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When I went to my doctor (who I hadn't seen in over a year) and she saw how much weight I had lost, she assumed I had surgery. I was really surprised and hurt by that. I think everyone is looking for that magic pill. In the end it is only as simple and as hard as eating fewer calories than you burn. Most people seem to not want to hear that.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I've had the "wow how did you do it" question a bunch, and invariably the confused look when I answer "oh - i QUIT DIETING" hahaha it's kinda funny.

I could never have weight loss surgery (well, if my very LIFE depended on it) for the simple fact that destroying a perfectly healthy organ (the stomach) because of my own gluttony seems almost sinful !! and more importantly, I've known 2 people who dropped dramatic amounts of weight, only to slowly gain it all back and then some -- i asked my friend Jeanette HOW it was possible, with a stomach the size of a walnut, and she said "where there's a strong enough psychosis, there's a way!"
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Fifty by Fifty!
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Red face The "easy diet"...doesn't exist!~

First of all congratulations on your loss.

I do empathize with the feeling that when people comment on your weight loss you can't help but wonder what they thought of you before!

People want to hear that it was some easy miracle way, not good old-fashioned sensible eating and exercise. As to "was it easy"...well **** no it isn't easy! If it was easy no one would be overweight now would they.

I have concluded I could write a sure-fire, will work for everyone diet book, but no one would buy it cause it would only be four pages long:

Page 1. Eat a nutritious, portioned diet of a reasonable amount of calories, using as much fresh food as you can. Write everything you eat down in a journal or an online tracking site.

Page 2. Exercise..including cardio and weight training, at least five times a week for a minimum of half and hour.

Page 3. Learn to deal with your emotions in a more productive manner than stuffing your face.

Page 4. Learn how to deal with stress, and get a good night's sleep.

Do you think you will see me on Oprah anytime soon, or on a book tour..ooh I want to be on Craig Ferguson please..I think he is just the sexiest man on earth LOL
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When I went to the doctor about a month ago, the nurse weighed me and saw that I had lost 12 pounds since my prior visit. She said, "You know - the woman in this office that does the billing has had lap band. You ought to get that."

I said, "But, I've been losing weight." She said, "I know. But you have diabetes. They would approve you for the surgery."

I said, "I know.... but, I thought it was an option of last resort. I have just started trying and I'm having success."

She said, "I'm just saying."

Struck me odd that a nurse would tell me that. Didn't seem quite appropriate. I understand there are people who need to have it and it is the best option for them, but what would make her assume that I should have it?

Seems just to be more common these days, I guess.
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I never wanted to have the surgery because I have seen people around here gain it all back. I always thought you had to learn control even with the surgery.

I have heard of some people doing real well with this and some people not so well so I choose not to at this time in my life.
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Hi Ladies, I've been reading these posts and it makes me sad a little. People seem to want to believe the easy way is the only way (not that WLS is "easy").

This reminds me so much of the comments I get all the time about my triplets. They "must" have been conceived through IVF. There's no chance they are conceived the 'ol fashioned way (I hate using the word "naturally" - because aren't all children natural?). People would ask me if they were fertility babies and even when I would tell the truth, strangers were most often the ones to react in disbelief. People are so unwilling to trust. People don't want to believe the best in us (not that my babies are better because they are "natural" vs IVF babies). Just like they don't want to believe that weight loss can be done with hard work, determination, calorie counting etc.

It's just sad. It's even sadder still that you almost went to kind of prove that you had no scars. It's like telling the truth is not enough.

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