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Default Positive thinking: Tell us 3 things you like about yourself

I've been reading around 3FC tonight and I was saddened to see a good number of posts with negative self talk. While there's no need to sugar coat our problems with food and weight, I do believe there is ALWAYS more to love and be proud of with ourselves than to pick on. And as for hate, I don't think there is any room for that in any of our thoughts about ourselves. Life is too short and precious for that.

So I challenge you: Tell us three things you truly like about yourself!

Here are mine:
1. I've got a good sense of humor
2. I'm pretty smart and love to learn new things
3. My smile lights up a room (no, not from excessive teeth whitening, it's just a happy smile that seems to draw people in )
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Great idea, CC!

My eyes. I have lovely deep set green eyes. Pity I wear glasses so they're hidden most of the time.

My hands. Long fingers, actually long and slim in comparison with the rest of me.

My cheekbones. Now that they're becoming visible, I realise I've got lovely high cheekbones.
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Hm, surprisingly challenging question, which makes me a bit sad.

1. I can learn foreign languages almost as easily as breathing.
2. I love words and have an outrageous verbal sense of humour.
3. Getting harder. OK, my skin is really good for my age.
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1. I love my eyes. They vary from a light honey to a deep, dark red, depending on my mood/the time of day.

2. Artistically, I'm good at everything I've tried (very therapeutic).

3. I come from a family of very strong women, and I'm proud to continue the legacy
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I'm strong. When push comes to shove I stand my ground.

I still have the ability to shock even my inner circle which I enjoy.

I like my hair.
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1) I'm tenacious.
2) I'm loyal.
3) I'm an optimist.
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Oh this is a lovely thread!

1. I am strong. Both physically and mentally.
2. I have great skin.
3. I am very open minded.
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1. I am tenacious. It's both my best and my worst trait (depending on how I apply it!). It's why we have 3 beautiful kids when the doctors told us we'd never be able to. I held on and researched and came up with the fertility treatment protocol that actually worked. Tenacity.

2. I'm optimistic. I may not have been blessed with a genetically awesome metabolism or bird legs or any of the physical traits I'd love to have BUT I am hard wired to be happy. My 'baseline' mood is to the happy side of neutral. I'm only ever down if I specifically have a reason to be. Good thing too since I'm married to someone who struggles with the opposite problem.

3. Physically, I like my eyes. They're bright blue but the left one is about 1/3 brown! It's my unique little genetic mutation and it makes me different.
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Love this thread!

1. I'm compassionate. I can't do much for those in need, but I can do something!
2. I'm patient - with people, with situations.
3. I have really pretty dark brown eyes. They have always been my best feature.
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I like that I am pretty. This is a new thing for me and I like it. It also feels weird and vain, but its my opinion that I am in fact pretty (wish I would have realised sooner )

I like that I am smart and like thoughts and ideas. Nothing makes me happier than sharing these things.

I like my sense of humor, it might be a little dry but absurdity drives me. This is my rich internal life.
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Shairing her ESH...
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1. I'm a damn good singer and actor, with an affection for musical theatre and karaoke!

2. I am able to see the humor in just about every situation I find myself sure is coming in handy right now!

3. I am a super loyal friend.
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1. I'm artistic and pretty much anything artsy and craftsy comes pretty easily to me...

2. I am strong and have a strong sense of my morals and what I believe in...

3. I'm a little weird (well, alot) and I love my uniqueness!
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1. I laugh easily and often
2. I have great hair, blonde with natural highlights
3. I'm smart and learn easily

This is a really cool way to learn more about each other
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Great idea, something I haven't done for a very long time!

1. My Eyes. Depending the the amount of light, they can vary in colour from grey to light blue to even a very light green.

2. My Carefree, laid back attitude to life. I tend to make people around me feel a lot less stressed out, I can always brighten up someone's day.

3. I am very open minded. I will never judge anyone based on a stereotype or a religious preference etc. And I will try just about anything once.

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1. I'm easy going. There isn't a lot that rattles my cage.

2. I'm a really good cook. (Ok, not always the best thing to be when you're trying to lose weight, but I'm trying to do better with cooking healthy!)

3. I care about people.
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