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Default Closet shopping

So far, through shopping in my own closet, I have found and worn: two pairs of jeans, a pair of denim capris, two camisoles, and a blue velvet jacket (sounds awful, but looks really cute on me).

After a long break, I'm actually putting together outfits again rather than just wearing whatever fits. And I can't wait to keep going and get into some more of my old clothes.

What have you discovered shopping in your closet as the weight has dropped off?
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LOL, for me it's been more like, dang, I *thought* I still had XYZ in here somewhere!
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nothing. I was 377 lbs for a long time (10 years) so had LONG since given those "thinner" clothes away.

Now ask me about the treasure trove I'm finding in my hubby's closet
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I love shopping in my own wardobe!!!!!! My favourite thing is when you put something on that you bought eons ago and never fit into (you know, I will fit into this one day and its too cute for me not to buy it . . . ) and you think for a moment that it may still be too small for you but when you try it on you realise that its toooo big! I love when my "skinny" clothes become my fat clothes

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I gave away the majority of my slim clothes about 8 months ago; shame, when I started losing weight again 5 months ago buy hey.

However, of what I have left, I had so many recovered Tshirts that I barely had to go shopping for my vacation this month! but not really. There have also been a couple of occasions when I found something I'd forgotten and have missed the wearing window of opportunity, because it's too big now. Resolved to check the closet more often!
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Right before I restarted on this journey to a thinner me, I went through my closet and got it ready for my soon-to-be-shopping-needs. I did get rid of a bunch of stuff and only kept the really cute things and lots of things that I have never worn yet. I can't wait to start wearing these clothes. More importantly I can't wait for these clothes to be too big on me so I can get rid of them and fill my closet with the styles that have only lived in my dreams. It will happen!!!!
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It will DEFINITELY happen!!!!
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I have loved shopping in the closet in my guest bedroom where I stored all my old clothes. I have enjoyed the blazers that I bought for work the last time I lost weight. I am wearing my last ones and look forward to an empty closet!
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This is what I am soooooo looking forward to. I have sooo many things in my closest that I will be able to wear as the weight continues to fall off and I just can not wait. But I have managed to get into most of my tops, now that the girls are getting so small.
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I have a few things in each size from 24 to 18. Then I have a huge box of stuff from when I was 200lbs (at a previous weight loss) and size 15/16. Hope to be in them before the year is out. But I am a tomboy and would also love to fit into some of my hubby's stuff. He is only a 32 waist tho. So that will be a while. I used to wear his cloths when we first started dating. But I was a 28/30 waist and 120lbs LMAO.
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