I wanna give Yoga a try, but I'm a little scared. Advice pls?

  • So, I'm wondering if there are many here who have tried yoga and what your thoughts were about it? Did it help you lose weight? Did it tone you more? There is a place about 15 min from here offering classes in July and Aug. How much does it generally run? Do you pay per class, or per week, or per month? I'm also a little scared that at my weight I won't be able to do yoga correctly. That may just be in my head, but I've seen some photo's, and all I think is I can't pull a move like that. At 200 + pounds were you able to do yoga, and really rock it good? Help set my mind at ease so I just call and set it up already instead of thinking what if what if......

    Thanks for the input gals!
  • I was able to do a class at Gold's called "Body Flow", which contained quite a bit of yoga. There were a couple of poses that I couldn't do, but lots of other people couldn't do them either so I didn't feel stupid or anything like that. I actually really liked it and I think it helped to make me look leaner than I should have at that weight. The thing I really liked about it was that it was all controlled and smooth. It got my heart rate up during many parts because even though there wasn't any jumping around, there was steady changing of position and it is a lot more strenuous than one might think.

    I say give it a shot. All the stretching and balancing is really good for the body and FEELS really good when you're done.
  • Born to Fly, I'm 5'7 a little over 200lbs and I practice yoga. I've never been to a live class but I do home videos. I've looked into live classes and they run about $10-15 an hour at the studio near me. DVD's are about $15 and I can use them whenever I want.

    If you have a good instructor they should be able to show you how to modify the poses to work for you. I have very tight hamstrings and must do the poses differently than 'others'; I can't bend over without bending me knees because of the pull from my hamstrings, Yoga in supposed to be non-competitive and all about you and your body!

    There are different types of yoga, I prefer power yoga with poses linked together in a 'flow', this method builds strength, endurance, and flexiblity. Other types stretch and relax, while some types have a spiritual side with breathing, poses, and meditation. {never got into this type, I'd get bored and want to get on with the workout!}

    iTunes has free classes for download at their site, some are audio only but have printable pose guides. www.yogadownload.com has a yoga for beginner's program that is about 20 min long. Also books or videos from the library might help you, this is how i started. HTH
  • Check out Just My Size Yoga or Yoga for the Rest of US.

    I haven't used either myself (I generally stick with Crunch: Candlelight Yoga because it streams on Netflix) but I've heard good things about both.
  • I told the teacher it was my first time and took a comfortable position in the back. Even 'fit' people were struggling with some of the poses...

    Oh and ensure you stretch lots before and after - you will be sore - but it's a good kind of sore!
  • I did a class last weekend that was part yoga. There were a couple of leg twisty ones that I couldn't quite do because of the size of my thighs, but most people had trouble with one or more of the moves. Just don't take yourself too seriously, and it'll be fine.
  • I love it! And it is all about flexibility and not weight. It is really good for toning all parts of your body and I am usually really sore if I push myself. Yoga is offered at the gym I just joined and it is the main reason I joined because classes were around 15 a class and it adds up if you want to do it twice a week. Don't worry about being bad or doing it wrong because it is hard and takes a lot of practice to be good. It doesn't matter how fit you are in other areas. Good luck and have fun!!!
  • I sometimes do yoga and like it but i find i do not have enough upper body strength for power yoga! Just "hatha yoga" is strenuous enough for me, you will find muscles hurting you didn't even know you had (but in a good way). I know lots of people say that hot yoga is great for weight loss, but i haven't tried it. My sister does yoga much more regularly than i do and she swears by it- very good for stress relief! I would suggest going to a beginner class before trying the videos just so you get a better idea/the teacher can adjust you if you are doing it not quite right. They are usually 10 bucks or so..
  • I have only been doing Yoga for a year and I love it. I was about 80 lbs heavier than I am now, and while I was not able to do the all the poses there are always modifications that you can do. To answer your questions above:

    1) Did it help me to lose weight? I will be honest here, for me, excercise does not really help me lose weight. I have always found for me that it is 80% of what you eat and 20% excercise. It was only when I cut back on calories that my weight started to drop off.

    2) Did it tone you more? However, once I started to lose weight, I noticed with Yoga my flexibility started to improve and I definately noticing definition in my arms. Some of the more advanced poses are quite hard to do, but they build muscle as well.

