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Default I need a big bum...yes I said it!

I have never had much of a bum. Even now that I am overweight I have a little bigger bum but not much. It's probably nicer than it ever was. I was informed by my hubby today that if my bum goes away I must cease and desist. LOL. He said he will imediatly start bringing in a parade of burgers and icecream. Although I am sure he is joking...I think...I wanted to ask you ladies for help.

Do any of you know any bum boosting exercises I can add to my work out?
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I've been doing 'Thighs and Buns Yoga' with Tom Morley from Exercise TV on Demand (also available at www.exercisetv.tv) for the last several months and can really tell a difference in the shape and feel of the posterior. I've never had much of one either, so trying to build one while losing other weight has been complicated!

ETA - I also do a lot of low and high lunges, walking lunges, stepups, those kinds of things.
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I have had to build my butt from the ground up (never had much of one to speak of), so to speak, and here's what I think has contributed the most:

Lots of body weight and weighted squats and lunges...pendulum lunges, jump lunges, chair squats, ballerina squats, sumo squats, etc.

Lots of leg work - leg extensions, resistance band work, etc.

Yoga Booty Ballet - it's fun and it really shapes, particularly the ballet sequences with the standing leg work.

The glutes are a muscle...build that muscle and your butt will get rounder and firmer. It worked for me! Jeans used to literally fall off (my butt was not large enough to hold up pants) and now stay up no problem.
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Squats squats and more squats! Then, when you can't squat anymore, start in with the lunges.

Although I have to say, you'd be surprised at the changes your body makes while losing weight. Some of my worst features have become some of my best, and vice versa. I always had a big booty and small waist, but now the two have reversed. On the other hand, my boobs, which became sort of non-existant when I started to lose, are now becoming more proportionate the smaller I get.

So you never know! When you get to goal you might end up having a fantastic booty, which should give you the motivation to stay away from the burgers and ice cream.
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