65 lbs lost TODAY! and pics...

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    Check em out!!!
  • WOW, way to go! You look pretty!
  • Congrats! What a difference! You look great!
  • Wowza!!! You can really see a difference! You must be so pleased to SEE the results of your hard work! Keep at it mama!!
  • Wow! You are doing fabulous! Love the makeup too.
  • Looking gooooood!!!!
  • Way to go!
  • So, so great!

    I picked up a 20lb bag of dog food today while I was on my adventure looking for Greek Yogurt and it was heavy! I thought wow I was carrying this around and then some just a couple months ago. 65lbs gone must feel soooooooo freeing. Congrats!

    I selfishly hope I'm wrong, but I have a sneaky suspicion that you're gonna beat me to ONEderland! And when you do I'm going to be so happy!!
  • Wow you look so amazing! Your hair and eyes are stunning and you look beautiful! Congrats hon I am sooo proud of you!
  • Congradulations! I love your new outfit.
    You have great style.I can not wait to get to 65 lbs lost. WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU!
  • You are looking fabulous! Keep up the amazing work! The difference is very noticeable and you look so much happier!
  • Pretty awesome! And inspiring
  • Wow, you are definitely inspiring! What is your weight loss plan?
  • wooo hooo!!! Looking so good!
  • You are looking great!!! Can I tell you I LOVE your hair, it looks super shiny.