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Default New to the Board

Hello, everyone...

My name is Jennifer and I'm about to start on my own weight loss journey. I happened to find the "3 Fat Chicks" site and read some of the posts, and realized this is what I need to get myself motivated and started down this difficult (but worth it!) journey.

I've tried to lose weight for the last ten years. I was a fat kid in school, a bigger fat kid in college, and finally started to get the weight off once I started working as a music teacher. Being laid off two years in a row just devastated me, though, and I put on all of the weight I'd lost and then some. Now, after a pretty depressing summer "vacation," I'm headed back to school to learn to be a court reporter. I'm also getting married (to another music teacher who also lost his job!), but we can't set a date until we're both a little more stable.

So, this is something I really want to do for myself. I want to be healthy -- and I know it's not about reaching a specific number on the scale or a dress-size. It's about living happy and being healthy, right? I'm so excited to get started......even though I'm also scared I'll fail and end up even bigger than I am now!

Thank you all for being here! I can't wait to get to know all of you!
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Welcome Jen!!!
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Loving life!!
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Fantastic to meet you, Jennifer! Welcome!
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Greetings and welcome! Enjoy your journey here.
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Welcome and congrats on your upcoming nuptials, whenever you two are able to set your date.
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to the site and the community!
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Welcome! I know that feeling of being afraid you'll fail, but you CAN do this. One bite at a time, one meal at a time, one pound at a time. What is your plan to accomplish your goal?
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Welcome. and congratulations on the insight that you don't have to aim for some magic number.
How do you plan to lose the weight?
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Welcome to the board!! You'll find tons of support here!
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