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  • Okay, finally going to put one up
    20lb diff between the two, I only see a slight difference! Okay, closing my eyes and pushing submit.

  • I decided to take a new photo today after all (earlier I figured the bathroom mirror wasn't big enough but it worked out after all) . . . and I lumped it with one of my old photos I've already posted . . . I think it makes a better comparison than the one a took a few weeks back since the pose is more similar . . .

    Old pic: 360 pounds; today's: 270 pounds

    Surprisingly, I still do remember the old fake denim stretch pants I'm wearing there. I wonder if I still have that shirt . . . I remember that I had to stretch all my t-shirts over my knees before wearing them so they wouldn't be skin-tight and hugging me.

    Anyway, I'm wearing a crushed velvet tank top I picked up at Wal-mart for only $3 last week. I probably won't ever wear it by itself in public but it's comfy around the house and makes me feel sexy, lol. I'm seeing the biggest difference in my face. My biggest problem area is still my stomach, although I'm not fond of my upper arms either, lol.
  • I love looking at everyone's photos and get such motivation and inspiration from them!

    Now I have a couple to post of my own. The first is me back in the spring, about 30 pounds ago. Today I went tree-climbing and DH (who stayed on the ground) took some pics. You may not be able to physically see much of a difference, but there's no way I could have done this 30lbs (and less physically active) ago - ****, I could barely manage it today! I got about 30 feet up, and had to hoist myself the whole way. I have some blisters on my fingers (next time, definitely wearing gloves) but otherwise had a blast.

    (All those who have shared pics Look great!)

    I Am adding my Before & after pics~Just click them to make them bigger.

    First pic is me last fall ~ At 259.9 right before I started Counting calories(I started counting calories November 11th 2008 just about 2 weeks after pic was taken)

    And the second pic Is about 1 year previous ~me On Christmas Day in 2007. Not sure of weight~About 240 to 250 or so.

    Then the 3rd picture is me just a few days ago...Around september 2nd 2009 weighing in at 182.6

    (About 9 & 1/2 months of counting calories and a 77.3 lbs lost in total so far~From a size 20/22 in jeans and xxl & 2x & 3x in tops To 11/12 jeans ~some 10's in jeans and tops are medium & large now)

  • Here are two pictures of me so far, i think a look a little different, not too much though.

    the first in the black top is from when i was around 285
    the second is at 254

  • My turn!
    So, I took some pictures today. I was actually worried I wouldn't see much of a difference: even though it's been a few months and 21 pounds since the last set.

    And truly? These feel like pregnancy-in-reverse photos!!

    Whatever. Weird getting the "inside" eye to adjust to the "outside" full-body view in the mirror.

  • Ugh, I am so crabby today. So I will post before and after pics to remind myself of how far I've come. Maybe focusing on my achievements will distract me from my bad mood.

    The first picture is from November 2004, somewhere around my high weight (245). The second picture is from last night, right after a new hair cut. The thing I love most about that picture is how *happy* I look (I wonder where that mood went? Come back, good mood!) Well, that and my nephew. He's the cutest accessory I could think of.
  • My first photos to post on here! I just updated my progress pictures on my blog and figured I'd update them on here as well

    This was from May and roughly 27 pounds heavier, at 246.7:

    And here is the new shot, at 219.8!

    Sorry the second image is huge

    Day to day I swear I don't see much of a change in the mirror, but even with another hair styling and outfit I can see a big difference in these shots, which is SO encouraging! My shape is so much more defined and feminine and my face looks less bloated. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

    Onward and downward I go
  • I was gonna wait till I lost 50 lbs to post a pic but I got all gussied up and went out last night so I went ahead and took one.

  • 40lbs gone for good!
    The first pic was taken of me at the end of May, just before I started Weight Watchers. The second one was taken today at the AIDS Walk here in Atlanta, after I walked a 5K (my second one this weekend!). There's a 40lb difference between the two photos. Can't wait to see the the next 40lbs gone!

  • Daniela, Lottie, & LitChick . . . OMG, you all look so awesome!!! It's so wonderful to see the results of all that hard work! You're a great motivation to us all!

    I just posted this in one of my threads, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it here as well . . .

    One hundred pounds gone, only a hundred and ten to go.

    The new outfit I'm wearing isn't entirely "new," the jeans I've had for the longest time but haven't been able to button up until recently, and the top was bought while it was too small as well, so glad I hung on to it even though I used to think I'd never be able to wear it in public, lol.
  • I wanted to take month by month pics....so here's my first month down.

    Starting weight 225

    I'm down to 210 here.

    I don't see a big difference yet, but I know it's coming!
  • Ok I look terriable in these pics. The first pic is me at 315.5 the Next two are of me one month in at 299.5 and the last two are of me at two months in at 287.5

  • Bonnie, you are doing awesome. I see the difference already!

    I went hiking with a friend yesterday and she took a picture of me that I kind of like, for once, so I will share. The before picture is from November 2004, at my high weight of 245. The after is from November 2009, at around 150:

  • I haven't taken a full body shot in awhile. Here is a pic of my face. The first was before I started losing weight. The second is from Halloween, and the third is my nephew's birthday party on Sunday.