What has happened to YOUR old standbys?

  • So I'm calorie cycling this week. Last night was a 'high day' at 1600 cals so bf and I went to our FAVORITE restaurant (Mad mex, I believe they are in other cities now but the one by our house was the very first! ) I got a wing wrap. It's fried boneless wings with rice and lettuce (they forgot the cheese and ranch dressing but that's fine by me) with all the fixins it's 700 calories. I ate light during the day cuz one, I wasn' feeling great, and two, I REALLY wanted that wrap. (We hadn't been there in about a month)

    I was so disappointed. It wasn't nearly as good as i remembered it being. We used to eat at this place 2-3 times a week (it's literally one block from our house, unfortunately for our waistlines! ) It was just a plain old mediocre meal. Why does this happen? I mean on the one hand it's good because it won't make me go back to eating there all the time but on the other, when I want the occasional treat my old standbys aren't so great anymore.

    I guess I honestly have really grown to like my own cooking! *gasp*

    Oh, another plus is that this meal comes iwth a huge serving of waffle fries and we used to get the picka dipa (3 salsas, usually bean dip, cheese and tomatillo) with nachos and I"d eat it ALL. Last night I just ate the wrap by itself and maybe 4 chips (bf got chips he had more expendable cals than I did) I was so proud!

    Oh and I woke up and lost a lb!
  • my old standbys sucked. but i loved them. but now that i love other stuff they REALLY suck. so i just got new standbys! like when we go out to a restaurant my FAVORITE place is Genghis Grill. it's mongolian stir fry. so you pick EVERYTHING that goes into your dish. including seasoning and sauce. it's like a huge salad bar including raw meats and such. i eat chicken and scallops with lots of spinach, squash, tomato, peppers, onions, sprouts, carrots... as many veggies fit in my bowl and dry season it a lot and add a lot of garlic water and a little honey soy. then they put a starch with it (brown rice for me) once it's cooked on the grill it has the BEST flavor and i LOVE going there. plus it's totally within my diet.

    so out with the old and in with the new!!

    ps- CONGRATS on the loss!!!
  • My food has evolved so much over the years and yes things I used to LOVE, I don't even like anymore or wouldn't eat if someone paid me to eat them. Also I found that a lot of things smell better than they taste and am often disappointed when I eat something that I thought would taste differently.

    That isn't to say that all food I love is healthy and low fat. I love falafels and I do treat myself to a falafel sandwich from a local restaurant once in a great while but its rare. I also like it better when its a 'treat'.
  • I used to go to this Chinese restaurant with a buffett. Would load up on fried rice, fried veggies, fried chicken, fried egg rolls, lo mein, vegetables loaded with cornstarch gravy, fried corn nuggets, fried crab rangoon & etc. I sometimes miss the place but like others have said, when I did eat these things while used to eating clean, it was a disapointment. It wasnt as good as I thought it would be. MUST NOT GO THERE ANYMORE!
  • Oh yes this has happened to me too- It sucks but in a way it's good.

    Food that before I thought was AMAZING is like blah now.

    I mean now things that get my mouth watering are things like grilled veggies and salads that are light and crispy.

    I'm glad I don't need that stuff anymore- my husband can eat a bag of chips in front of me and I won't ask him for any cuz I just don't care for them like I used to! Unless it's baked chips lol- then I'm like give me one or two! I totally prefer baked chips now the regular ones just taste like grease to me.

    I've had a box of those mini funions for weeks and I keep saying "oh I'm gonna eat one" and then don't lol. I think I'll bring them to work and give them away so I can have some pantry space back!
  • You go girl! That's an awesome achievement. To go out and stay on plan!
  • I feel the same way about a lot of the stuff I used to eat. Now I LOVE the salad bar at Whole Foods, because someone else cuts up all the veggies. It's kind of pricey, but when I think of all the money I burned on fast food, I don't mind splurging once in a while.
  • Last month we went to a favorite restaurant that had my very favorite dessert of all time...this chocolate fudgy thing on a meringue base. It was good...but not great. And after saying to my husband, that I wouldn't share because I had planned for this special treat I couldn't finish it.

    Lots of things now seem too rich, too sweet, too heavy. I like the idea...but not the reality. Sometimes I think my head is behind my taste buds!
  • yeah...i guess this is an unseen side effect of eating healthy. food u used to be able to live without is easy to pass up. my thing was fast food and sweets. i had jack in the box the other day which i used to love, and it just wasn't all that anymore. i think it's becasue our minds know how damaging those foods are and our bodies have adjusted to the new foods. good for us!