I broke up with them...

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  • The 260's are GONE. GONE GONE GONE. It only took me like three tries to get past them but I did. Wow the 250's feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!! Yay!

    You are just a heartbreaker when it comes to breaking up with "decades" of weights, HotMama --- as quick as one gets your attention, you discard it for someone better! The way that you are holding the course during this whole gall bladder fiasco is just phenomenal, woman --- hugs, high fives, belly bumps and happy dances coming your way at light speed!

  • CONGRATS for all your hard work!!!!!!
    I think Numina says it best!!!!
  • Ha! That relationship wasn't good for you anyway! Nothing like dumping a fling..lol
  • Woo hoo! I love reading your posts and seeing you keeping your spirits up during this whole gall bladder mess. I'm glad you dumped the 260's quickly, they just weren't treating you right!
  • Good Job !
  • 250's sound great. That's where I'm heading! You are doing SO well, it's really incredible.
  • Congrats! My 250's have decided to stick around a while, gosh I sure wish they'd get the hint and pack up and get out!
  • Keep Going Girl!!!!!!!!
  • Nice work! HaHa! I like your "I broke up with them"
  • You are seriously amazing... Congrats on moving into the 250s!
  • oh yah baby!! the 260's can SUCK IT!!! 250's are the hot new boyfriend that makes the 260s cry like a litttttle girl
  • It's funny because the 250's just seem so much more NORMAL than the 260's... or the 300's. I guess because I know LOTS of people this weight... and I was really alone in real life as far as the 300's go.

    It's so so so so so nice not to always be the fattest person in the room anymore. It feels SO GOOD.

    Gall bladder schmall bladder. I figured out the trick to these meds... take a daily stool softener with them (colace on recc. of my doctor) and add an extra litre of water. The constipation effect is minimized. That makes me happy. And the pain is dull now so that's good. I see the surgeon tomorrow and get my surgery date! I want to be firmly in the 250's before that happens
  • All right there then. I suppose this love affair with the 250's won't be lasting all that long either. You are SO gonna dump them as well.

    Glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better. Also glad to hear you're seeing the doc tomorrow.

    Congratulations on leaving behind yet another decade.
  • CF...great job kicking the 260s to the curb! You are doing amazing! I'm happy to hear you've also been able to battle the meds and are feeling a tad better! Gosh I know what you mean about feeling more NORMAL. I am having the exact same thoughts!

    I'm so ready to end my love affair with the 230s. They've been hanging around for WAY too long. It's been the toughest decade thus far!

    Here's to our future breakups!