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yay! summertime!
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My husband weighed 173 pounds when we met in college and he just jumped my scale and he weighes ---- 173 pounds, 25 years later. He is around 6' 2" and so is long and lanky. He really can't put on weight if he tries and he is very, very quiet about that because he understands it's a sore point.

About 6 years ago, he started having real trouble with his knees (they are hinged a little funky) and had laproscopic surgery on them both. The doctor recommended bike riding as a really good way to build up the muscles around his knees to help support the mildly funky joints. Very shortly after that, we moved to a very bike-friendly community and he now commutes to work by bike every day that it is possible to do so. He also hikes a lot for fun. He has changed his eating some to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies. In short, he is probably in better health today at 46 than he was when I met him at 21!

Now, if we could only ease him back off the Type-A, workaholic part of his personality......
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My DH of 31 years is maybe 10 pounds more than when I met him. He's about 6'2" - 210 lbs. He could lose about 10 pounds. He never really thinks about food like me. He'll get up on a Saturday at 8am and at 3pm say "Gosh, I am getting hungry - I should fix myself something."

He's a smoker, however - and that really worries me.
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My DH has always been slim; very slim when I met him: in the 120's; now twenty years later, he is 130 and thinks he needs to lose a few lbs. His doctor said for his height, 135 lb was his low normal so he wanted him to gain weight, but his cholesterol went up and he has to watch those burgers, which we limit now.

He eats much healthier today; all the healthy meals I make him, and he walks a lot. His whole family was and is slim; so it's partly genes, eating well, and keeping active. I'm learning from him ...

PS ~ I spent too much time baking for him and then eating it; so I don't do that anymore. We both eat better now.

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I am blessed to have a wonderful wife. She is blessed because she is naturally thin. She says she works at it but it is just normal for her to eat moderately and want to exercise. She has no bad relationship with food at all.
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