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NEVER EVER going back
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Unhappy I will NOT let this derail me...

My sister hates me apparently. She's pregnant AND hormonal and according to her I am neither supportive of her or a good person. Apparently I hate her daughter and treat her like crap etc etc etc. What's going on is not REALLY important.

What IS important is realizing that I CANNOT MAKE THIS HURT GO AWAY WITH FOOD. Food is NOT the problem. Food is NOT the answer.

Repeat... seven hundred times.
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Loving life!!
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Just keep repeating that!

Some pregnant women just need to be locked in a box and not have contact with loved ones until about 8 weeks after they have their baby
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I feel your pain. I have a totally dysfunctional brother who either ignores me, and all my emails or calls me totally depressed and takes his anger over his poor vocational choice and lack of a mate out on me. And then wants me to do stuff for him or sponge off of us for a weekend and he NEVER says "thanks" nor follows the house rules, and then it is back to ignoring my calls and emails...
I'm at my wits end, but I know the answer isn't at the bottom of a box of Oreos...
Stay strong, sister Chickie...


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Maintaining :)
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Yes, you are right! EVERYONE has someone that pushes those buttons. Food is NOT the answer!

Stay strong. You've come to far to let ANYONE else derail your progress!
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One day at a time!
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You are right. Food will not make this better. The past few weeks that has become my mantra. Food will not make this better.

You are strong and I know that you will come through this.

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Atleast you know, food is NOT the answer. It will only make you feel worse when it's all over. She is just pregnant and hormonal!

BTW - You look amazing in your display picture. I've been MIA for a while, You are doing FABULOUS!
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On a break with Baby #5
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I feel your pain, but all food will make you feel is bloated AND sad, so step away from the fridge and get a good hug from someone
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3 + years maintaining
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You haven't let all different sorts of things derail you from your plan, this is no different. Well, no one knows that better then you. There is nothing, nothing going to stand in your way of reaching your goals.

I sure hope your sister comes to her senses soon.
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I don't really buy the 'pregnancy hormones' excuse from anyone. I think a lot of women use it as an excuse to behave badly and expect everyone around them to just put up with it. I had the double hormones of a twin pregnancy and didn't use it as an excuse to act like Kate (from Jon & Kate).
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I agree with Bee, It's kind of silly to be like "I'm pregnant so I can be mean to everyone."

I'm sorry your sister is being mean and selfish. I'm sure she doesn't hate you, maybe it was just a bad day and you were the closest one to her? You seem to be quite a sweet gal, You've come so far and you know that a nice walk or posting on the forums is a good way to distract yourself from downing your feelings in food.

Perhaps she's jealous as she balloons up with her pregnancy and you slim down by the day that you are beginning to outshine her...?
(Ahem, You do look amazing.)
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NEVER EVER going back
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You ladies rock. This has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Well for the last 14 years I've been the "heavy" one in the family. And now that I'm 40 lbs less than she is (at LEAST) I notice she does not want to hear about my weight loss, is very blase about it and tends to treat me even crappier... correlation? I think so.

And I totally agree. Pregnancy is NOT an excuse to be a total and complete bee with an itch.

And this will NOT derail me. I stayed on plan. I entertained thoughts of dorito's but quickly gave that up. I'm stronger than that.
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Happy Plodder
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Never been pregnant, so can't comment on the hormones, but the fact that she's now the heavier of the two of you ~ I take it that's even without the sprog? ~ is the absolute key imho. I have a friend who's not that snirpy but she is happy to encourage me when I'm Really fat, gets less so if she asks and I've lost a considerable amount because it's more than she's ever lost in a week despite the fact that the only reason that's so is that she's never let herself get as big as me, gets well hacked off the nearer I get to her weight and positively sullen if I dip below.

Hey, sad but resorting to food would only let your sister win, and she must not! and your picture is fantastic.
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Big Hug! Unfortunately the better we do the more some peoples true colors emerge. You Rock Tho!, And those are your true colors.
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One pound at a time...
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Definately jealousy is playing out huge here. It is unfortunate, this is going to happen. This will not derail you.
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My sister made me cry *during* our workout last week. I thought about getting off the spin bike and going home without another word, I really did. Instead I sucked it up and finished the workout.

Good for you for not letting your sister derail you either. Family always knows exactly what buttons to push, and it sucks when they use it against us. But their issues aren't ours, so there's no reason to let them knock us off track.
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