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Default Weekly Weigh-in Feb 23-Mar 1

Just giving us a place to post - I don't weigh in until Thursday!
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I weighed this morning, to keep myself accountable for the gain I had anticipated.. instead I was down 1.8!! I am very very happy with this I knew my body needed what I was feeding it.. but didn't figure it would result in a loss! I am thrilled! I am also 1/3 of the way to my goal with 2 months to go!

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I am 172.2 this morning - up from 171.6 last week. My birthday was on Friday, and I consciously chose not to count that day. I definitely overdid it, but have been back on plan since Saturday morning. Although I am a tad disappointed that I gained, it is not the end of the world. I am being super strict this week(I am on WW - so no flex points for me this week! I ate all of last week's and this week's on Friday. )to counteract the eat-a-thon, and will be adding one extra cardio session this week. Hopefully, by next week, I will be back on track.

Peace, Heather
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I am sitting at 259 again, but that is a good thing. I was up 2 pound earlier in the week so I lost those 2 before I weighed in yesterday.
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Week 2 of the Bodybugg - down 7 more lbs!!
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Success Story!!!
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Hmmm. Not to much posting on this thread this week.

7 pounds, Sandi???!!! That's incredible! Congrats!

Great job, Swimgirl!

Keep trying irishsarah and MrsWolf!! You can do it.

I lost 4 pounds this week and lost 1/2 inch on my hips. I don't understand my going up and down so much these weeks. It's different from when I lost weight before. I think part of it could be menstrual cycle related - more so than usual due to some fertility medications. My husband and I have been trying to have children for years. Part of it is obviously diet related. Could Ash Wednesday fasting have helped that much???!!!! Anyway, I'm very happy with a 4 pound loss. I'll take it. 164 puts me one week ahead of my one pound a week goal!!! I'm doing pretty good with changing my habits. I've pretty much eliminated snacking in the evening. I drink more water. I've cut way down on sugar and desserts. I'm better at waiting before diving into eating. I'm eating smaller meals, not going for seconds or extras so much, and given up wine with dinner. You can't argue with biochemistry. It just doesn't work with weight loss. I'd exercise more, but my knee hurts, so there goes aerobic exercise for a little while. I'm still struggling with tendonitis in both arms. I'm glad I'll be starting physical therapy this week!!!!!!
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I am on a program where they asked me not to weigh for two weeks. I will check in again next Sunday with a 2 week total.
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260. didn't lose this week, it was weird week food wise.
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Lost 2 pounds. Bringing me to 7 total.

It's slow. But it's happening.
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I didn't know where else to look, I have lost 3 lbs, how and where do I change my tracker?
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