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BA99TJ 04-09-2002 11:01 AM

#149 - New Weather, New Beginnings
So the weather is finally lookin better here in good ole New England. I think it actually may reach 70 today, which is insane. Hopefully this means no more snow, (although we haven't gotten that much) but more importantly no more 30 degree days!!! It's been miserable because it goes from 30 to 60 to 20 to 50.. you never have the nice weather for consecutive days, or if you do, it rains. Argh. But yesterday was nice, today should be nicer, tomorrow should be like yesterday. So yay. I think spring has finally sprung. All the Canada geese have arrived on the front lawn at my office, and I actually saw a deer the other day as well. Haven't seen any flowers outside yet (except for the fake ones my landlord's wife insists on hanging in wierd places outside..) but I'm sure they'll be pokin there little heads out soon. I still remember being younger and taking the time every day to prowl mom's gardens looking for the first little crocuses to peek their green heads out from the dirt.

I'm trying really hard not to be discouraged. I realized yesterday I needed to start putting some "stakes" into this weightloss thing. Since I was just sorta casually tracking my weight at home, and not investing anything other than time, I was falling off the wagon on a regular basis (usually friday, saturday, and sunday of EVERY week.) So I finally went and joined weight watchers last night. I knew that I had gained a little weight back, but wasn't expecting what I did gain. I need to try really hard not to beat myself up about it, because I can take SOME comfort in the fact that home scales are unreliable, but I definately weighed more than I was expecting. I weighed 279.6. I also need to realize that it was at night, AND that I've been exercising and hopefully gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat. So, as you can see, I've adjusted my profile below. My "10% goal" is 252 which is my goal anyways by June. I'm hoping I'll see it before then, but I'm not going to rush myself. It's just still really sad that my 10% goal is my STARTING weight the LAST time I joined weight watchers. Oh well.

So now I've sunk some money into this adventure. Hopefully that will inspire me to keep on track. I also got the "cooking for 2" WW cookbook, which should be great for Greg and I. There were lots of yummy looking recipies in there. And, I'm a TOTALLY extrinsically motivated person, so I am sure the stickers, ribbons, etc. that you recieve for losing weight are going to help me a lot.

Another thing I found last night that is really going to be a good motivator for me is a dress. My mom made the dress for me when I was a junior in highschool. I loved it back then, and still like it now. I think its a size 16 or somewhere close to it. I want to get back into that dress. I'm not going to hang it out where I can see it, because I weighed about 100 lbs less when I did fit into it. But I do have a picture of myself in it that I will probably keep around as a reminder. I think we really need to find those types of things to keep ourselves going!

I was also psyched to find out that an orange is only 1 point. Here I was thinking it was 2. That was SO exciting. It's the little "mistakes" we make in the wrong direction that can make us happy. I love to find out when I'm "gypping" myself. I also bought the WW food scale, and the measuring set. I know for a fact I'm cheating when it comes to portion size, so now I have no excuses. I'm going to weigh and measure everything. Last night I ate EXACTLY 6 oz of chicken breast.

I want to start noticing the good things I do as well to keep myself motivated, instead of just dwelling on the bad.
Good things I did yesterday:
1. I joined Weight Watchers, and I love my leader, she is perfect for me.
2. I had some valuable advice to give at the meeting.
3. I stayed within my points yesterday, and didn't eat ANY grain-based foods for dinner, since I'd consumed my daily ration by lunchtime. I avoided the rice I made hubby for dinner!!
4. I drank a LOT more water than usual.
5. I ate ALL my vegetable and fruit servings for the day.
6. I weighed how much chicken I was eating for dinner.

So here's to a new, fresh start. At least I don't weigh what I did when I started this whole journey!!!

BA99TJ 04-09-2002 01:00 PM

Ok Guys,
I just posted my new pic with my new hair here, and my before and "during" pictures on my website. According to the scales I've lost 17 pounds. I don't think I look like I've lost ANYTHING.:( But maybe I'm just too critical.

Anyways, here they are:

Jenniffer 04-09-2002 01:46 PM

You rock girlie!!!Really, you do!

Yes Yes Yes Yes...I can see a change. We are our worst critics. But look carefully, you will see it in your face. Your on your way!!!!!!

suzie76 04-09-2002 02:59 PM

new beginnings

I'm sorry about your scale differences-I know just how you feel. You think you're one weight, and proud of yourself, then find out the scale was off....I've had that happen to me. Congratulations on starting over again. You will do great-you're a real motivator on this board :)

I am starting again tomorrow-famous last words. I cannot seem to stick to healthy eating. It seems once I get the cravings for junk, I'm taken over by them for days. I probably gained back the five pounds I lost, but I'm too scared and discouraged to look.

Congratulations on your raise-you deserve it.

I'm still job hunting, and I know it's interfering with staying on program. Being out of work (i was laid off-company bought out) makes me feel depressed and useless, and then I eat. sigh...