    3) How much does it generally run? Do you pay per class, or per week, or per month? This depends on which studio you go to. The one Hot Yoga studio I currently go to can charge up to $17 for a 90 minute class and $15 for a 60 minute class. There are other studios that charge $10/class. They will also offer monthly, quarterly or yearly packages, with the more you buy (i.e. yearly, the less per class it would be). My recommendation is if you are not sure, just pay per class until you are ready to commit. Some studios to get people in during the summer may have deals going on, or they may let you try it for free just to get you in the door. It does not hurt to ask.

    I would say go for it. Yoga is a personal journey and you can not compare yourself to others. My knees are shot and there will always be poses that I will not be able to do because of that. I have accepted it and let it go. It is not just physical it is mental as well. Yoga is also about the breath. You concentrate on your breath to centre and quiet your mind. Go with an open mind to your first class and enjoy the experience.
  • I don't take classes, I just do videos at home, but even so yoga has really helped me tone and change the shape of my body. In the last 15-20 pounds MANY people have been commenting on how slim I look compared to before, and I credit yoga for a lot of that.

    Yes, you will have to modify some poses when you're at a higher weight. My stomach doesn't get in my way as much as it used to, though, because you'll increase your flexibility as you keep practicing.

    Truth is, I used to hate yoga (it gave me headaches from all the toxins releasing), but my doctor actually recommended that I cut back on the cardio and do yoga a couple times a week, so I've taken her advice and it's paid off for me.

    Give it a try, you might love it! You'll probably benefit from taking a class with an actual instructor, as well. Doing it with videos there's no one to tell you if your form is dangerous or whatever, so I try to be really careful.
  • I concur with the others, you CAN do yoga.
    I started with a 15 minute video called exactly that "You Can Do Yoga" that is one of Leslie (WATP) Sansone's videos. After that, I used Gaiam's Weight Loss Yoga series (Quickstart, Conditioning, and Maintenance).

    Studios charge varying rates. Some studios have community yoga classes that start at on $5 per session, some are donation based. Some YMCAs have reasonable classes as well. A church in our community has classes that accept canned goods as payment.

    Check around - try renting a video or checking one out of your library if you want to get a feel for yoga before you attend a class.

    I will echo what the others have said - yoga is for everyone. A good instructor will explain modifications and keep an eye on newbies in the class.

    As for its benefits, yoga and pilates are critical to my health and fitness. They both help with stress, balance, flexibility and core strength. They are a nice change from my cardio routine and I can't imagine being as fit as I am without yoga in my life
  • Hi there!

    It just depends what you want to do...alot of the yoga incorporated at exercise studios and on exercise CDs is yoga-like moves, but it isn't YOGA per se. A yoga practice is just that -- a yogi takes you through a series of moves specific to that type of yoga and it involves mind, body, and meditative work.

    Yoga at most health clubs are often not taught by a yogi (a certified yoga master usually has around 5000 hours of training in addition to a lifelong practice). "Gym yoga" is a series of moves put together by someone with a weekend or online course that certifies them to teach the class at a health club, in a similar way to, say, aquafit instructor certification, and when incorporated with other types of exercise, becomes pretty much a calisthenic, rather than a practice.

    There ins't anything WRONG with the latter -- you just have to decide what you want out of Yoga -- this will be a personal choice. Lots of people enjoy the yoga moves; others want a yoga practice. Both are valid approaches.

    IF you want a dedicated Yoga practice, you need to check out the instructors and make sure that they are certified yogis.

    IF you want a mix of yoga/carido/strenght-type training in a class setting, your gym is a great place to go.

    I started yoga at the end of February of this year. I was 192 lbs, not so far off from where you are. All shapes and sizes and ages take yoga because in a true yoga practice, it isn't about how well you throw a pose with respect to the others. It is about doing your personal best each and every time. You are your own yardstick. Yogis will correct your form, but are aware that each person has a different body and different limitations. I can't speak to the gym yoga classes...

    I haven't noticed significant weight loss with it, but I HAVE dropped sizes and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my balance, flexibility, and endurance.

  • I was doing Yoga/Pilates at 270! You can do it. Just stay focused on your next breath, your next move.
  • I use a DVD call Heavyweight Yoga, the instructor on it is an older woman who is my size. I do it for flexibility, balance, etc but I don't count time doing yoga as my excercise toward weight loss.
  • i LOVE yoga. it hasnt really helped me lose weight but it has helped me feel more comfortable in my new skin.