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Claiming Victory!
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Location: The Sunshine State
Posts: 273

S/C/G: 283/273/245 1st


When I signed up for this challenge I was 286 even though I cheated and weighed myself early and found out I had lost three pounds two days later. I weighted in this morning with bated breath and was at 254!! I wanted to lose 25 pounds and I lost more than that at 32 pounds. I am very proud and looking forward to the next challenge! I am so ready. I now have to decrease my calories since I have lost the weight that I have. No problem. Trust me I would much rather have the weight loss than the extra calories any day of the week. Thank you so very much ladies for this challenge. The support was awesome and I don't know if I would have been as successful as I have been had it not been for this board. All of you ladies are amazing and I look forward to my continuing weight loss battle with you all by my side. Thank you just isn't enough.
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In the Home Stretch!
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Location: Yspilanti, MI
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S/C/G: See Tracker

Height: 5'6"


Only one week left!

Start - 199
January 4th- 202.4
January 11th- 202.4
January 18th- 199.0
January 25th- 197.6
February 1st- 194.8
February 8th- 192.0
February 15th - 190.0
February 22nd- 189.0
March 1st- 188.0
March 8th- 185.0
March 15th- 183.0
March 22nd- 183.0
March 29th-

Total Loss: 16 lbs
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Posts: 157

S/C/G: 262/See Ticker/135

Height: 5'6"


Start 229

January 11th- 228.5
January 18th - 227
January 25th - 227
February 1st - 227
February 8th - 226
February 15th - 225.5
February 22nd - 224
March 1st - 223
March 8th - 222.5
March 17th - 222.5
March 22nd - 222 (Forgot to post) Half a pound - but that's okay.... Gotta keep at it......
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Location: Ontario, Canada
Posts: 240

S/C/G: 307/see ticker/197

Height: 5'9


Starting weight 266

January 4th- 264 (-2)
January 11th- 261 (-3)
January 18th- 259 (-2)
January 25th- 257 (-2)
February 1st- 255 (-2)
February 8th- 251 (-4)
February 15th- 252 (+1) TOM
February 22nd- 252 (0) Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
March 1st- 246 (-6!!!!)
March 8th- 243 (-3)
March 15th- 242 (-1) Even through TOM!! Awesome!
March 22nd- 242
March 28th- 237

Wahoo!! I can't believe how fast this challenge went by!! I started at 266 I am now 237...I've lost 29lbs since we started!! My goal was 20...I'm a happy camper!!! I'm posting a little early 'cause we're off to sunny Florida and now thanks to this challenge I'll be sitting on that plane wearing my size 16 jeans!! Thanks SO much for all the support and drive this challenge has provided me all rock!! Can't wait to see how everyone else has done...I'll be back in 2 weeks!!
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Location: Yukon, Canada
Posts: 1,156

S/C/G: 332/270/160

Height: 5"7'


Jan 4th - 315lb (start day)
Jan 11th - 313 lb -2
Jan 18th - 312 lb -1
Jan 25th - 315 lb +3
Feb 1st - 312lb -3
Feb 8th - 309lb -3
Feb 15th - 309lb 0
Feb 22nd - 309lb 0
Mar 1st - 309lb 0
Mar 8th - 309lb 0
Mar 15th - 308 -1
Mar 22nd - 305 -3
Mar 29th - 305 0

Well no change this week. But I'm glad I lost 11lb during this challenge and I think that I'll start doing monthly or bimonthly challenges for myself if no more challenges show up here. I think it really helps me stay more focus, though I'm not perfect yet, I'm more aware than when I started.
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NEVER EVER going back
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Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 3,747

S/C/G: 377/240's/150

Height: 5 feet 5 inches


Starting weight 320.4
My goal is 35 lbs lost to put me at 285

January 4th- 316.4 (-4lbs)
January 11th- 313.8 (-2.6lbs) TOTAL: -6.6
January 18th- 311.8 (-2lbs) TOTAL: -8.6
January 25th- 308.4 (-3.4lbs) TOTAL: -12
February 1st- 305.8 (-2.6lbs) TOTAL: -14.6 (was down to 304.2 but holding water? dunno)
February 8th- 301 (-4.8lbs) TOTAL: -19.4 (got period yesterday as well)
February 15th 300.4 (-.6lbs) TOTAL: -20 (still holding on to period weight?)
February 22nd-297 (-3.4lbs) TOTAL: -23.4 (yay!!!)
March 1st- 294.6 (-2.4lbs) TOTAL: -25.8 (WAHOOO!)
March 8th- 292.6 (-2 lbs) TOTAL: -27.8
March 15th- 289 (-3.6 lbs) TOTAL: -31.4 (OH SNAP!)
March 22nd- 284.8 (-4.2 lbs) TOTAL: -35.6 (WOW!)
March 29th- 282.8 (-2 lbs) TOTAL: -37.6

This challenge is DONE!!! I've lost 37.6 lbs since January 1st and I could NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!

Good JOB all of my friends!!!! We rock!!!!! We need another challenge like this one right away for sure
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Claiming Victory!
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: The Sunshine State
Posts: 273

S/C/G: 283/273/245 1st


I agree cfmama. I would love to have another one or start another creative one but I think you need permission. I weighted in this morning like I always do when on the challenge. LOL.
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Location: Panama City, Florida
Posts: 13

S/C/G: 275/259/145

Height: 5'4


Hi, I'm a newbie. I would like to join the next challenge.. I have over 100lbs to lose and would like to have off at least 50 or 60 by Oct 24, 2009 for our cruise. Is there anyone out there without a weight loss buddy.. I could use one. My name is Andrea, I'm 44 female, happily married, mom of 5 boys and starting weight at 265/259/145. My mini goal is 10%. So I have 20 more pounds to go.
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Location: Central KY
Posts: 216

Height: 5'4"


Challenge is over and I have lost......

20 pounds!!! YAY!
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