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I'm on a Low Crap Diet
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Default "I Don't Eat That Kind Of Stuff"

I was talking to someone the other day about eating certain foods and eating at certain places.

I fully admit that I like/love convenience foods and Fast Food, that is what got me where I am in the first place... is eating all that crap.

So I told the lady that I do like to eat it and she said to me "I don't eat that kind of stuff". This woman is very health conscious and doesn't put stuff that is bad for her in her body. She is in great shape and in great health. But she is that way because she "doesn't eat that kind of stuff".

I want to be one of those people. I want to pass by the Fast Food places and say to my self "I just don't eat that kind of food".

Another food that bothers me a great deal is potatoes and fried foods. I love chips, fries, fried chicken, fried anything...

I believe my body can relearn to like the things that are good for me and to not like the things that are bad for me. I want to make it happen. It is so difficult though when I'm surrounded by it all the time. It is on TV, I have to pass by the places on the way to the grocery store or the bank, I get coupons in the mail for buy something get something for free. My child loves to eat there, My friends want to go pick up something fast. How do you live in a world like this? Especially when you love the foods so much. How do I start hating the foods? IT makes me MAD!

I want to be one of those people that says

"I just don't eat that kind of Stuff!"

Is there something that you wish you could get rid of? So you can say "I don't eat that kind of stuff or I don't do that sort of thing".

It doesn't have to be a food. Like I got rid of my smoking addiction. Well, I still have the addiction but I consider myself a nonsmoker now. I'm a happier person for it.
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I heard someone one time talking about "Life Laws" (I think it may have been Dr. Phil, but I can't promise it). He said that when you have issues with something you have to just make laws about it. Example: I don't knock off convenience stores, I don't kill people, and I don't eat fast food. I'm sure there was more to it, but that was the gist of it. Sometimes when I REALLY want something that I know is bad for me I'll remind myself that I don't rob banks and I don't eat three cookies! Even if making the law in the moment just gets me past a moment it's helpful, LOL.
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You know what? After four months of eating TOTALLY CLEAN I can honestly say... "I just don't eat that kind of stuff!" and it feels... GREAT!!! You will get there my friend You will!
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I would agree with clean eating. Honestly, that stuff will start not tasting good. I actually got mad at one point because I tried to eat stuff that I used to love but it just doesn't taste the same. Usually it smells a lot better than it tastes although I can't stand the smell of grease, it turns my stomach.
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the chubby child
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eventually i get to a point where i can feel my body running better on healthy food (and then i get a PMS chocolate craving, and that feeling is gone for another month.)

and i love your "life laws," mom!
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lol I have to say - the life laws thing sounds good, but I don't think I can trick myself with that.

It's easy to say "I don't ________" with things you have no urge to do. How many of us have had an urge to kill someone or knock off a convenience store?
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You know, another good thing is that believe it or not, you may get to a point to where you really don't like some of the stuff anymore. One example that I can think of for me was Diet Pepsi. I used to drink a ton of DP, and I could swear there was some major narcotic addictive substance in it, or something... I liked it that much. I used to joke with my sister and tell her I was certain that DP contained heroin. Anyway, I was having some problems, so I decided to stop drinking pop all together. It was difficult. After a couple of months went by, though, I thought I'd have a half a glass when I was at my sister's house. Several people were drinking the same thing-- it was out of a two liter, so I know there wasn't anything wrong with the pop. I took a couple of drinks though, and it tasted nasty to me. I was actually pretty happy about that! I know that was a long story for a short point, but the bottom line is that our tastebuds do change somewhat over time.
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Tastebuds DO change. I cannot stomach any sodas any more. It's just nasty. Of course, I stopped at 13.
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You = me in October of last year.

I love, LOVE greasy burger goodness. Fries. Chips. Mmmmm yeah.

But when I started changing my eating habits I worked on trying to eat in more and eat a lot more whole foods.

Since November 8th I've lost about 35lbs. In that time I've eaten chinese food (sweet and sour, kung pao chicken, General Tso's) chocolate cake, a carls junior jalepeno burger, chocolate ice cream cake, deep fried Mexican tacos, jello cake, a burger from burger king, diet coke, eggs, corned beef hash with a side of pancakes, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember along those lines.

But those things are now the exception rather than the rule. I'll have a burger but no fries. I'll have a small piece of cake instead of half a cake. I'll take half my chinese food home for the next day.

