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One day at a time!
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Default Starting again - want to be FAB at 40!

So I have a about 2 years to reach my "fab at 40" goal (currently 38)...but at least I am being realistic, giving myself time to get there. I feel like I have started over so many times, its not even funny. But that doesn't mean I am doomed to failure. Funny thing is, I have always been a pretty positive problem is that addiction to food for whatever reason, especially at night...what is up w/ the night munchies? I need to change my habits, and change my life. I have at least 100 pounds (and probably a few more) to reach my goal. My true goal is to just get in the habit of doing the right things - day after day, then the rest will follow. I really don't care if I hit some magic number, I just want to feel good in my own skin, and not feel like I buy clothes to hide my body--but rather look for things that accentuate a fit and healthy me.

So where to start? Anyone have recommendations? Looking for positive support group and/or buddies to stick together! Anyone interested?

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Congrat's on not giving up! I think your goals sound very good. I have a night time munchy problem too. I substitute low cal items for the high calorie things I used to munch on and I portion control. I like the reduced fat wheat thins, one portion is 16 crackers I think, for a little over a 100 calories. I have those with a laughing cow wedge which is 35 calories. I also like a cup of fat free plain yogurt with 4 frozen strawberries and a handful of frozen blueberries and a little splenda. I thaw the frozen fruit in the microwave first then add the yogurt. It's under 200 calories, so good, and filling too.
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Congrats, that's a real motivator, isn't it? I'm coming up on the same goal in January of getting to goal (or in sight of it anyway) before 40 . We can do it!
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You've come to the right place for motivation and support. I don't know what I'd do without reading the posts daily. Glad your here!
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You'll fit right in here! Welcome!
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welcome! I think you have a great outlook on where you want to be. the past is the past. just look to the future, you can do it!!
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One pound at a time...
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to the board! There is a lot of great information and support here!
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Karen- you can start right here this day.Just start out doing some positive things. Don't let it overwhelm you. I think I would first start with drinking alot of water. This will really help in weight loss. Then gradually add some exercise or do whatever level you are comfortable(we are all diferent). ONE GOOD HABIT WILL LEAD TO ANOTHER ! Then decide what plan you think you would be comfortable with and also think you could live with . There are plenty here. Most all of them work if you put the plan in action.However, You may not be able to stay on certain ones as easy as others. Its whatever works for YOU!

I do calorie counting because I feel I can have anything in moderation. I do try to eat foods that are the healtiest for me.Fruits,vegetables,olive oil,everything whole grain (even pasta).I limit red meat to a couple times a week. I eat lots of chicken,turkey,fish and some peanut butter. For breakfast oatmeal,cereal(skim milk) sometime an egg sandwich(two eggs only 1 yolk). Some healthy bars. I have'nt had a regular or diet soda since July. This does not effect everybody but I always felt like it did me. They were my drug. I had no control of them! I now try to watch sodium also.To much sodium slows my weight loss down. Soda has alot of sodium, when you drink them like I did, pickles, kraut, etc.

Some people need to get started with packaged food and I think that is great if that type of control is what you need to get started. You may change you plan from time to time in order to find out about YOU!
A weekly weigh in group is great support. I go to one in my hometown called TOPS it cost 50 cents per week. I like being accountable.
Good Luck and stay focused on whatever you choose!!!

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It is all about baby steps.. as mentioned above. Just do a new goal each week. I started off with getting my diet in order.. now that I am fairly comfortable with that I am adding in daily exercise. I'm not running marathons or anything, just building up. I know myself and if I start to get too overwhelmed I'll start to jump ship.
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You certainly have come to the right place!

I think that it's great that you are giving yourself some time to get to your goal. And your right, the only failure is giving up!!!
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