Here's to starting again-
Best of luck,

BA99TJ 04-09-2002 03:38 PM

Sherry -
WE CAN DO THIS!!! And you know what's the best?? We don't have to do it alone, we have each other!!!

BTW, my dad has been out of work since last June. It's a tough market out there!! I will add you to my list of prayers.

Major Hug-age to you!!!

velvet 04-09-2002 04:52 PM

Beth Anne,

Congratulations on stopping yourself before this gaining thing got out of hand! Don't even think about what went on before! You're doing this now and that's what counts. Carry on from here. Sherry's right, you are a great motivator. Now, just work your magic on yourself!:lol: You're doing everything right, just keep it up.

Sherry, don't wait till tomorrow. Start tonight! Just keep telling yourself that you can do this. Do what Beth Anne did and write down all the things that you did right today. You'll find the right path. Don't give up!

Love, Gayle

Pryia 04-09-2002 11:42 PM

Good Evening Everyone!
Beth Anne:

First off let me say GREAT JOB rejoining. I know it was hard. I had the same problem on Saturday. I actually went to the WW chatroom and talked about how I was feeling before I went. I did go though, and they even no me by name, since I have been there so many times. But Your post totally inspired me. The list you made ( Your Victory List) is great. And I think you should make one every day. I bought a small notebook so I can write in it anything that stikes a cord with me. On the back page I started my Victory list. Cause I know I am going to need it one day. And it sure is nice to see in PRINT all the great things I am doing.

Suz- Hope you have luck with the job soon. Manufacturing put us in the recession and they will be the ones to pull us out. I know it is starting to turn. I work part of my job in the recruiting department. So I hear about it all the time.

Good things I did today:
Stayed within my point range
Cleaned off a lot of my desk at work
Brought my lunch
Cleaned my kitchen
Drank water
Only had diet soda
Walked 15 min.

Hope everyone has a wonderful night and a great tomorrow.

PNG 2 04-10-2002 01:33 AM

Hello all :-) Great Job Beth Anne, and good Idea! I think I wanna post my good things too... maybe you should make that a thread all it's own, if enough people jump in for it :)

Good things I did today:

Donated Ravyns crib to the nurse that helped me when I was pregnant, she has a client that is 16 and on her 2nd kid, with almost nothing for the baby...

Got up early, and cleaned my house

Baked fresh bread, and didn't have that first slice (or any slice) with margarine :D

made vegan baked beans from scratch...cooked em all day... (no fat...whoohoo!)

Had a healthy, protien packed, practically non fat dinner of Red Beans and Rice (homemade, from my freezer stock of foods)

Walked to meet hubby at work, and walk him home.

Worked out!! whoohoo!! :D

Now, I finally have some workout based stuff to look forward to, although hubby say's I'll be crying after the frist session...lol, but I'm tuff (somewhat...whimper) and hopefully this is just what I need to get me going, and keep me going!

For those who don't read all the threads, working with hubby, training for wrestling, greco-roman... he has a month to shape up before he goes into coach training, so we're working together, he'll finish his training, and start coaching, and he'll train me at home :D now that's what I call FUN!!!

BA99TJ 04-10-2002 12:45 PM

It's a beautiful mornin...
So how are all you girlies (and boys) doin?? Are we supposed to have a chat sometime today? I can't remember. I guess I'm just getting old. Well my scale posted a loss today (yippee!) but I'm not going to count it until I weigh in at WW on Monday (or Tuesday). No more living by the scale.

I am bound and determined to do this. I just keep finding inspiration all over the place. This morning I found my high school class ring. Shocker #1 is it still fits. So I'm wearing it as my daily reminder that I want to weigh what I did when I was in high school (or less!!!)

Got some spring cleaning done last night... just a little though. I also made 2 HUGE vats of soup. I made my ravioli soup and my version of point free soup. I'm just psyched because I used fat free raviloi this time which knocks 2 points off per serving!!!

I also remembered how much the point-free soup helps fill me up in the afternoon. So that's awesome. I'm stocked for the week.


Good things for yesterday: (btw if you want me to start a thread for this, let me know)

1. I ate within my points.
2. I drank 120 oz of water (shock!)
3. I made soups, and cleaned the house.
4. I avoided ALL choclate temptations.
5. I was active, even if I didn't focus a certain amount of time specifically to exercise.
6. I wasn't tired at all!! (amazing!)
7. I journaled EVERY nibble of food I ate.

icewoman 04-10-2002 05:06 PM

Hello all,

I am having a very bad week. I just got my husbands cellphone bill. He is in such hot water. It has some questionable phone calls on it. First of all the bill got her somewhere around 3 days ago. There are some calls to people I don't know. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I think he has a internet girlfriend. I know he had one before and I think he is still talking serious with her. I don't know what to do with him. I am thinking of leaving him but I have a low self esteem and don't think I got what I deserved. I don't know what to do. I am so lost and wish I knew how he really felt about me. He swares he loves me but I really don't know the truth. I have to go now I will get on later and let you know how things are going. He should be home from physical therapy soon.

