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  • I haven't posted pictures before, but did take some starting pictures, then I have a head shot from today. I can't believe how terrible the start picture is. I forgot to take a full body shot today, so for now, just the head.

    At 255

    Today at 218 (don't pay attention to the red eyes...allergy season is definately among us)
  • Wow what a difference lol I've still got like about 3 lbs til Ive lost 30 lbs & heres a pic from today .. sorry blurry & this is the only before pic I have .. (thankfully rofl)

  • My progress pics at 100 lbs lost in 200 days!

  • Hi everyone! I know I have been somewhat absent from 3FC for the past month or so, but I promised myself I'd at least log on to let you all know when I reached 100 lbs lost, so I'm just popping in to say that today is that day (YAY!) and I just finished posting the progress pictures here in the Mini-Goal Photo Album forum... In case anyone wants to take a look!
  • What can losing 10 lbs do for you? I can't wait to lose more!

    My first pic, I could not button the jacket. I was pulling it as close as it would go. Just for fun this morning, I tried it on again. It buttoned...very tightly, probably would pop them off if I sat down...but buttoned nonetheless! I honestly didn't believe that 10 lbs would make a difference. That is why I chose a picture like that. So I can SEE the progress!

    Oh and sorry the second pic is so crappy! Nobody else was home, so I had to set the camera on the couch and take it on auto!

  • Pics of me at 114 pounds lost!!!!!

    and my almost starting pics to compare

  • Quote: looking great josh! how did you lose the weight? what diet or program did you follow?

    Read my about page

    and thank you both of you so much!
  • OMG! You all look so amazing......Good Job! I want in on this... lol

    Started my life change on Febuary 23, 2009
    Starting pants size: 24w
    Current pant size: 16w
    Starting shirt size: 2x-3X
    Current shirt size: Large
  • I am finally at 200, ready to make the push into Onederland! Here are my progress pictures showing 52lbs gone FOREVER!

    The current pictures where taken after walking 3 hours at the zoo today, so I'm a little melted, but I'm still much happier with them than the "before" pictures.
  • My latest update pics from 286 to the day I hit 165! With the exception of the excess skin I'm very pleased with how things have wound up

    I did branch out and wear a bikini with a skirted bottom for the first time a couple of weeks ago though Good thing I live out in BFE & no neighbors except my family!

  • I finally have a big enough post count to put up a pic! The first one is old, from 2004. I'd gained a lot the previous year and it's the highest I've ever been at.

    The second one is a little old as well, but it's at my current weight and don't look much different now (I've maintained this weight for nearly five years). I'm so ready to get rid of that bulge in my belly!

    <direct link>
  • This is the latest one of me before going to work tonight (I do "fun" parties just in case you were wondering )

  • I was looking at old myspace pics today and thought I would share my progress.

  • Thanks for all the inspirational picture posts!

    I am sure most have seen my progress pics here - http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/mini...rney-pics.html but I will put a mini version here..a start and a now

    Before -

    Now -

  • 140 lbs lost!