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One with the Wind and Sky
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I finally hit 150 pounds lost last night! Which probably won't last long, seeing that I'm pregnant.
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Back to being healthy
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I just got back from Vacation. I took a break from logging. I watched what I ate and make healthy choices.

I only wore my bathing suit for most of our last week. I love the boy shorts of my Tankini bottoms BTW. When dry they look like shorts. I went to put on regular shorts for the trip home and they were too big. I had to try on 2 more to find one that fit. Woo NSV
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There I am!
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Here are my latest progress pics....last time I did this was about 20 pounds ago. Some of these photos are just embarrassing at my larger sizes but I'm putting them out there to show my progress

This was taken September 2011 and I was probably at my highest of 279

This was taken in February 2012 and weighed around 250

This was taken January 2013 at 211

and these were taken May 2013 at 187

this is the same pink workout top worn at 211...excuse the white bra

new top I just bought and the white pants I have had FOREVER that I have never been able to wear till now

wearing my walk/run outfit "hiding" behind my sunglasses

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Default My progress so far...23lbs lost!

I have lost 23lbs so far in my journey! These before pics were from last month though, so total pounds lost in before and after is about 13lbs.

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You guys, i LOVE seeing these pics, i hope this thread continues!

i started taking pics AFTER i'd already lost at least a size


new heels and skinny jeans:

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Originally Posted by Garnet2727 View Post
I just went through this entire thread. WOW!

Here's my contribution. This is me two days after I weighed 302 on a doctor's scale.

Here's me just a few days ago at 242 in my favorite old ratty stained shirt that is now too big.
Update. This is me yesterday at 220.

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I can't help but share this one!!!

My wedding (size 22/~250 lbs)

My friend's wedding (size 10/155 lbs)

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This first photo here was taken around my highest weight, at 238 lbs, and the second photo is me now at 216 lbs, with 22 pounds gone. (: I'm so happy with my progress so far! I haven't been this small in ages.

p.s. sorry about the quality of the photos. hehe.

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One with the Wind and Sky
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S/C/G: 360/246/150

Height: 5' 8"


Lovely pics Underwater and AlligatorSky! And thanks to those who've commented.

Maybe it's a little silly to post here of all places, but I thought I'd post some progress photos of my pregnancy.

First, one of my old standby "before" photos, alongside one taken soon after I found out I was pregnant, but before I'd gained any weight from it. This was my lowest point of losing about 150 pounds!

And here I am at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months pregnant. Oh, and the baby says hi.

So far I've gained ten pounds of maternity weight. It kind of cracks me up that my growing stomach feels "normal" to me! I wasn't smaller for long so I think it's going to be a shock to my system once I have the baby! Once the dust settles I'd like to work on losing about 60 more pounds.
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Whew, I can't believe I'm putting this on the internet but the photos and stories from these boards have gotten me through some ROUGH days so it's probably about time to return the favor! I'm about halfway to my final goal.

This is my highest weight - I'm guessing it about 280 or 290. I ABSOLUTELY refused to get on the scale at that point so I don't know for sure. I do know I went to the Dr. a few months before this and was about 280 but I had gained between then and when this photo was taken.

I started Weight Watchers not long after this and but it only lasted a few weeks because I lost my job and was too depressed to even think about my weight.

This is a few days ago at a work event at about 215, 9 months after I really dedicated myself to making a change. I had lost about 20 of those 280-ish pounds after we moved to Denver and wanted to keep up that momentum so I joined Weight Watchers and here we are a total of about 70 pounds lost!

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Really Doing
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Right, so the first picture on the left is a picture of me back in November of 2010. This wasn't me at my highest, either. I had lost around 10 pounds, so I was around 294. I am trying to find some of me at my highest, but there aren't many as I stayed away from cameras. I always held my weight 'well' and knew the right angles to make me appear smaller. What is sad is that I am just 23 in these pictures. I'm 26 now and I cannot believe what great (and YOUNG!) years I threw away being overweight and insecure. It makes me quite sad, to be fair. On the right, this was me about three weeks ago (I've lost a bit more since then) at a place called Plas Teg. I'm around 218 there. I guess rather start late than never? I want to be 140/150 by the very end.

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Deal Witch
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before, and progress! 51 pounds down - lots more to go.
Attached Images
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S/C/G: 273.5/see ticker/125-150???

Height: 5'2"


this is near my highest weight. May 2006 - abt 273

This is just about my current weight (within a few pounds). September 2013 - with my sister. abt 198

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The last time I took a comparison picture I was down a little over 30lbs. Now, I am down a little over 40. You don't get to see my face because I made a dumb face at the camera, and this wasn't intended as a comparison pic, but the difference made me excited!.

Anyway, I am really starting to see a difference!

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S/C/G: See thicker

Height: 5'9


The first one is at my highest weight 267 lbs, the other is at 198
Attached Images
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