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Default Just when I'm on a role!

I feel like crap. I'm just finishing off my two weeks off of work. I've done loads of stuff around the house and yard and maybe too much.

Monday I woke up with a pain in my thigh, just off to the outer side. It's fine when I'm sitting and the leg is bent but as soon as I straighten it, it gets all tight and painful. I don't know what it is. I thought maybe I smashed it on the wheelbarrow because I did that a couple of times in the last week. Maybe I strained a muscle, tendon or ligament I don't know. I went to Aquafit that day thinking I could work it out but it didn't go away and didn't seem to be affected at all. The pain has got worse, not better but not unbearable.

On top of that I'm getting headaches in the top of the head, neck and behind my eyes and I"m achey all over (my joints) and have been nauseous off and on. I'm going to try and get in to see the doctor tomorrow.

The site where it's painful has a small lumpy feel but not a lump, more bumpy so I don't know. It's not hot or swollen or anything.

The good news is I finally made it to 30lbs lost and I'm very happy about that, I've been watching what I each the last week though not back to calorie counting yet but I will get back.

I had my nephew today as well as my 3 boys, so it's has been a very long and stress filled day. I broke down tonight because I was getting up for the chair and because I was favoring that thigh, I hurt my knee, i haven't had knee pain in about 2 or 3 weeks now so that just broke me.

My mom came and took my youngest up to her place until my Hubby gets home and the other two are watching tv before bed.

I guess I just needed to check in, since I haven't been posting much the last two weeks but I have checked in and read a bunch of posts, so you are all in my thoughts.
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Starting over
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Oh dear.

It sounds as if you are coming down with something. I hope it's nothing major, but I do hope you see that doctor soon!
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It sounds like you definitely need to see a Dr. Hopefully it's nothing too serious!
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Congratulatons on the 30lbs!
And yes, if this achey thing doesn't pass soon, get to the docs, and get your leg checked out too. Look after yourself, you deserve it.
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Yikes. Doesn't sound like you are feeling so well. I'm sorry and I hope this passes swiftly. ButI agree, get yourself to a doctor. That's what you would do if one of those boys of yours was feeling this way. Right?

Congratulations on the 30 lbs gone. You're just a couple of pounds shy of hitting the 10% mark. That's a BIG milestone. Don't let your aches and pains and everything else get in the way of obtaining your goals. You are SO doing this! Don't forget that every ache and pain is less ache-ier and pain-ier when you weigh less. Yes, I make up my own words from time to time. Keep up the great work - and feel better.
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Don't Give Up!
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Congratulations Snowbound Chick on your 30 LBS Weight Loss!
Hope you Feel Better Soon!
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Congrats on your weight loss, I was wondering where you were. Hope you feel better soon.
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On a break with Baby #5
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You sound like a mess, but at least your weight it coming off!
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Sorry about everything else , but congrats on the 30 pounds
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*hugs* You sound so down I hope things look up for you soon babe. More *hugs*
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yay! summertime!
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Boy, nothing is ever easy in this adventure, is it? It sounds to me like you are working your tush off out in the yard (how many days are in your growing season up there, like 45? what is in your garden?) and maybe did too much. I'm glad your mom could help out with your youngest --- you sound like you need some rest! And yeah, when you are favoring one leg for a while, you often end up messing up a different joint like a knee because you are putting more strain on it due to the first injury.

So, what can you do? I think the docs recommend ice/cold for the first 2-3 days and then heat after that. Take aspirin or your favorite pain killer, but don't get sucked into doing a whole bunch more on your injured leg just because the drugs took the edge off the pain. Rest if you can, but maybe try to walk for a couple of minutes every 15 or something, to stretch everything a little.

Sorry you are hurting, Donna --- don't let this derail you! You have lost 30 very important pounds and each pound you lose will take some of the strain off your joints and will improve your health in all those other cool ways. Hope you are feeling a lot better by the time you read this!

Sending lots of healing vibes and pain reduction CHARGING your way.....

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Thank you ladies! I'm doing much better now, I don't feel sick at all, the headaches are gone and my leg doesn't hurt anymore. I've been drinking lot's of water but the last few days I feel like I'm getting too much salt and not watching too great so once I got to 295 on Wednesday, there I stayed. All is good though.

I did wake up this morning with a bruised heel and I've been trying to walk on it but I noticed my calve is getting crampy. On to the next injury! (I haven't even been doing anything this week so no sure why this happened now). Though, I determined to get back to aquafit tomorrow, I've missed it.
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