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Default crummy day- warning- whiny

I am having a misserable, crummy day! Alot of things added up the last few days and I need to vent.

When I started this journey I never expected the mind game this all turned out to be. Eating right and exercising has been the EASY part! URGGG

First, I am stuck at 240- been there a couple of weeks- frustrating. Then a bunch of other frustrating things happen. Thinking I need an extra push, I email my sister asking her if she can come visit me when I hit 199 to celebrate onederland . she never answers - URG

Then a friend comes over who hasn't seen me a several weeks- tells me I am looking good- so I say- Oh, you can tell I have lost weight? I am WANTING to hear that someone can see it! - No, she says it is just your new dress- UGGGG of course it is my new dress casue it is SMALLER!!! URGGGG. Later she comments on how good my son looks- she can tell he has lost weight! He hasn't, but becasue we are both eating better and he is growing taller and no longer wider, he is looking better!

Then I go to the Dr. I am thrilled casue I know I have lost 30 pounds and my blood sugar is doing great, BUT they check my BP and it is 180/110????????????? What is going on- it was 130/90 BEFORE I lost the weight. So he puts me on a diuretic, but wait I read the info with it and it makes your blood sugar go UP- so I have to trade lower BP for high blood sugar?? No way- I am working too hard to keep my blood sugar in line without medicine, if I take the diuretic I will have to go back on the diabetes meds. My goal since I got diagnosed in Feb was to be off the meds.

I am just so frustrated today! I am eating great, walking 2- 3 miles several time a week, riding an exercise bike, overall living MUCH healthier than I ever have in my life. I just need a little encouragement and I can't find any around here- off to find the klenexx again- I'm sure this is another one of those cry all day days. Why can't weight loss be simple and not have all these emotional roller coaster rides!
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I'm sorry you're frustrated I know sometimes this journey can be so overwhelming and discouraging. I wouldn't worry about what the scale is doing, maybe put it away for a while. If you keep doing what your doing you will lose more, don't let the scale dictate your success or failure. I got on the scale after being OP and I had gained 4 pounds in less than a week. Did I let that discourage me? No, because it's only a number. I know I'm doing the best I can with my food and exercise, and eventually the scale will fall into agreement with that. And people will eventually start to notice (and then maybe you'll wish they hadn't because they'll be all up in your business :P)

As for your blood pressure, it is borderline stage 3, so I would not disregard the BP meds. If he is your regular doctor then he is aware of your diabetes, and prescribed the BP meds anyway. If the effect on your blood sugar concerns you bring that up with him, but don't just trash the meds. Watch your sodium (prepackaged foods are a killer), take a baby aspirin daily, and drink lots of water.

You are doing really well! Be proud of yourself! Think about what a great thing you're doing for your body and your family! Most importantly, keep up the good work, and don't let discouragement push you off plan.
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Have you monitored your blood pressure over a time period? Or was that a one time reading?

My "normal" blood pressure is 110/70 or so, but it will spike crazy high occasionally just due to stress triggers. Even having a caffeinated drink shortly before a reading affects mine now. And during a high stress time in my early 20's it was up for several months.

Anyway, I'd make certain that it's really chronically high before you start medicating. You said it had been a frustrating few days for you - that can influence it.

However, if the doctor had you take several readings over a period of days and it is chronically high, TAKE the meds. I have horror stories on the results of NOT taking blood pressure pills when they were needed.
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It WILL happen for you, if you let it.
As for your friend, well, some people don't acknowledge or notice weight loss for whatever reason. I'm down from 244 to 176 and my Dear SIL God Love Her still hasn't said anything, AND she wants me to have clothes that are too big for her (she is much larger than I am, by 70ish pounds).
As for your MD, go BACK and request a bp monitoring system that you wear for 24-48 hours for an ACCURATE assessment of bp. Meds shouldn't be prescribed for bp after a one-time visit. You need to have a number of readings over a period of time. If your MD won't do this, get another MD. Seriously. My dad was prescribed bp meds by an MD that my mom LOVES but who I KNOW is 105 years old and doesn't follow current medical procedure. Dad took these meds and kept passing out when he would stand up. I told him to GET ANOTHER OPINION because it seemed to me that the bp meds were lowering his bp too much (I have a doctorate in a health science). He got a second opinion, wore the monitor for 24 hours, and his bp was NORMAL. He shouldn't have been prescribed the meds in the first place. Now, I'm not saying that you DON'T need them. You just really need a number of bp readings over a day or 2 in order to make this diagnosis:


Most doctors will diagnose a person with high blood pressure on the basis of two or more readings, taken on several occasions. A consistent blood pressure reading of 140/90 mmHg or higher is considered high blood pressure, another term for hypertension.

