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Default Accountability/Menu/Planning 26 Jan - 1 Feb

Hey everyone!

Would you like a place to put your daily menu? Is planning helpful to you. Is accountability helpful? Or...maybe just a bit of extra support. If any or all of these sound like they'd fit your plan...please DO join us!
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Hi everyone.

Wow, we're nearly at February. It felt strange writing that on the title of the thread - this year's flying by already!

It was a funny sort of Monday today - Auckland anniversary day, so basically half the country was on holiday. So **** day is tomorrow instead of today. I'll get through it - I always do...

Anyway, fairly typical Monday here - home, gym, work and I'll have dinner in a bit and maybe go for a walk. There's not much happening here, although I did notice that the waistband on my uniform trousers were quite comfortable, rather than being uncomfortable as they've been since I got back after Christmas.

Tomorrow it'll be much of the same...

Lottie, do make sure you keep up your water. And good luck with getting off the medication!

Schmoodle, soup, yummy! I love soup in the winter. As for the bread baking - I tend to make it in the evening at this time of year when it's a bit cooler.

MJ, how's the knee feeling now? Better, I hope.

Beverley, you're doing so well!

Junebaby, welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you!

And of course, thoughts are with our Julie and Tammy. Love you both.

The menu today was:

B - English muffin, vegemite, cheese

S - boiled egg

S - blueberries

L - chicken salad roll

S - laughing cow and celery

D - leftovers - chicken, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots.

Enjoy your day, everyone.
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NEVER EVER going back
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nicolen: I wish you luck getting through your **** day!!! Congrats on the not so tight waistband!

Tomorrow is Day 121 on plan for me and my second week into calorie cycling... which obviously is working as I lost 3.4 lbs last week.

Tomorrow is also a 2100 calorie day

B- 2 slices sprouted grain bread, 2 T peanut butter, banana
s-3 T pepper and lime hummus, 3 sour dough wasa, kiwi
L- 1 cup homemade extra lean turkey spaghetti sauce, 1.5 cups brusel sprouts
s- 3 mini honey mandarin oranges, 2 rice cakes
D- tuna melts: 1.5 english muffins, 1 can tuna, 2 T sauce style mayo, 1/4 cup onions, 1 oz mozza cheese, 1.5 cups steamed broccoli
s- 100 calorie popcorn and blueberry fruit cup

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Hi chicks - yesterday was good most of the day. We had a last minute invite to our cousin's for dinner. It kind of threw me off and I ate extra. I wish I could just roll with whatever comes my way with food - I am still working on that. Someones here says - it's a journey, not a destination.

My almost two grandson 'called' via my son. We put him on speaker phone and he was saying lots of words like - tickle, car, kitty cat and many many more. So much fun to be able to hear him talking. I'd like to hug him through the phone.

lots of water
mindful eating
eating with no distractions
stretches and strengthening

breakfast - pnb toast, boca bacon, 1/2 banana
lunch - soup, cheese toast, red pepper strips
snack - tangerine
dinner - pork chop, ww egg noodles, tossed salad
snack - cinn toast

CJmama - I am so glad yoor calorie cycling is working!! Congrats on the weight loss. How's your grandma and aunt doing?

MJ - I hope your knee is improved today.

Nicolen - I am glad you've had a good day. Yes, I agree. I can hardly believe that it's almost February.

Shout out to everyone.....have a great day.
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Good morning Friends,

Nicolen - Yay for looser waist bands!
CFmama - so glad you found calorie cycling. And, congratulations on a wonderful loss!
Beverly - I can't wait to have grandkids. Of course, it will be a while. My girls are only 13 and 9. Something kinda funny...when my youngest was 5, she found out from where babies are delivered and that it hurts. Ever since, she is quick to remind me that she is adopting.

Today is my official weigh-in day. I maintained, but I can't be disappointed. The fat percentage finally dropped 1%. It's been at the same percentage for over a year.

I have a dental appointment this afternoon to have some fillings replaced. Fun fun.

Have a great on-plan day.
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Ola chickies and Happy Monday! Not much out of the ordinary around here. Work, housework, kids' activities on the agenda today. We may get some snow tomorrow and I hope if we get it, it will be a lot!
Here's my plan for today:
B: turkey burger, V8, coffee with fat free half and half
S: chocolate cheesecake smoothie
L: collard greens soup, 3 bean salad
S: skim latte, hard boiled egg
D: eggplant lasagna, spinach salad, roasted cauliflower
S: ricotta creme if I'm hungry, diet chocolate fudge soda if I'm not.

