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Default Oh my goodness

Next week is my TOM and this afternoon I have been hit with THE WORST cravings.

Something sweet, salty, take out. I was at the supermarket and made it out OK. Then I passed the drive thru at McDs. I tinged, but kept driving. I even had thoughts of the junk food that must be inside my local drug store as I passed it!

I came home and had a small snack and am now waiting for dinner and dessert. But this bloody craving feels like I used to when I smoked and hadn't had a cigarette for a long time! It's the craving that just won't let go!

I'm staying away from the crap and just trying to make it until bedtime. Or until I feel like a normal person again!!

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Ugh, I hate those TOM cravings that won't let go. Good for you. You can do it!

I am having the worst day, am in a very pissy mood. I went to get gas, and was tempted to grab something junky to make it better. I resisted because I really am starting to get it that junk food doesn't make anything better, it just makes me fat. And fat is not what I want to be anymore. We can make it through the day together. We CAN do this.
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Good for you for not giving in!

What about pretzels? They're salty and not so bad. I use them like I used to use potato chips and just divide a big bag into mini 2 pt bags and grab when I crave that salty stuff.
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Pickles are my period food, you can eat the whole damn jar for 100 calories and takes care of salty for sure.
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TOM cravings are the worst I usually crave dark chocolate & have now asked my DH to hide my 60 cal hershey dark chocolate sticks from me and to just give me one when he comes home from work. He's hid them good because I have been looking for them lmao
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I used to crave carbs, the fatter and sugarier the better.

When my mouth wants something really tangy, I eat marinated herring pieces on crunchy salad with some tangy low-cal mayo. Same idea as the pickles, I guess. I just that for lunch, a whole tub of herring, salad and mayo for 285 calories. My mouth is satisfied and I feel so full!
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