Some people experience high blood pressure only when they visit the doctor's office. This condition is called "white-coat hypertension." If your doctor suspects this, you may be asked to monitor your blood pressure at home or asked to wear a device called an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. This device is usually worn for 24 hours and can take blood pressure every 30 minutes

I would go further than letting the MD make the decision. I would request the ambulatory device right off the bat. And IF you do need the meds, then I would definitely take them.

Keep on your path! You can DO this! And even if you are taking meds, if you stick with this you WILL be off the meds soon enough. The worst thing to do is to give up...

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Thanks for the encouragment and giving me a place to vent.

Previously I had readings of 130/90 or there abouts. After the 180/110 they read it again and got 160/100. I was having a VERY stressful day. I could not change my appointment and following the Dr appointment I had to drive an hour to go to our assement(review of the children's work for the year to see if you have progressed and can continue to homeschool the following year). On top of that I could not find a babysitter and had to bring the children with me.

I went to the health food store and got a natural diuretic and will find someplace to get my BP checked this week to see what is going on. I go to a free clinic and so getting something to monitor my BP isn't possible. I would like to buy one to check at home, but that is a long way off yet.

I'm off to take a nap and see if the day looks a little brighter when I get up!
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Starting over
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I didn't know all that about blood pressure. Interesting.

About the encouragement: have you got pictures you can post? You know there's no better cheerleading and encouragement to be found than here!

30lbs must be celebrated! Absolutely.
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Hi there! Your MDs office will LOAN you an ambulatory cuff. They just sign it out to you for a couple of days, then take it back and analyze the results. You don't have to buy a thing!
The other thing you can do is to go to the Shoppers Drug Mart -- at the prescription place, they have an automatic bp machine that is free. It will give you a printout, too, to take with you. You could try going there 5 or 6 times a day to do this, if you want. BUT I think that your MDs office will have a cuff that they can lend you. These things are automatic -- you just put the cuff on, and flip a switch and the bp measurements are done automatically and are recorded. My dad had one that he kept on all the time, and every 30 minutes or so, it automatically fired up. He had to carry the recording device around like a handbag () but it worked really well.
OH, and the 30 lb loss ROCKS and you CAN AND WILL do this!!!!


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I'm so sorry things are going so cruddy for you today. I don't know anything about all the medical stuff but totally understand all your frustrations.

Hang in there.
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One day at a time!
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I am sorry that you are having such a stressful day. I imagine it added to you high bp. You are doing so well. You have lost over 30 pounds!!! You are seeing the results so please don't worry about others not saying anything yet. Keep it up and I am sure they will. Sometimes people are not sure if we want them to say something. As for your friend today, could she be jealous? Just a thought...

Just remember that you are doing this for your health. It is so hard to be patient but keep it up and you will get results! Why don't you treat yourself as a reward for a job well done? Something like a relaxing bath that would be a treat and help with your bp?
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Never want to go back!
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I think everything that people have said makes a lot of sense so I'll just add a big hug and say I am sure tomorrow will be better.
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THere is also something called white-coat hypertension. Sometimes people will go to the doctor and anticipate having their BP taken. Maybe it is because they are so hoping for a low number, maybe because of fear of a high number, but the stress of that alone can cause it to go up. And taking it a few minutes later will not make a difference. Also, pain or illness can cause a significant increase also.

I agree that you should continue monitor it yourself, either at those kiosks at the drugstore, or go to a local nursing school and offer to be a guine pig for the students to practice taking BPs, or something. I would never recommend going against an MDs advice, so I am not saying don't take the BP meds, but you definitely want to continue to monitor it yourself. The doc sees you for maybe 10 minutes, you live in your body round the clock!
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I am so sorry that your day just sucks *mega hugs*
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