BeverlyJoy, hee that's me (see ticker)! That's so nice that you got to talk to your grandson.
cfmama, glad the calorie cycling is working for you, and congrats on the 3.4 lbs. That's a lot!
thanks for getting things started nicolen. And congrats on the waistband NSV! My jeans are tight since Christmas. It's a good everyday reminder, but I can't wait until the are comfy again.
Hope everyone's week is getting off to a smooth start!

ETA: Good morning Rhonda, we are simulposting today! If you didn't see my comment yesterday, I love your new avatar pic. You look great!

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yay! summertime!
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Good morning, everyone!

Nicolen: Enjoy your day off and congratulations on your shrinking waist! You can relax and enjoy imagining all of us running around crazy on our typical Monday (but we get to do the same to you tomorrow….lol)

CFMama: 121 days on plan? You blow me away! And yeah, it DEFINITELY seems to be working for you.

BeverlyJoy: Your grandson sounds positively adorable! I don’t have any good advice about surprise dinners or other eating situations --- but it sounds like you had a good weekend anyway.

Rhonda: Congratulations on the drop in fat --- another powerful step on the way to a healthier you. Sorry about the dentist, however --- that sounds like no fun.

Schmoodle: Your food plan looks great! And when you say “a lot” of snow, how much are we talking here? (And how many calories does making snow angels burn up?)

Here, the weekend was good food-wise, not so good water-wise. (Why is it so hard to drink water?) My son is heading back to school with a cough, leaving me his sore throat, nausea, etc. Blech.

B: oatmeal with yogurt
S: 1/2 grapefruit
L: green salad with 1 piece whole wheat toast, butter
S: apple
D: beef apple cider stew w/salad

Hope everyone has a good Monday!
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Good Morning! My knee is ok, not great, but ok. Thanks to all of you who asked.

nicolen--Thanks for starting us off! I know, I cannot believe Jan is almost over!

cfmama--121 OP days, you rock! Great loss!!!

Beverlyjoy--All we can do is keep plugging away. Your grandson sounds like a cutie!

Rhonda--Congrats! Your pic is gorgeous!!!

Numia--So sorry ds decided to share w/ you. Have you tried adding some lemon to your water?

Tonight right after work I am going to the gym. I am going to lift weights (arms/shoulders) and do some cardio. I need to get myself back on track. I know I can do this, but I feel like I have been slacking off lately.

Have a great OP day everyone!
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Thanks so much nicolen! I 'm drinking some hot tea right now and yesterday Ihad about 9 cups! I'm feeling so much betta, not all bloated! hehe.

thanks for the reminder though, I need it!
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Good Morning everyone. The scale FINALLY moved for me, 1 pound. Its a snow day today and I work tonight. I hope people stay home. It amazes me how they go out, get stuck, and wonder why there are no officers to help them and the 500 others who did the same thing.

Nicole - I hope work flies by for you. Gotta love looser pants. Do you have a recipe for your homemade bread?

Tammy - I think I am going to have to read up on this calorie cycling thing. I have to do something to kick it in gear. Im happy with any loss, but I'd really like to hit 2lbs a week for a while.

Bev joy - How fun getting to hear your grandson!

Rhonda - Congrats on the drop! I, too, Love the new pic.

Schmoodle, wishing for lots of snow for you! :snow:

Numina - Hope you feel better. Try some lemon green tea, it counts as fluid intake too.

Mj - Hope your knee feels better soon.

Lottie - dont you hate that bloated feeling. Midol always helps me, even if it's not TOM related.
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Is too long. I sum up.
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Hi, everybody.

My struggle continues to be getting enough to eat. My stomach isn't happy with me at all.

I'm trying lots of cereal today to see if that calms my system down a little. Right now, I'm munching on Puffins and I think I'll make some hot tea.

I'm back at work today, hoping that will give me some structure again.

2009 will get better eventually, dammit.

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Julie--YES, 2009 will get better eventually, dammit---just one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. Hang in there! find something that lifts your spirits and emmerse yourself in it (a book, music, etc)

Numina--sharing is caring--that's what my kids tell me when I catch their germs

CF--great job on the calorie cycling, I love it myself

Bev--I look forward to grandkids, but not for another 10 years, I told my kids they could not reproduce until after they were at least 26!

Rhonda--dentist appt, huh? better you than me, I hate that place

MJ--hope you find relief for you pain soon, I certainly know what you are going through

Schmoodle--your soup sounds wonderful! I alway forget about Kale. But I do love Olive Gardens kale and potato soup, I have created something like that before, but it is a little high with the sausage and the milk.

Lottie--hows the water intake, floating yet? back strokes burn calories!

