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Default I was looking at summer clothes online...

and at first all I could think was "Do they think ALL overweight women could care less about what they look like?!"
I mean, some of the clothes were just so freakin' FUGLY that I don't have words to adequately explain.
Some of the clothes my 95 year old great-grandmother wouldn't wear because they would make her look old...
Some of the clothes I just don't understand! I mean, okay, there are some woman that really like their larger bodies. I get that. However, skin tight shirts that hug every roll or worse...don't even make it down to the belly button is just not my cup of tea at this weight. I don't need Moo-moo's or anything but skintight from head to toe; or SHORT thanks. Ask me again at goal weight.

There were a few things that I liked, but tons more that had me shaking my head. I was po'ed at the clothing industry, the store buyers, the designers, the "plus" sized models some sites had when it hit me...

If I wasn't overweight to begin with, I wouldn't have sat at the computer wasting 45 minutes of my life that I can't get back being ticked off. The person I should be ticked off at is ME!

Ugh. Can you say wake up call anyone?
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Sarah, I became obese twenty years ago and you should have seen how awful the clothes were then! There was so little choice and selection.

Have you tried Penneys (plus sized dept), Catherine's or The Avenue? Also, although I never shopped there, Talbots Women's seem to have a lot of classic pieces, but they still might be a bit too matronly.

Good luck with your shopping and remember you will have lots of options before you know it!
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The thing that always gets me on a rant is when they put plus size clothing on regular sized models. Come on, try a little harder to find a model that the clothes fit and I might buy them!
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I love the plus-size shirts/dresses with little halter tops or spaghetti straps and totally not designed to wear a bra with. HELLO! How many obese people do they think wear an A cup? UGH.
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thanks for the laugh... hehe. I agree it's hard to find nice plus sized clothes; 1) they look too old 2) if they don't look old they are too tight, short, etc.. 3) they can be expensive, someone in another post pointed out it doesn't cost that much more for the extra fabric for the plus sized clothes.

when I was in the size18-24 range I went into the Fashion Bug or the Avenue usually and they had decent stuff. They have coupons and sales alot, since I don't like spending alot on clothes I didn't plan to wear for long. Just keep trying stuff on, eventually you'll find a top or 2 that you like.
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What about Old Navy online? They have plus size also.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I like the ads for Pennington's as they have BIG girls actually wearing the clothes!!! i never understood why the clothing industry didn't make the SAME clothes for bigger people, just make them roomier??? it's way better now than 20 years ago, that's for sure. But I must admit, clothing shopping used to be about "ok, it goes around me, i'll buy it"
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The designers for plus size clothing obviously hate women, why else would they design such ugly clothes ?
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I used to work at May Company in the design department. You would be surprised at how many of the designers were overweight. Of course, the buyers and the account executives were heads on a stick, so they decided what they wanted and what was sold in all May stores.
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When it comes to buying plus size clothes, I think the real problem I have is that I am not just heavy, but I am short too. Double whammy. I had one helluva time finding a pair of jeans in my current size. (20W-short) They were either sold out or they didn't have the jeans in short.

I am happy to report that not only had the jeans I wanted in my size but they had free shipping AND the jeans were priced about $10 cheaper then my local Macy's! I've heard amazing things about the Levi's 512 bootcut jeans. I figured, $34.99 wasn't too much since I am down TWO sizes from when I started.

On the way to the gym last night, I stopped in The Avenue. I had never been there before. While I wasn't thrilled with most of the clothes, (the ones I did sorta like were too much money) they did have some nice undies on sale. I got 5 pairs in 18/20 and they FIT! Boy do I appreciate underware that not only FIT, but are comfy AND look pretty, and use real sizes. I can never figure out what size to buy when they use their own sizing system.

Now, if I could only find a few tops and get brave enough for...*GULP*...SHORTS!

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