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Default TMI Question - Aunt Flo

Sorry if this is TMI but I'm STRESSING OUT!

I'm 3 weeks late {and not pregnant}. My OBGYN isn't worried, says it's probably just a blip, and can't see me for another 8 weeks.

Does anyone know of any natural {supplements? exercise? yoga?} that will kick start my monthly?
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Mine occasionally will take a "vacation" and not show up for 2-3 weeks. Then that becomes my routine timing for TOM to show up. When I first got it, it was the 1st of the month, then 6 months later it changed to the 15/16th, then a few months later it become like the 25th. Now it's back to the 1st.
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A couple times a year my body just skips my period. I'll feel like it's about to start and then never shows. A months later...returns.

Try not to stress about it. I'm sure everything is fine.
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Hey BarbPA-
I'm over here in Cherry Hill-just wanted to say hi. We've been here 7 yrs now, my husband and I were born and raised in Philly-hubby still comes over the bridge daily for work. Just wanted to say hi!!!!
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I'm from FL and hubby is from OH but we've been in PA, just south of Philly on the PA/DE border for about 10 years.

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I've been on the pill for about 4 or 5 years and all of a sudden i've stopped having regular periods. I thought I was pregnant in June- I never got that period at all. July's came with a vengeance i guess to make up for june. Barely anything for August. And nothing for september- and then a nice surprise period yesterday, lasted for a day, back to nothing.
According to my Gyno she says this is normal for someone who's been on the pill this long. I don't like it!
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