me consistently -- the old one was never consistent.

It weighs me a couple of pounds lighter than the old one. I'm pretty sure I didn't drop 2# over night--LOL! But you know what, I'll take it!

gt26 08-04-2009 01:48 PM

After reading these earlier posts, I decided to check my Taylor digital scale I got at Target a few months ago with a few hand weights, and found it to be way off on the lower end of the scale (more than a pound with 26 pounds placed on it). I'm pretty annoyed because now I know I can't trust it and I was so proud of myself that I had reached my goal! Guess I have a few more pounds to go.

SnowboundChick 08-04-2009 02:30 PM

I have a WW one and I thought it wasn't accurate so I bought a Curves scale through Avon. They are exactly the same and have been weighing the same as my Wii Fit balance board.

paris81 08-04-2009 02:31 PM

I had a Taylor digital scale before, and it was awful. My weight would vary by up to 15 lbs when I checked it by re-weighing myself after a few seconds. Get a new one, you'll feel much better!

quiffy 08-04-2009 02:56 PM

I use the Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition Monitor

I have found it to report the same number +/- .3 on repeating weight ins and is +/- 3 lbs with pcp's scales.

This scale measures many things. The biggest thing I like watching is viseral fat. I am not positive as to the accuracy of the viseral fat, but I am able to monitor the change in viseral fat. This is the same with body fat % and Muscle mass %.

ChrissyBean 08-04-2009 03:07 PM

No idea. Got it at Walmart for about $30. It's digital and measures in half-pound increments, which is fine for me; I'm not going to celebrate a .2 lb weight loss, nor am I going to freak out over a .2 lb weight GAIN.

My scale works fine.

wendyland 08-04-2009 04:21 PM

I bought the eatsmart scale from amazon because it had great reviews for accuracy. I've only had it a week or so. I like that the numbers light up so that I don't have to turn my bedroom light on in the morning when I weigh. It seems pretty accurate. It's close to what my doctors office scale says. It also gives me the same reading consistantly.

MugCanDoIt 08-04-2009 04:46 PM

Tanita Large Capacity Scale:

Works great with consistent readings
Has 5 buttons so 5 people can weigh and it will keep your last weight for the next time you weigh..

Mine was about $70...but oh so worth the peace of mind of getting a good reading every time.

JustSharing83 08-04-2009 05:50 PM

I also have a Weight Watchers scale I got from Wal-Mart for $20-some. I love it, but I mostly use Wii Fit now. Both the Wii Fit and the digital scale give me the same number, so I figure that if they are matching, they must be right! :)

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