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Default OT: Significant Others v. chitchat

Hey everyone! I just thought of something we could discuss and I was wondering how many of ya'll are in the same boat as I am? Or maybe who aren't?

My husband is 6' and 150lbs dripping wet.

Anyone else heavier than their husbands/SO by a significant amount? Anyone elses goal to be lighter than their SO? That is mine, even if God willing it is by one pound and I'm 149!

If you are in the same boat, how does this make you feel?

If you aren't in the same boat and your spouse is "unhealthly higher" than you, are you trying to encourage them to do the journey with you?

Ok, that is enough for my nosey nancy!

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Just Me
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When I first started dating my husband, I weighed twice what he weighed. Now I weigh about 60 lbs more than him. I don't have a goal to be lighter than him because I'm not sure that is achievable for me.
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Loving life!!
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I weighed way higher than my DH but that wasn't always the case....he's been with me at my thinnest and heaviest. He weighs about 180lbs and now it's so cool to know that I am finally less than he is again!

When I was a lot heavier than he was it was just a little depressing but it really was the least of my worries.
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I have been as much as 100 pounds heavier than my hubby. I did date a few big guys and that was nice.. more options for T shirts and all... lol..
Now though hubby has gained a bit (he's 180). I would love to weigh the same or less (i'm 262). We are built VERY differently. He is fine boned, very thin legs. I, on the other hand, am wide and thick. Even my KNEES (the bone parts) are about twice as big as him. I think if i weighed less than him i will still look bigger. Meh, oh well.
It sure would be nice to look up to a guy, or have one that could lift me.. lol!
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I've always been bigger than my Hubby but it's never bothered me. To be lighter than him? I don't know, I'm hoping. My goal is smaller than he is now at 180lb. So I don't know. I don't think it's an issue for me because Hubby has always loved and accepted me the way I am. He's very helpful in my journey and I guess yes, at this point I hope to one day weigh less tahn him.
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My husband and I weighed about the same when we first started dating. 2 pregnancies (and little willpower) later I'm about 40 pounds heavier. I'm ready for that to change!!
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I've been heavier than him since we were married. I was smaller when we dated, but.... well, you know.
He's about 190, so I would love to be lower than him!!!! My goal!
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my bf weighs 200 lbs, hes lost 40 lbs, he's trying to get down to 180, my ultimate goal is175.

he will still look thinner than me, I'm a little shorter than him and very curvy.
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My husband weighs around 185s. I was initially smaller then him. About five years ago, with the pregnancy of my first child, I started gaining the weight. I often worry that it bothers him more then he lets on. He has never told me to lose weight but I'm not even close to what I used to weigh-and I often wonder if he is not attracted to me anymore. It makes me sad that I weigh more then him.
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My husband is 6ft 1" and weighs between 183-190 depending on when he weighs or whatnot. He wears a 34/34 but could very well fit into a 33" inch waist pant. He was around 170-180 when we met 14 years ago. Whoa! Big change. NOT!

When we met, I was quite smaller then him. 5ft 4" (on a good day) and probably somewhere between 130-140 pounds. However, with my frame, I looked a lot smaller. (Except for my legs and butt, this baby's got back and I've always had "athletic legs") I had a TINY waist though. I used to be able to use a bandana as a belt.

When we got married, it was after 2 seperate accidents that helped me put on a bunch of weight and a pregnancy. I weighed about 185 and I remember how miserable shopping for a wedding dress was. It wasn't about finding the perfect dress, it was more about finding the one that didn't make me look even bigger then I was and we all know how SMALL those damn dresses run! That didn't help.

Tack on 3 more kids and a long battle with depression and apathy and TA-DA, my highest non-pregnancy weight ever was achieved. 270 pounds. Highest pregnancy weight was 275. That was in July of 2008. Something about that number scared the **** outta me! It was so close to 300 pounds! I don't know why, but I just could not let myself hit that number!

How does it make me feel? When I think about it, it sucks. Lets face it, feeling unattractive sucks. Sometimes it manifests itself at the weirdest times, sometimes all it takes is watching tv with my hubby and the show has on a bunch of sexy women. I get so mad! I let him think I am mad at him for checking the chicks out, when the truth is, I am mad at ME for gaining as much weight as I have!
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Oh my. Yes, I had this problem for years. My hubby is a fit 165 pounds. I always felt like people were singing, "Jack Spratt could eat no fat" when I was larger.

Thank goodness it didn't seem to bother my hubby. It is a motivation to be smaller than one's spouse. How could it not be. I guess so many of us have grown up seeing the same images--the man carrying the woman over the threshold on their wedding day, the big, strong groom next to the petite bride on the top of the wedding cake and the incessant skinny cheerleaders and homecoming queens in highschool next to big football players. I wish there were signs of these images slowing--more of an emphasis on health rather than size--but it actually seems to be worsening.
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yay! summertime!
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My husband is 6'2" and has weighed between 170 and 175 since college. He even worked his butt off one year trying to gain some muscle mass in his chest; he increased the weights he could heft dramatically, but didn't add a single inch! He is just genetically long and lean.

I don't know if anyone else has this particular problem, but because of my weight and my husband's very youthful long hairstyle, etc., I look 15 years older than him. He looks younger than his age and I look older than mine and that does bother me. (Not him looking younger --- the old me part! LOL)

So yes, I do want to weigh less than him and it will be an interesting milestone, now that you mention it! There should be some kind of mutual non-food reward for that, don't you think? Hmmmmmm.........
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I'm two of my boyfriend. lol He's 5'10" and about 140-150lbs. It's not my goal to be lighter than him, we both like me being soft and curvy, it fits me. We both really like the difference in our body types. Plus I couldn't imagine being lighter than him, he's stick thin. lol He's been working out and trying to gain muscle for a while now and he's getting pretty strong, so we decided our goal would be for me to lose weight and him to get strong enough to lift me. lol
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Yep, when we first started dating I was a bit chunky and he was very thin. Since then, I've put on/back... a lot, and he does have a lil bit of a stomach now but otherwise is very slim/average. It doesn't seem to bother him at all, but it does make me self conscious at times.

And as added fun for our upcoming wedding, my sister and his 2 sisters are our bridesmaids -- two size 2's and a size 4. Sigh.
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My husband is 6' and up until recently I weighed more than him. We're neck and neck now. He's gained some weight and I'm losing it . I'll be very happy when I'm a skinny little thing again and he can carry me around LOL.

I remember being on the beach in Hawaii and him picking me up and running down the beach with me... when we were first dating. I want that again!
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