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Default Been here before help me start again please!

Oh my goodness.. here i am again. I've been on this site off and on for about 6 years now! I have changed my log-in name like once or twice hoping to make it a fresh start for myself.. lol NEVER worked. So here i am yet.. again! I guess this time im just looking for encouraging words. I feel so lost and alone i know im not but mentally i feel i am. I have done this before I know what it takes i just can't get myself back "into" it. I have decided in my mind- what's the point im doomed for failure. I hate this mindset i want to change im just scared. I have a huge fear of failure because of how many times i have failed. I don't even know where to start now! I don't know if i should count cal's or just journal or south beach i don't want to diet because i know it wont work for the long haul, but i know i have to do something!! Any advice for me I've been debating doing a detox as well maybe that would clean me out a bit and give me that kick i need to commit?! Any good healthy detox ideas or words of encouragment?! I weight more now than the day i had my second child! That's just crazy. I hope to change soon. Thanks for hearing me out sorry it's so long. ~ Kim
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Default Don't give up

I also have started many,many,times.I gained wt /c each child,now they are 40 and 42! Gained wt working nights,etc. etc. I'm going to start again myself. I'm new to this site and not very competent on the computer.Someone on the site wrote,eat for the body you want,not the one you have. Love that! Evercise for the body you want,not the one you have. I just ate my first low fat meal,chix breast,mushrooms,little tabouli.I'm going walking now. Start again!
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Never want to go back!
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Just start. With your next meal, make a healthy decision. Then at the next meal make another. You don't need a "detox" (which have been proven not to detox you from anything) or any other grand gesture to begin. It starts with one good decision. String a bunch of those together and you've got a plan...
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I too am a serial re-starter but I swear this is the last time.

I began by having a week of just recording what I ate - I used dietpower, currently using sparkpeople. I found that a) omg, how could I eat that many calories? and b) as the week went on I voluntarily made healthy choices.

I then decided on a calorie budget (which I later revised upwards) and tried to do it for a day. and then the next day. I know it sounds a bit plodding, hence my subtitle in my avatar column, but just trying for one good day and then another seems to me the only way to do it.
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I too find myself starting again. And maybe again when I slip. But I believe this time I am ready. I won't let me fail. I am just keeping a food journal, exercising every day, and that's it for now. Nothing glamorous. But I am aware of every thing Iam choosing to eat, and glad for the things not eaten. The cravings are slowly subsiding. I am encouraging you to keep going! You can do it!
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Up until 2 weeks ago I've done the exact same thing as you. Was scared to start a diet after so many failures. I knew I needed to lose weight but I never seem to have the motivation to do it.

This time around, however, I did things a bit differently. I first went into my bedroom with a notebook and pen, closed the door and told the husband that he was on child wrangling duty. I sat down with no distractions and had a honest, no bullsh*t talk with myself. I couldn't keep putting it off and keep slowly gaining the weight.

I looked back at my previous diet attempts and looked at what worked, what didn't work and why. I realized that I do horrible with restrictive diets but also need accountability. So I choose calorie counting as my best course of action. After I decided on an approach I started thinking of bad habits that were in my life that needed changing. For me it was my lack of sleep, my frequency of fast food and overall computer veg time.

From that list of bad habits (with calorie counting in mind) I developed a simple ten rule plan to follow which for me was:

1. Log all foods. If I eat it, I track it.
2. Stay between 1400-1700 calories.
3. Move every 30 minutes, no excuses. Even if its just to get up and manually turn the tv.
4. No fast food. If I'm too tired to cook then instead of having the hubby bring home fast food, we get dressed up and go out to eat instead.
5. Turn the tv off while eating. This helps me not only enjoy my food but allows me to tune into my body and see when I'm hungry/full.
6. Must be in bed by 10 and up by 8.
7. Must have my husband weigh me every Monday for accountability.
8. No more diet cokes. While they are calorie free, Ive found that I get cravings easier.
9. Must eat 3 balanced meals and one snack daily.
10. Must stick with it for at least a month, no excuses.

They're all very simple rules but they provided me with a guideline to follow. If I don't have a "plan" then I tend to get diet amnesia and revert back to my old ways.

This is what worked for me but for each person it'll be different. Be honest with yourself. This is about a new lifestyle that has to be something you'd be willing to do for life.
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First, you ARE NOT doomed to failure. This is worth the effort.

And lots of us have started and re-started and yo-yo'ed and up and down ... it's all part of the process. But it only takes one time for it to stick and it's worth keeping going until you get to that one time.

Why don't you just make some small changes daily? Cut the pop and junk, add more veggies and lean meats into your diet, amp up the water and walk a little.

Those things alone will help you and from there you'll be able to feel out what works for you and what you might need to do to help yourself along (counting cals, etc.).

And welcome back!
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I am so with you Kim...But reading all the success stories and all the good advice from people struggling with the same issues helps a LOT. Good luck!
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