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Talking [OT] I!

So, I've kept my hair long for a while now, using it as a way to sort of "hide" what I consider my fat face. I posted about a week ago about how I've recently gone on Lexapro and Ativan due to anxiety and depression...and yesterday I made split second decision to do something for myself and no one else....

I chopped off all my hair! Like, 8 - 10 in of it. It feels gratifying and freeing in a way, like I'm proud of my face and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I also haven't weighed myself in about two weeks, just concentrating on eating right and taking care of myself...this is also both a relief and gratifying as well, not to constantly be on my own butt about it.

I love it. I hope you guys do to....I especially love when I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and just felt my heart soar. This is the best I've felt in a while!

[PS, sorry the pic is so big.....]
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Congratulations on coming out of hiding!
And you have a lovely face and the haircut is great!
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yay! I love the cut it really suits you! you have a gorgeous face too, no reason to hide it!

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OH you are so pretty and I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!!!
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Absolutely adorable!
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So cute and with your rosy cheeks you are just glowing. Great decision!!!
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I it!
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Looks great~!!!! Wish I could be that brave to make a huge change like that. I did layer mine a few months ago, but kept the length. I should be brave like you and cut it off. I have had my hair below my shoulders for YEARS.
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Oooh, so cute!!! I've always been extremely wary of getting a short cut, too, even though my hairdresser swears that it would add tons more volume to my extremely thin/limp locks... But I'm convinced that it would just enhance the roundness of my face. Serious kudos to you for going after the cut you wanted and being obvious evidence that a 'do like this can be totally flattering and adorable on anyone!! I agree with those above who have said that there's no need whatsoever to hide your cute face, chicky!

It must feel great to cut away all that hair; it's like you're symbolically cutting away years of baggage and such, too--definitely a freeing experience. I'm very very happy for you!
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You and the haircut are adorable!

Good for you for doing something for yourself. We (women) tend to put ourselves last.

I love your comment: You don't care what everyone else thinks! YES YES YES! That's an incredible uplifting feeling.

What's next...a high-light! hee hee

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OMG you're adorable! What a CUTE cut! It totally suits you!
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So close to onederland...
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it's a great cut! You look great.
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What a cute cut this is! It really suits you and frames your face so well.
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You have such a great face for a short cut, so many beautiful features to accentuate!
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Hi, I'm new and I love your hair. It looks very stylish. Congratulations on taking the plunge and I'm glad you feel free!
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