Most days I eat spinach, chicken breast, hummus, apples, asparagus, bananas, wheat pitas, turkey, greek yogurt and some walnuts. I count my calories and eat lots of good wholesome foods. I drink lots of water. I get a tiny bit of exercise - school is making that harder this quarter - but I do a little walking.

The point of all this is I consider myself one of those people who doesn't eat MUCH fast food but I still have a little. It works differently for everyone but from where I sit the more healthy foods I eat the better I feel and the less tempting junk is. I still go out once in awhile and if I'm with a group who hits McDonalds I generally order something and count the calories. If I have a say in where we're going I generally opt for Subway which has some options that I really enjoy and have fewer calories than other places.

That's my take on it.
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If the health benefits of not eating fast food all the time don't sway you, just think about all the money you'll be saving! I used to eat out all the time. I would stop at McDonald's for breakfast every workday morning and drop $4.50 or so....that's $22.50 a week. I would eat the fatty, salty, carby food in the school cafeteria every day (I'm a teacher) for $3.00 a day....that's $15.00 a week. Over the course of a month, that works out to $90 on breakfasts and $60 on lunches. That's $150 a month total! That's close to half an entire month's grocery bill for me and my husband!

Now I get up 20 minutes earlier so I can have time to eat a nutritious breakfast at home and pack a nutritious lunch and snacks. I figure my lunch and two snacks cost me less than $3 total to make. My breakfast costs less than a dollar.
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You will get there. It just takes a long time of not eating that stuff to start to not want it anymore.

I was the same as the poster above with diet pop. that's all I used to drink. then I quit, and I can't even drink the stuff now, it's disgusting. in fact, I can't eat anything with aspartame, I taste it right away now.

You have to shift into the mentality of "I can take it or leave it" instead of "I'm not supposed to have it". I mean, truly move into the mentality. That, in itself, takes a very long time.

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I have to agree with everyone else - after a while - you may like the smell of it - but, it just does not taste that good. For me, it took about 6 weeks and then I decided to splurge and had some fast food, it made me sick. Honestly, it really did - I was sick to my stomach for hours. The closest thing to a greasy burger that I can eat is a veggie burger now... LOL

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I did it. For me, it's much easier to just say "no, I don't eat that." I don't eat: fast food, sugary soda, packaged baked goods, potato chips, most fried foods, and cream-based sauces. I call them my "forever no's." I did it cold turkey in July 2004. I was so excited about my new lifestyle change and the pounds melting off that I didn't think about missing it when I started. Now that I don't eat it, I'm kind of proud and happy I don't eat it and I really don't miss it (maybe I miss McDonalds french fries sometimes).

The problem for me, all that food "triggers" and is just slippery slope food. If I eat one McDonald's fry or a Thin Mint girl scout cookie or a chip, I want more and more and more and more. I am not easily satisfied with a "serving" of those foods. If I eat too much of it, I don't like the way I feel (physically and mentally). I'd rather just skip and feel good about myself.

I found plenty of other foods I like just as much (some more, some less). It does make my life sometimes a little more difficult (like at a work event, where they bring in pizza or a conference where they serve bags of chips). I just try to always have my own healthy food on hand.

Also, I had to look at what I COULD give up and what I could NOT give up. I don't miss fast food shakes, I would miss dark chocolate. I don't miss fast food burgers, I would miss red wine. I don't miss Pringles, I would miss a small serving of really good ice cream (eaten out, ice cream is still not welcome in the house!). I kept the stuff I would miss and got rid of the stuff I would not miss. And honestly, I never did like cream-based sauces, so that was no big loss

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The good thing about "not eating that kind of stuff" is that after a while your body realizes it's bad for you.

I had a burger for the first time in a year or so last Saturday and my stomach just couldn't handle it. It had the "Danger Will Robinson!" gurgles, the "ABORT! ABORT!" hiccups, the "Kill it with fire!" heartburn, followed by a finale the next morning that defies description.

Never again.
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Throw out the coupons the same day they arrive in the mail.

PLAN AHEAD so you don't get stuck in that "I am in a hurry and need something fast" excuse. It doesn't take any longer to pack a quick healthy lunch in a brown bag at home than it takes to swing through the drive-thru.

You can make lunches and dinners and quick snacks for your child that he/she will find just as tasty and fun as fast food. You would be amazed at how excited a kid will get by a pear and an avocado cut into shapes with tiny cookie cutters.

That being said, I DO have serious cravings for Taco John's breakfast burritos. I am SO glad there isn't one on my way to work! I indulge in one about once a month during my period because it feels so decadent and naughty!
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