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Default TV Show, Ruby, on the Style Network

I watched this show over the weekend. It's about a over 400 pound woman, Ruby, and her journey towards losing weight, learning to exercise, living and better health. It's kind of inspiring, really, Thought some of you might want to know about it. It's a reality show, of sorts.

Has anyone else seen it?


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I've been reading about this show all over the internet. I would really like to watch it because, it sounds interesting but unfortunately my cable provider does not offer the Style channel.

I sent them an e-mail requesting if they could add this channel to the line-up.
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I believe you can watch the episodes online at mystyle.com

There's another thread started on the show in general chatter. I love the show, because I so relate to her, and yet I also sometimes want to shake her (of course, I do that with myself, too).
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I watched the newest episode last night while I was at the gym. It seems like a really interesting show and I love the show's concept. I don't know if anyone saw last night's episode but I wanted to throttle her ex. And her for putting up with that!

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Hmm, we dont have that channel available but i will have to check out the website. It sounds interesting and relatable.

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I dont think I have that chanel. I did look at the clips on the website, though. It looks like a real inspiration!

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I have to say that I would love to meet Ruby in person. She has such a fabulous personality and would be a joy to have as a friend.

I really wish her the best of success. She seems to be going about this the right way, with lots of support.
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I also don't get the style channel (boo seems like a great channel). I'd love to see full episodes. The clips were pretty good though.
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I'm really enjoying the show and wish Ruby luck.
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I love Ruby. I'm downloading episode two on iTunes right now because I don't have cable. She is such an inspiration.
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Itunes huh? I gotta check that out
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yes, it's a good show. i have it scheduled to record on my DVR! I dont know what i would do without that thing I am glad that more show's are coming out now about obesity. did anyone see that "half ton mom, and half ton dad" on TLC? it's kind of sad, but i like watching anything to do with weight loss.

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I saw the half ton mom and dad shows the other night and they are sad. Especially the mom one. The dad seemed to turn out better. I was moved by both and think it was good of TLC to show them. They really showed the people behind these stories, I thought.

The first two episodes of Ruby have been really good. She's very personable and you just want to hug her and for her to succeed. I hope she makes it.
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I seen the 1st episode but missed the 2nd. I will have to catch it on repeat. Very inspirational.
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Love it! Ruby has one of those infectious personalities that makes you want to be her friend.
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