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Default New Girl in need of support!

Hi everybody - My name is Deb and I'm from St. Louis, MO. I've been on a new eating plan for 3 weeks now, and started my exercise plan TODAY! I'm handling things decently at home, but have a rough time eating out with friends and family, and am very, very hard on myself when I fall off the plan. Just wanted to say hello and thanks in advance for all the support and encouragement I just know I'll find here in this forum!
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Hi debbers!

I have been gone for some time and today is my first day back to this site. I've missed it a lot, so I know that you will love it. There is sooo much support here.

I was going to another site, because I thought this one was gone and it was very difficult to feel part of anything. This site is more like a community, like good neighbors and friends. The threads make more sense to me and they don't change just because someone reached for a tissue.

This site has really opened my eyes, has given support and advice, and the caring has been genuine. I've found myself laughing out loud and crying out loud for other people.

I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss endeavors. And we all know that if nothing else, it's an endeavor. LOL

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Have faith...
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Hi Debbers!

I am also new to this site, only having come across it the other day. I have just started a new way of life that will hopefully result in a great weight loss. It seems quite daunting now, but after reading some of the postings in this forum, I know it can be done! There are so many other women who are succeeding and I know we can too!

Good luck to us!

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Hey there Deb!!!!! It's cool to have someoe here from my old stomping grounds. Sugar, where in St Louis are you? Boy do I Sullard and the Hill, the flower Market and ...LOL Mind you I have been in Alabama for almost 10 years now but I lived in Belleville, Il.,across the river and worked in St Louis for the most part. Loved the Riverfront, hated HIWAY 55 and how traffic runs downtown. Getting across the bridge was an experience everytime. Loved the Zoo and museum and all the other neat things and places to go but Alabama is a foreigner to snow and ice storms and plus How I do love the wisteria , jasmine, and Gardenia that grows so easily here! 18 years in the snow and ice was enough for me! I should love however to have a room with a balconey over looking the river front for the VP fair!
Now...... WELCOME!!! Oh myy dear , it can be hard when you are going out but you can find a way by choosing wisely from the menu's. Put you first and foremost. Get your goals set in your mind, decide to be very good to your body so that it will be very good to you. I have even been known to request a dish prepared just a differently so that I too could have something I really wanted. Some will do that , others well... I know changing your lifestyle may not be something you want to share with everyone but remember it isn't a diet is is a change of lifestyle so make sure you find a slimming plan that you can live with . There are so many. This board is truly the best and my Dear you have made a wise choise here. You will find this is truly a community and we share with each other the good and the bad. There are fabulous people here to stand by you and help you to achieve your goals and hold you accountable when you don't by one swift kick in the rear ! That is all you need to do to you too. If you blow it a little don't figure ...oh well the whole day is blown !...and make it really bad. Stop and kick yourself once soundly and go right back on plan, in this way you will make it, honestly. So get comfy and post often. We are delighted you are here.
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Default welcome debbers and crushed!!

glad to see you!!

eating out can be a challenge, but as gbo said, you have to take care of yourself. and it's important to focus on other things rather than the food: the conversation, being with your family and friends. whatever it takes.

and you CAN have an occasional treat without feeling guilty. as for falling off the wagon, what really matters is that you GET BACK ON THE WAGON AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

give yourself a hug, and realize that you're human...

and it's all ok..

good luck. post often. ask questions. typing fingers are too busy to stuff food in your face!!!
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Pam, you won't believe this, but I went to school and met my husband in Tuscaloosa Alabama! I live in South St. Louis Co., right off 270...close enough to hit the good stuff in town, but far enough out to see the stars at night
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Well how about that! I know the southside well. Had a boyfriend
who lived there. Spent every week end all over on the southside!
We live just South of Montgomery, Al. I enjoyed Creve Cour too.
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Success Story!!!
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Welcome Debbers and Crushed!!!!

I know what you mean Debbers about eating out. It's hard because restaurants serve such HUGE portions, and of course when you're with friends of family and having a good converstation and relaxing, it's easy to eat and eat and eat.

What helps me is thinking about what I'm going to order ahead of time. Ordering anything grilled is more diet friendly than anything fried. Ordering water to drink instead of soda is helpful.

I haven't done this, but I hear that what some people do is ask to have 1/2 of their meal put in a doggy bag BEFORE they begin to eat instead of afterwards.

Another thing to be aware of is that things like mixed drinks can REALLY pile on the calories. It's better to avoid them or keep them to a minimum. They can have as many calories as a whole meal!!!

Salad is a great thing to add to a meal or sometimes as a meal in itself, but watch the sauces and dressings.

But don't be afraid to eat out. A diet that doesn't allow you to eat out with friends sometimes just isn't realistic. Enjoy the conversation and time out. Laughter and good company are great medicine for many ills, are calorie and fat-free, and help balance a busy life.

Good luck with your weight loss. We can do it!!!!

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Angry New here too

Hi Debbers,

I'm new here too, but I wanted to share something that I read. I haven't tried it yet, as I don't eat out too often, but the next time I do, I will.

I read that you should ask for a "doggie bag" at the beginning of the meal. After you are served, and then put half the meal in the bag, to go.

I know that I have a bad habit of picking at food, even though I am full. I do this waiting for the doggie bag or the check. So I figure this might just work. Out of sight, out of mind. Also, I'm too lazy and would be too embarassed to go through all the trouble of opening up the container and eating out of it at the place.

Let me know how it works out for you, or I if happen to go out first, I'll let you know.

Good luck!

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Hello and Welcome!

Make yourself at wishes along your journey. This place is wonderful. Post and read as much as you can..
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Trying to find my way.
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Welcome girls. I am so glad to see so many join! it is a hard journey and we all need to have support to fight the good fight.
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