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S/C/G: HW 265/SW 240/CW ticker/GW 150

Height: 5 Ft 3


Mine are attached

Or here:

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S/C/G: 332/see ticker/132

Height: 5' 3.5"


I'm almost there - on a plateau just now but I'm really in maintenance mode (blew out my knee so exercise has been nil for about 6 weeks now). I'm not sure when I am going to gear up for the last few pounds but I'm feeling pretty great these days

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S/C/G: 350/184/180

Height: 6'


Face pics First is about 330 pounds..second is at my current weight
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S/C/G: 300+/Ticker!/140 lbs

Height: 5'8" Age: 27


It's the 1 year anniversary of my weight loss efforts. I started just before Thanksgiving last year. I'm not at goal like I was hoping but I'm still so happy of how far I've come. I started around 300 lbs (refused to weigh myself or take pictures at that time -- I only knew my weight because of a visit to a clinic for an ear infection and nearly cried when I saw it written on the sheet, along with my bad blood pressure readings). The weight dropped very rapidly at first but now losing these last 20 lbs is quite a struggle! When I joined these forums I read a quote somewhere that said "Just remind yourself that a week, month, year from now you'll be so proud of yourself for sticking to this!" and it's absolutely true. I feel like a completely different person. I feel healthy, enjoy healthy food, enjoy exercise, sleep better, and look forward to a healthy, long life.

I haven't lost many pounds since my last photo but I have lost inches! Funny how our bodies work sometimes.

In this latest photo I'm wearing a silly shirt from 9th grade high school. I found it in storage and have been keeping to try on as a good benchmark shirt for the size I used to be. The shirt is a bit tighter than 10 years ago but I'll work on getting to be loose soon!

Also another fun NSV in this pic -- size 10 jeans! I wore 9/11 in juniors in high school so I'm happy to be wearing 10s again.
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S/C/G: 273/232.4/165

Height: 5'8"


Everyone looks amazing!!!!!
I've lost 39 pounds as of right now.
(I cannot find old full body shots to save my life. My mom has some really awful ones from graduation.)



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Stevia Nicks
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S/C/G: HW323/SW298/CW(ticker)/GW170

Height: 5'11"


Because I'm feeling a little more svelt today, here are my progress pics (though unofficial, because I never took pics of my body at its HW):

HW (323+):

SW @ 3FC (298):

(obvs I am the fattie in purple)

CW today (252) - sorry for the bathroom shot, but when one is bored at work, one does everything to distract oneself, no? :
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wow - so many amazing transformations!

i'm just starting, so i've only got the one "in progress" pic - goddess jessica suggested i put the photos in here:

i'm thinking i'll do one a month. even if there is no visible progress, that in itself is useful information.

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S/C/G: 275/249/170

Height: 5'7


Wewt, I just posted these in the 20-somethings but I wanted to share them here as well.

Two Are from Christmas/Birthday when I was at 250 lbs.
The Ella/Billie/Me one is from Saturday, when I was at 220lbs.

I am not sure if others can really see the difference but I can!

Still another 70 to go but I am liking the shape that is emerging!

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S/C/G: 236/ticker/125

Height: 5'2"


I haven't been on here in a while but I haven't given up on losing weight.
The past year has been on massive plateau as far as the scale is concerned, but yesterday I bought my first pair of size 12 jeans. So I took a photo of myself.
This is me, in 2008:

And this is me yesterday:

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S/C/G: 299/see ticker/140

Height: 5'4''


I posted these down below, but Goddess Jessica reminded me about this sticky (thank you!)

Here are progress pics from 3/17/11-5/14/12 Each one is taken 4 weeks apart. In the very first picture I was wearing a 3x shirt and pants and in the most recent pic I am wearing a small shirt and pants. The past two months, the scale hasn't moved much, if at all, BUT...I thanks to working out and eating well I am continuing to change.



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S/C/G: 265/(ticker)/155

Height: 5'6"

Default Anyone want to share their progress pics?

A friend emailed me an old picture of me today and I freaked out. As much as I'm convinced that I look the same in the mirror as I did 40 lbs ago, the pictures don't lie...

Does anyone else have some to share? This is the first time I'm doing this, so trust me on this one- go back to your starting weight and look at pictures! It's so motivating!
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S/C/G: 265/211/130

Height: 5'6"


I post this small montage in the mini-goals section, but here it is again. This is an 80lb difference.

Also, a huge congrats on the 40lb lose!
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Height: 5'5"


omgggg you all have amazing progress pics!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!! here's mine!!


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S/C/G: 285/211/165

Height: 5'6"


You all look awesome!!

There are a bunch in my 100 lbs lost post (linked in sig) but this one is a good one (from 15 lbs ago! wow I need to do new ones):

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S/C/G: 271/219/145

Height: 5'9"


I've been waiting until I've lost 50 lbs to post progress pics. I'm finally getting the scale to move and so it won't be long!

One "before" with me looking down on one of the babies I delivered, so, of course producing an awful double-chin and an "after" about 35-40 lbs down with my youngest son. I'm down about three clothing sizes:
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