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Default Please, please, please! I need some videos for arms, legs and back fat! Please!

I am not sure if this is in the right forum but...

I need some suggestions for DVDS I can buy for weight training. I love doing the Turbo Jam weight training portion but I dont feel it pushes me enough.

I have made a six month commitment. Which includes my weight, hair. skin and social life.

I want to lose another 50-60 pounds by May/June. I need to seriously firm up. Arms, abs, legs, back fat. All over I guess Any videos that would help me seriously do this!

Slim in Six?? 30 day Shred??? Any reviews of these are better stuff out there. Results AND fun would be nice but I'll take whatever I can get.

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Pilates. You wanna feel pushed, do Pilates. I swear I've never hurt as much or felt so good after - at the same time. The Stott Pilates DVDs are the ones my instructor swears by. I have one of them at home - the mat fitness one and it ties in really well with what we do at the class at the gym - but they have tons of different ones in the series.

Also, not a DVD, but I really recommend picking up a copy of either Body for Life or New Rules of Lifting for Women. There are tons of workouts in both books that can be adapted for home/non-gym use. I love the results I get when I really stick to the New Rules program. They're short workouts (at least at first) but really really really effective.

And really just a lot of bodyweight and resistance stuff works really well. Squats, lunges, stepups, situps, pushups, tricep dips - all those things that you can do at home will make a huge difference all over.


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Default Thanks!

Thanks so much for the response. I will do some investigating when I get home tonight. I have to really get dedicated. I really appreciate your response. I am at my wits end and it is good to know somebody out there can relate to me. I am in training today (work). I will give more details later. Back I go...
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30 DS!!!! ALL THE WAY!!! I am telling you, you will NEVER waste your time doing a long routine again. I can almost guarantee that Jillian will work you harder in 30 minutes than maybe you have ever worked in our whole life.

Also, there are modified moves and ways to restart the Shred and to keep it effective for your body like adding weight, and routine days. Check it out!!!!

I lost 12 lbs in 20 days. One girl lost 12 inches. How's that for results?
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Slim in 6 is awesome. But especially for your lower body.
Also - The Firm Workout series.

I would recommend a couple books that I really love:

Sculpting Her Body Perfect and The 28 Day Shapeover by Brad Schoenfeld. These are serious strength training workouts. No sissy stuff LOL! My arms and shoulders really changed with these workouts.

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I never saw results so fast as when I started adding weight training into my routine. Those results were actually what got me started on adding consistent exercise into my life just because I liked it. If you want to know how to get started at home with very little equipment then check out the link in my sig.

I second the Pilates and 30 Day Shred recommendations as well. They're both brutal in terms of difficulty, but easy to modify for beginners.

I don't think there's any definitive program for reshaping your body. It's best just to try a bunch of things and see what feels best. That said, I really think that almost anyone will benefit greatly from learning a basic weight training program.
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