Nicole--no wonder the waist is shrinking, gym and walking on the same day? great job

Well I am sure I have missed some, sorry

I have not checked in since Friday, seems like ages ago. This weekend went very well, we ate out, and at a friends house and still I had OP days! We also got a puppie, a boston terrier, I will get some pictures soon! Now I remember why I dont just continue making babies, I SOOOOOO need my uninterupted sleep. I was a mess Sunday after get up a couple times in the middle of the night with the puppy.

I have some of my lunch stuff here at work, so I am happy about that too

B; coffee, tea, and hot cocoa, could not get enough hot drinks, 11 degrees here!
L turkey and romaine roll up with Flat Out 90 cal flat bread--great on the calories, the bread was weird though
D omlette with ham and motzerella, mushrooms and onions and spinach
S cottage cheese and fruit maybe?

I got 3 Biggest Loser workout videos this weekend, they were on sale for $7.99 at Shopko (instead of 19.99 everywhere else)

Better get back to work...........take care of yourselves today!
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NEVER EVER going back
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Julie: big huge hugs...
redflame: what did you name your new pup???
Beverlyjoy: awwww!!!! I know our "grammie" loves to talk to my two year old Phoenix on the phone. So special!
GirlygirlSebas: first of all... LOVE the new avatar and congrats on maintaining and the fat percentage dropage!!!!
Schmoodle: how much snow did you get?
Numina: I hear ya on the water. I still struggle but force myself. I find adding an herbal teabag to my water flavours it up a bit.
mj5: you can do this. Go girl!!!
lottie63: how are you today?
Justwannabeme: YAY!!! One pound is awesome! They add up quickly

I'm okay today. My mom made all of the funeral arrangements and the service is on friday. It's been stressful but it's settling down now.

I got some GOOD news! My puppy ( blue merle rough collie baby girl ) was born about 6 hours ago!!! She's coming from champion parents so she's our newest show prospect. I'll share pics when I have them

Plan for tomorrow: day 122 and exactly FOUR MONTHS on plan!
B- 1 cup optimum slim, yogurt and all source fruit bar
s- (cutting out morning snack... breakfast at 8 and lunch at 11 instead)
L- salmon fillet, 1 cup brussel sprouts, cm cheese
s- 3 sour dough wasa, 3 T black pepper and lime hummus, orange
D- 1 cup chicken breast, 3 cups steamed cabbage, 2 T tangerine lime dressing
s- orange, 22 almonds

I'm totally on plan with eating, watering and exercise. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting under 300 lbs!!!!!

Have a great totally on plan day my friends!!!!
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cfmama I AM AWESOME!!!! I lost another 2 lbs! I wish weigh in day had been today! So not official till next sunday, but I also have 6 more days to lose more by then

I drank lots of water today too. woohoo!

breakfast: oatmeal and banana
snack: apple, banana, prunes
lunch: grilled chicken, brown rice, with 1 tbls sweet and sour sauce
snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 serv triscuits
dinner: bacon and eggs
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Hi lovelies!

Today has been a struggle. I woke up with a pounding headache and although I did make it to the gym, it wasn't exactly a great workout. Work was much quieter than we anticipated - to give you some perspective, Auckland has approx 25% of the population of NZ and around 45% of our customer base, so any day that they're on holiday results in absolute chaos the next day for us.

I feel like all I've done today is eat. I had breakfast, my boiled egg snack after the gym and my fruit at morning tea time. Then I didn't feel like the lunch I'd packed, so went down to the cafe at work and bought sushi and ate that and my lunch. And bought subway for dinner on the way home because I really didn't want to cook. About the best thing I can say is at least there's really no rubbish food in there...

Never mind. Tomorrow is going to be a much better day. Yes.

Tammy, 3.4 lb down! Go you! And a new puppy. Looking forward to seeing those when you get them...

Beverley, how gorgeous with your grandson!

Rhonda, go you with the body fat! Hope the dentist wasn't too bad for you.

Schmoodle, sounds like you've got a busy day. Hope you don't get too much snow - haven't you seen enough this winter! You don't want to be too greedy!

Numina, I had to work, unfortunately. I'm not in Auckland, but because we're a national office with nearly half our customers in Auckland, anything that happens there has an effect on us. Hope you're feeling better soon!

MJ, you can do this! How was your workout?

Lottie, go you with the water! Well done!

Randi, my bread recipe is so simple that it's embarrasing. I'll make another post below this one with the recipe for you - and anyone that's interested. Yay for a pound down!

Julie, 2009 will get better. Just take things at your own pace - don't try and push yourself too soon.

Redflame, another one with a new puppy. Photos, please!

Have fun everyone!
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