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Default question about biggest loser!

i have heard very conflicting things about what the routine at camp is...

i understand the conditions are not realistic - no work, no kids, no fast food, etc...

but where *are* their calories? how much are they really working out a day? i have heard everything from 2hrs cardio and 1hr resistance to 8-10hrs a day of working out.

ideas?? anyone have any insight?
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From what I have heard on the show, I thought they said 5 hrs a day and they make them eat a set number of calories. A lot of times I have seen them getting fussed at for not eating all that they were allowed. So I think it is based on their weight.
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Yea, they take their weight and times it by 7 for the amount of calories that they eat. So, for me it is about 245 lbs x 7 = 1715.

I also heard that they do 5 hours exercise a day.
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Default Biggest loser....

The amount of calories they use depends on thier weight....the amount of workout time is ridiculous! 6- 8 hours a day....OMG! id be dead!....LoL....but thats how they get thier high numbers...could you imagine working out for 6- 8 hours a day and only seeing 2 lbs loss or worst yet a gain....anyway i have the Biggest loser book but i found it way too hard to doesnt really go into detail and i need a set plan to follow.

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I think they do 6 hours during the day and then have "homework" to do at night - which I am assuming is more cardio.

Unrealistic? Absolutely! But it does show you what can be accomplished when you incorporated activity into your life.
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It's unrealistic. All of that exercise...what happened to starting out slowly and working up to exercise goals? That is a lot of weight for some of these people to lose in one week. I fear that it would come back on so quickly.

The individuals who plan the show probably keep the contestants from speaking to their families and having outside contact in order to control their emotional and psychological state. But, this probably would have some contestants worrying about what was going on at home.

The show seems to motivate the contestants. A lot of them follow their plan even if they are voted off of the show.
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