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Starting Again
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Default What you are NOT willing to give up.

So I'm sitting here drinking my coffee with French vanilla cream in it...yes I know it's practically syrup, but I'm not willing to give it up, and wondering what if anything everyone else is not willing to give up. I have limited myself to 2 cups a day, one in the morning and one around 5-6pm instead of having several throughout the day, but I feel like there are just some things we should allow ourselves if we are doing well overall. Is there anything you may have cut down on but not completely that you feel you just aren't willing to give up entirely?
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One day at a time!
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It sounds terrible but I have not been willing to completely give up junk, specifically, crunchy junk. I had to totally ban sugar. Sugar causes me to have horrible cravings. When I first started creating my plan, I analyzed my past failures. I realized that when I totally denied myself the items I love, sooner or later, I break and then the binges start. Originally, I allowed myself 300 calories a day of junk. I am down to 130 calories a day which sounds like an odd number, I know. I am a Cheetos addict. One ounce of baked Cheetos is 130 calories. I weigh my portion sizes. I stick to my plan and satisfy my crunchy junk cravings. It works for me!
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Loving life!!
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Ummm...the only thing I have totally given up is cake. Everything else I either eat in moderation or a healthier version, mostly a healthier version.
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Keep on going!
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well for me, only a few things ill have that will be low fat & everything else Ill have it regular and just watch the portions .. I just cant handle low fat/low cal foods lol .. this way I can still eat what I want, feel satisfied and yet know im doing well by watching how much I eat
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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for me, it's real cream in my Tim Horton's coffee in the morning. The girls know me, I always say "can i get a large cofee with nootttt quitttte 1 cream" and it's perfect
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Girl Gone Strong
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I drink about a can a day of diet caffeine-free Pepsi. If 12-packs are not on sale, I can go without it for as long as necessary, but I prefer to have it around so I can have my after-lunch can. It's like dessert.

I can't take seriously any diet that would require me to eschew bread completely. I make my own bread & really enjoy it, particularly punching and kneading the dough. I make whole wheat, whole wheat & rye, Anadama whole wheat (which includes corn meal & a little molasses), and whole wheat oatmeal breads. I let myself have a thin slice or two at breakfast & that satisfies me for the day. When I promise myself a slice of my own bread, I'm usually not tempted to eat any other bread or rolls or other such stuff during the rest of the day.
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Former Quitter
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Potatoes. I love Southbeach, but I also love my potatoes.
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Just Me
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You know, its been a few years since I started my journey and its not really about stuff I don't want to give up but its stuff I have willingly gave up because I didn't find those things beneficial.

So for me, I am willing to get rid of anything if there is a valid reason for doing so.

I do eat some things very rarely but that I am good with so its not like I don't eat treats but I try to make them a rarity.
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I don't believe in giving up on foods totally for my weight loss journey. I have, however, found out that I dislike things like cheese and things like that so I don't eat them anymore. Sugar is also in there. I dislike very sugary things now to the point where things I used to like, cakes with icing and things, taste awful.

Foods that I have to cut down on, however, are HUMMUS. It is like a drug for me. If there is hummus in the house, I'm gonna eat it hahahahaha. I love the stuff. lol So, I have cut down on that for sure, but will never give it up.
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this time it's for real
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I know that every time I drink it sets me back a few days in my progress, but that still doesn't stop me from going out. So instead, I've stopped drinking at home when there's no reason and limited it to group-outings. I'll still drink the sugary margaritas and martinis, but I've made it into a treat and not an every-day occurance.

Food, well... is just food and I've completely made do with subsitutions and alterations to fit what I miss into what I allow now.
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I basically eat everything in moderation too. One thing that totally ruins my calorie count but that I absolutely love is pizza. I feel almost like I need to have it once a week. I can't just eat one slice either. So instead of ordering two smalls like DH and I used to (I would eat one, he'd eat the other) we make a frozen pizza and split it (600 cals). I'm sure I'll order a pizza too and we'd just split that, and I'd adjust my eating the rest of the day. I don't think giving that up would work for me...maybe one day, but I doubt it. I love it!!
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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I am sick and tired of being fat and I refuse to be fat any longer. I am willing to give up anything and everything that stands in my way. I am a carbohydrate addict and I cannot lose weight eating carbs in moderation. Many people can; I am not one of them. I have totally given up, forever, my old "favorite" foods like birthday cake and french fries. I have given up diet pepsi--in fact, anything with aspartame. I am working on developing new favorite foods, like steak and sauteed green beans.

When I stop to reflect that I've dropped almost six sizes in 7 months, I don't feel deprived. It's a fair trade. I really loved birthday cake but I don't miss it as much as I love wearing size 18/20 rather than size 30/32.
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Red wine, natural peanut butter, the occasional nice dessert in a restaurant.
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Mz. Matherne
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I will not give up my natural nut butters, my 4-6 cups of coffee a day, and my gum habit.
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tripping along the path
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Originally Posted by dandk0204 View Post
I will not give up my natural nut butters, my 4-6 cups of coffee a day, and my gum habit.
I am with you on the coffee. I switched to putting splenda in it and measuring my non fat dairy creamer and adding it into my calorie counting...but to give it no.
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