I've been lurking long enough..

  • Well, I think it's time for me to introduce myself. I have been reading the boards for a couple years now, and now I feel ready to post here.

    I am 28, a military spouse, and Mommy to a six year old daughter, and six month old daughter. My husband is in the Army here in Canada. We moved from Ontario to Victoria, BC in May 2007, and expect to be here for another two and a half years, and then we will be posted somewhere else in Canada.

    I have finally decided it was time to lose this weight forever. I have been overweight for the past eight years, and I have decided enough is enough. I am 5 '4 and I weigh 236 lbs. I looked at a picture of myself on New Year's, and I was just shocked at how big I have become. I mean, I knew I was big, but I didn't realise I was that big! For me, the most important thing about losing this weight, is to be healthy and be around for my kids. It scares me to think if I don't get healthy, I might not be here for them, so here I am. I don't have any friends here yet, and my hubby leaves on Tuesday for a six week course in Ontario. I figured this would be the perfect time to start my weight loss journey. This board seems great, and I could use some support, since I have no family or friends here. I have a bunch of photos on photobucket, so if anyone wants to see them, you can mail me for the password. I look forward to making some new friends here. So, with just over a 100 pounds to lose, I think I can call this place my new home.

    My husband just surprised me today with a brand new treadmill!! He got it on sale for $449, and regular price was $899. I now have no excuses to NOT workout!
  • Welcome! I just started here a couple days ago, and I'm already so glad I did--it's great to have support from people who really understand what you are experiencing.

    With six weeks to yourself, you have the opportunity to make some new habits and see actual results, it's good you're going to take advantage of it.

    Good going you!!
  • Live in Victoria AND a new treadmill...I am just green with envy Welcome!

  • What a perfect opportunity to get healthy and pass along your new lifestyle to your daughters! Good Luck!
  • Welcome.... Wish I had a new treadmill.. I just have a highend tony little gazelle and I am not sure I like it. But I need to start somewhere..
    Keep posting..
  • Thank you for the warm welcome! I already feel at home here.

    I am loving my new treadmill. I have wanted one for years, but I just couldn't see my self spending that much for one. But, I finally decided I was worth it, and I was changing my life this time. I think my husband could see that I was serious this time, and that something was just different. I don't think he would have went out and spent that much if he wasn't sure. I have tried different gyms, but I never felt comfortable there. I always felt like people were staring at me. Now, I have no excuses to not get off my butt and get on that treadmill. I don't have to worry about getting a babysitter when my hubby is away, or driving in bad weather, or spending a fortune on gas to get to the gym. This works for me, because I can just roll out of bed and hop on it, and not worry about others watching me.

    How are you finding the gazelle? I was thinking about one of those before the treadmill, but I figured my back would be aching so bad on it. How do you feel after using it?
  • Quote: Live in Victoria AND a new treadmill...I am just green with envy Welcome!
    It is really beautiful in Victoria, I must admit, but I really miss my close friends and family in Ontario. It's really been hard for me to not have my parents, sister, or friends around. They are very close with the kids, so they are missing out on so much, especially with our new baby, that won't really know them. I am hoping we get posted back to Ontario, but I sure will miss the awesome weather here, and I am still amazed when I see seals swimming in the ocean behind my house!
  • So glad you decided to join us.
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to the group! Glad to have you here. Good luck with the new treadmill....I too am jealous!
    Six weeks is a long time in weightloss land. I bet when your husband gets home he will be shocked at how much you have lost! You go girl!
  • Welcome hope you have much success in your weight loss journey
  • Thank you! I am hoping my face will be thin when he gets back. I will post a few pictures when I get enough posts to do so.

    I am loving it here.
  • Welcome!!!
  • Glad to see you here! I've been on and off since 2004 and I love it here!