BA99TJ 04-10-2002 05:12 PM

Oh Tamara... that is so hard. Try getting on Lycos.com I think they have a reverse phone # search that you could check. Or just come out and ask him!! tell him you were paying the bills and his was a bit pricey and you were wondering who all the calls were to. Has he done anything else suspicious?? aka lots of time online, etc??

What a tough situation - I will be praying for you

PNG 2 04-10-2002 06:53 PM

Tamara, I would also suggest talking to him about it... and if leaving is what you feel in your heart, then there is no reason self esteem should be an issue, I left my ex, no questions about it, and my self esteem actually soared, and I stopped having the panic attacks that I'd been having at that point... not saying pack up, if it's something that can be fixed, and if you truly still love him, but do what's good for you, it can't be good for your self esteem to think you have a man that is unfaithful!

Beth Anne, you are correct, it IS a beautiful day... just a lil crisp, had a spatter of rain...but in the desert, you welcome every drop of rain you can get... :lol: Is that point free soup the old peel-a-pound cabbage soup? I make that all the time, hubby loves it, and it's seriously super filling.

So, my good things today...

1. got up early again, and got Ravyn up, cuddled her in my bed under my heavy blankie, and watched Tarzan (was frikkin COLD in here this mornin... desert nights in the springtime, gotta love em)

2. Met hubby at work, and walked him home again.

3. Called my best friend back home, and gabbed for an hour, because she was feeling down... she's turning 30 this year and has the "I'm a total failure because I didn't cure cancer before my 30th birthday" thing...

4. Got a strenuous workout planned out, plus the training with hubby.

5. Ate sensibly all day, the only thing I had that I probably shouldn't have was a huge cup of coffee at hubby's job... with sugar and creamer... but at least the only thing the creamer had in it that wasn't vegan was casien...not a huge deal...

6. Started grocery list, and decided I'm not even buying margarine this time... don't need it, not essential to life, and if it's here, I'll just be tempted to ruin my beautiful bread by smothering it with all that fat :D

OK, that's all I can think of right now...lol

velvet 04-10-2002 07:18 PM

Beth Anne,

You're doing a great job. Please don't ever leave 3fc's. You are truly an inspiratin. Staying within your points is a great success. I love the idea of listing the good things you do in a day. I tried to do that last night, and all I could think of was the negative things!! I'm not too hard on myself......NNNNOOOOOO...... Honestly, all I got listed was this:
Then, I waited. Nothing appeared!! Oh, well, we all have something to work on, huh?

Tamara, I am blissfully unattached. I read your story and I ache for you. I shall also pray for you. I have no advice to give you, but these two ladies sound like they have very wise things to say. Your numbers tell me that you have had great success in losing weight! Great job. Keep it up.

PNG, where in the desert are you? I've heard the desert is gorgeous in the spring. And where is 'back home'? I love that cabbage soup, too. My best friend and I are doing this weightloss thang together, and it has saved many binges here, I know... Send me some of your desire for exercise, will ya?:lol:

Sherry, did you get started back on plan? If not, make it tomorrow. Just DON'T GIVE UP!!

Keep on keepin' on, girls!


Pryia 04-10-2002 10:42 PM

Good Evening Everyone!
Well I am happy to be home. It was a beautiful day out and I got to walk 30 mintues today. I walked over to the park to pick up my son from Baseball practice.

Work was good. I went to a seminar last week. About time management and I have been able to put some of the ideas to great use. I can see most of my desk, and I feel like I have gotten so many things done these last few days. Even more than I have in the last 6 months since I took over this position.

Good things for me today:
1. Stayed withing my points
2. Resisted most of the Mexican food at work. Had some guacamole (with my own chips)
3. Got to walk for 30 min.
4. I know I have lost a few pounds. Since the pants I wore today were not ungodly uncomfortable. Usually it is the PLEASE GET ME HOME SO I CAN GET THESE OFF!!

Tamara- I know I am new, but there is no man worth making you upset over. I hope you can work through this. I will say you are a nicer person than I. I would have called the numbers back. Not in a rude way, but I would want to know now. I will say my ex husband cheated on me, and he did things that was begging for him to get caught. Well he did and I left. I am not saying leave him, because I don't know you or him. And no one can make that decision but you. But do look ahead and see if you will get what you want out of life with this person. When I left my ex, I had a 10 month old baby and $3.00 in my wallet. And now I have a college degree and an awesome kid.

Take Care all

Have a great night!!

Pryia 04-11-2002 07:25 AM

Just wanted to wish you all a good morning!! Have a wonderful day! We can do this.

Working for OP day number 4!


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