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In the Home Stretch!
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Default Mini Goal - Run a 10K - Accomplished!

Hello Chickies!

I ran my 1st 10K this weekend and as always here are some pics

My Playlist - It was exactly 1h 10m, my goal was to run at or under that time

Me and my running buddy Thomas before the race

Waving to my friends who came out to cheer me on!

I did it!!!


Banana Nutella Crepes - my victory breakfast. Haven't had this in months, I think it was well deserved! And yes, that's ice cream on the crepes LOL
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Starting over
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Wow!!!! So awesome!!!

I'm going to run a 5k in December. I hope I'm able to actually run/ jog it. I will have to do lots of training this fall.
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WOW! That's so great! wonderful job.
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Ray of Sunshine
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You are such an inspiration. Congratulations! I'm pumped to be looking towards trying a 5K in the fall but you've already got me looking ahead beyond that to future 10K possibilities!
Way to go!
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Loving life!!
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I'm training for a 10k for next Easter and am so nervous about it I do have a few 5ks lined up for the fall & hopefully that will help with my thing about running in front of people *jiggle*
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Monkey see, Monkey do!
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Wow, you look amazing! Love the running picture! You look soooooo radiant and energetic!

Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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Great run and that is a wonderful time for your 1st 10K!!! Awesome job!

Hey, I love your shirt. What brand is it? It is very flattering (and Lord knows, I need some 'flatter')
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Right foot, left foot ...
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What an awesome accomplishment! Congrats!!
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yay! summertime!
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Congratulations on an impressive accomplishment! Pretty darn nice time, too --- 10 minute miles overall! I stand so totally in awe of you folks that can run for these kind of races. And moreover, let me tell you, Daniela --- you look fabulous in those pictures!


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NEVER EVER going back
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Congratulations! You did so well! I am proud of you
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FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations!!!
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Okay, first off, I love that playlist, I'm totally stealing it.

Second, you did such a great job on your first 10K!! I am so totally impressed, probably because I'm not a runner so I always admire the people that are. I secretly dream of being able to do even just a 5K, but I am so not good at running, lol.

But you are GREAT!! (And I agree that the green shirt is so cute, where did you get that??)
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WW on-line since 1/1/2009
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Look at you! You make it look effortless!
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That's so awesome! And you look great too
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