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Success Story!!!
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Default Back again ..... after 6 or so years?

Hello to you all!

I'm back!!! I lost my 100+ pounds about 6 years ago, but somehow 23 of those pounds has crept back since I got married almost 5 years ago. I'm on track to have gained 5 pounds per year of marriage. I've lost little bits of it in the past five years but haven't been my goal weight of 145 since we were on our honeymoon.

Somehow it's been a whirlwind of activity and certainly has led to changes in habits. I feel I did very well as a single person losing weight and keeping it off. What I haven't been able to adjust to is keeping to a healthy weight as a married person.

There's mental difficulties. For instance, if my husband eats a larger meal, I feel that I deserve that same amount too, not the smaller amount I would have eaten if I weren't thinking about it. It's a fairness thing even though our two bodies require different amounts of calories.

There's the celebration aspect of eating a special meal with someone you love. I prepare the meal in a more special way, and because it feels like a special occasion, I want to eat more.

There's his eating habits being different from mine. He's not hungry in the morning. I've ravenous. He can eat a medium sized meal and not be hungry for hours and hours and hours. I'm hungry every couple of hours no matter what amount I eat. He snacks in the evening. I've started to snack in the evening.

Then there is the cooking. I do alot of cooking now and I enjoy cooking. I eat different food now than when I was losing weight. We eat more fats and oils for instance. My husband is very against nonstick pans because of their chemical coating and potential health issues. I agree and we've switched to stainless steel pans for cooking - but that leads to using more oil - which it turns out is delicious but does have more calories. My husband also loves cheese. I'm not sure a day goes by that he doesn't eat plenty of cheese. So, I tend to make things like cheese potatoes, cheese bread, mac and cheese, cheese and crackers, cheese sauce, cheese pasta, lasagne and pizza, cheese eggs, cheese sandwiches, cheese whatever.

I know I just need to make a mind adjustment and some simple changes and I can do it, but I also know that I need support. My husband supports me, but he also doesn't quite understand what it takes for a woman to lose weight. If he skips one meal or takes a walk it seems he needs to take his belt in a notch and starts complaining about his pants falling down. It's not his fault. He just has no experience in women's weight loss. He'll learn in time by watching what I need to do, but we will always be different in this way because most men tend to lose weight much easier than most women.

So, I'm back. 145 here I come. My goal is to lose 1 pound per week for the next 23 weeks by boosting my exercise and cutting calories -- particularly the empty ones and the snack ones and cutting my meal portions a bit and not going back for seconds or thirds - especially on the higher calories meals. I can't totally count calories like I used to because we eat mostly homemade food now instead of packaged, labeled, processed food with calorie counts on the boxes, but I can take a pretty good guess, and I can measure some things. As I go along, I might plug in some numbers for some of the dishes I make regularly.

If I lose one pound a week, I will reach my goal of 145 by July 19th, and July 24th will be our 5th wedding anniversary. I would like to be that weight by then.

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Look who's back!!! I've missed you!!!!

Sorry about your 23 lbs, but that's still awesome after 5 years!!

We're here for you 100%!
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Wow, Jeanne! I think you've done really well considering the huge change in your life. I can relate to all you wrote. I have a hard time not eating the same portions as my husband and sons. I have to constantly remind myself that my body doesn't need as much as theirs. I think it is a fairness issue, I grew up in a big family where you had to protect your food from older siblings who would steal off your plate. I always felt like feeding my husband and kids yummy food that they liked was taking care of them. I wanted to make them happy.
It's great that you have a plan that sounds very doable! I look forward to reading your posts.
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I'm glad your back! You can total do this!

"For instance, if my husband eats a larger meal, I feel that I deserve that same amount too, not the smaller amount I would have eaten if I weren't thinking about it. It's a fairness thing even though our two bodies require different amounts of calories." I TOTALLY HERE YOU ON THIS!
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Just Me
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Welcome back

I also don't use nonstick pans but a little spray Pam goes a long way. You can also use water to kind of steam/sautee food. I don't use much oil at all when I cook.

Yes you may need a mentality change and realize that you and your husband are different. My husband and I eat similar things but not completely the same.
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Welcome back! I can totally relate to your issues. But, you did an amazing thing before, losing 100 pounds. I am sure you will be able to lose again. Good luck to you!
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I also find it much more difficult to eat healthfully since living with a man! I think that is a common occurrance.

I had one suggestion for cooking though... I use anodized aluminum pans to cook. No coating on them because the metal has been altered and hardened to make it safe and nonstick with no oil needed, and cooks extremely well!
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I know you're going to do well, because you've so clearly identified your issues!
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Hi JML! Congrats on successfully maintaining most of your weight loss over so much time! I understand the struggle even though I'm not married... eating with men and trying to lose weight around men can be a struggle. Welcome back
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Welcome back! Congrats on the amazing weight loss, and keeping most of it off for this long! Nice to see you here.
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Hi there

I am in NH also!

Spring will be here soon, won't it? hee hee

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One pound at a time...
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NEVER EVER going back
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Welcome back! You are going to do fantastically. I just know it
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Hi Jeanne!

I remember you! I'm back after a long absence, too.

You've done a fabulous job keeping off most of the weight and you are one smart cookie to get a handle on it at 23 lbs. rather than, say, 30 lbs.

My daughter is in college in New Hampshire now. She went for the hockey.
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returning to myself
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the hardanodized nonstick cookware (ie Circulon) can be spendier, but they last forever chemical reactions with foods.

23 lbs is not so's great that you were on top of it enough to catch it b4 it got worse!

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