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NEVER EVER going back
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Question What did you eat this morning for Breakfast?

AND what "plan" are you following?

AND you'd BETTER be EATING breakfast *off soapbox*

This morning for breakfast I just ate:

1 weight watchers whole wheat bagel with 2 laughing cow regular wedges = 220
1 cup of sliced fresh yummy gorgeous strawberries = 53

totaling 273 calories and since it's a 1500 calorie day that fits right in!

My plan is calorie counting with an emphasis on whole foods nutrition
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I *really* need to get some laughing cow cheese, your breakie sounds delish! I have never seen the WW bagels here, sigh, but i'll keep looking
Today i had a smallish breakfast -- one slice of White Wheat bread (50 cals), 1 T all-fruit spread (strawberry - 40 cals) and a hard boiled Easter egg (72 cals). So, 162 calories. I did have an iced coffee in town with a cup of Silk (120 calories). I don't have those treats often but it was nice.
I am calorie counting and trying to spend my calories on nice, whole foods. I find i eat a LOT of spinach and also quinoa. Today for lunch i had sauted spinach (with red pepper flakes and garlic powder) and 3 oz of salmon. If i had ordered this in a diner i would have been SO pleased, it was great!

I am taking in 1700 calories a day. I am usually below by about 100 though.
We should do a *what's for ____* post every day!
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I am on the paleo diet.

This morning I had tuna, asparaguses, leeks and strawberries. And a glass of apple juice.
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Let's do this!
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Just eatin' right.

2 eggs+ 1 egg white "fried"
1 spinach smoothie with strawberries and psyllium.

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getting healthier!
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I have such a hard time figuring out what to have for breakfast! Most of the time I just wind up with a bowl of cereal. I really would like to start making better breakfasts, but half the time I'm still half asleep and don't feel like cooking. Any suggestions?
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I haven't bothered eating breakfast for years, but have started this week along with calorie counting.

This morning I had Grapenuts with natural yoghurt and fresh raspberries, it was delish.

Calories for breakfast: 238
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I'm calorie counting plus avoiding processed foods, red meat and cheese.

I ate
a glass of water
55gm Dorset High Fibre cereal with
1/4 cup 2% milk
a multivit
a calcium supp
a cup of black instant coffee

Cals 229
Carbs 36
Fat 6
Protein 7
Fibre 5g
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I had scrambled eggs & bacon.

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Cheerios and Superskim milk=180
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So close!
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I am so bad at eating actual food for breakfast, but I've been very successful with having a protein shake with extra fiber for breakfast. It's 1 cup of skim milk plus the shake mix, for 200 calories, and I won't leave home without it anymore!

Forgot to say that I'm not really following a plan other than "try to eat better and exercise more". I do count calories, but I don't limit myself, I try to follow my body's cues, and eat better quality food instead of lower quantity.

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I had a large banana and a SB diet cereal bar
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WW on-line since 1/1/2009
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I'm on WW. I had two slices of whole wheat toast with 1 tsp. of butter and a container of Del Monte diced peaches in light syrup for a total of 4 points.
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2 cups black coffee (2 cals ... that's what I call it; might be 1, or 5)
Toasted nuts & cran Luna bar (180 cals)
Orange (70 cals)

I am a calorie counter eating a current average of 1140 calories per day. For breakfast I tend to alternate between luna bars and my egg breakfast, which is often:

cup(s) black coffee (2 cals)
1 medium/lg hard-boiled egg (75 cals)
1 morningstar veggie sausage patty (80 cals)
1/2 slice packaged American cheese (30 cals)

I have 1-3 cups black coffee every morning and I often (4 times a week or so) have either a grapefruit or an orange.

The WW bagels sound good ... 150 cals? I haven't seen them, but I could go for a bagel once in awhile. I like WW products that I've had so far.

I have been meaning to try making whole wheat bagels at home, but I've been lazy about it. Also I've never made bagels before and I suspect the circles in my dough might not come out the first time.
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I count calories, and right now I am just focusing on the calories and spreading out my meals. For breakfast today I had:

2 cups water
2 large cups coffee w/ creamer
1 banana
1 apple

Happily I feel quite full. Weighing my fruit has really helped with the calorie counting. I know that the two fruits I ate this morning are nearly 4 full servings of fruit.
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it was kinda a junkie quick breakfast kind of day lol

2 eggos
1tbs of syrup

quite tasty though...not much nutritional value lol
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