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  • Hey all!

    I have an all or nothing mentality. I just cant stop myself. Ok, I gained 26 pounds back. I lost 15 of it on South beach phase 1. Well, Im only up by 11 now. I am so stressed out with work....lack of a boyfriend and etc., that Ia m turning to food for comfort. For the last two days I have had a food feast- straight binge. I hope I havent regained any! This is a rant. I guess I know what I need to do but doing it is different. I have a strong connection to food. So, I am going to go back to phase 1 tomorrow. Maybe I can get the rest of this off. I think once I get back to where I should be then I will motivated. Right now I feel like i am standing still....not making ANY progress. Okay, I have to start back to working out too!!! I just have to get this out in the open! I wil post a seperate post about my dating and my "ugly" issues. Thanks!!
  • Ann, hang in there, you can do this! I know how hard it is not to turn to food for comfort. Hard habit to break for many of us. Turn to 3FC for comfort instead
  • I hear ya on the all or nothing mentality.

    You are not standing still - look at that ticker? You've lost huge amounts of weight. You know what you need to do, use that all or nothing mentality to get back on track. TODAY.

    We're here for ya, RANT ALL YA WANT.
  • Hey Ann! Glad to see your beautiful smile!

  • Hang in there! You know how to do this, just hold on for dear life and don't ever give up.
  • Hi Ann...boy, I totally understand the all or nothing mentality, friend. That's me too.

    You can do this. Try and plan for a good healthy day - get up and take several deep breaths and say to yourself. Yes I can!

    Keep posting here. Every day is a new beginning. We are with you, friend.
  • you have done so well. Don't get discouraged now. I usually lose 40 or 50 pounds and then regain it. Not this time. I'm done with stuffing myself to make up for the loneliness and want I feel.

  • Not much to add -- we all know what we need to do -- it's the doing it that is SO difficult. I'm right where I usually stop -- I've been doing WW, lost close to 30 pounds -- this is my usual turning point where I quit (while feeling bad for myself -- "why do I have to watch what I eat, etc."). I'm determined this time to keep up on it, quiting will only put you right back at the beginning and there is nothing more depressing than losing the same weight over and over again .

    You can do this, you've proved it to yourself. Food will not solve dating problems, work problems, stress, etc. All food can do is make you more depressed!!

    Good luck, no matter how hard it is, it's so important to get back on track.
  • Oh gosh, i've been there... Who am I kidding? I'm there every other day! It's always a choice, whether conscious or not. I did look at your ticker and that is AMAZING! I hope to be there someday (soon-ish). It's a deep breath, glass of water, and walking out of the kitchen. Food has never made me feel better, but it has made me feel worse. You've come so far, you can SOOO do this!
  • I totally relate to the all or nothing! That is what keeps me OP and It is what will keep you OP. You just have to commit to doing it for 1 day and I know you will be back on track!

    ....and don't wait til after you eat whatever you are craving now...

    Good luck,

  • Thanks ya'll!!

    I appreciate your input and encourgagement. I am going to kick myself in the butt. I am going to start back to journaling. And relying on 3FC. You know I avoid people when life isnt doing well. I go into myself and try not to worry other people. I do the same thing here. When I am not doing well with my diet/exercise I avoid 3FC. Wow!! Well, I am going to change that! I am going to surf the web/forum and come up with ideas/grocery list and start tomorrow. NO SUGAR for week. Thanks everyone!!!
  • Ann: Have you considered just maintaining for a bit? I know Nelie on here does that--lose a bit, maintain a bit, then go back to losing. It really seems to work for her!

    PS: I'm an all-or-nothing girl too....
  • ((((HUGS)))) you have lost 121 lbs!!! Thats something to be proud of . I bet you look fantastic.
  • Ann,
    Wow what a tremendous inspiration you are! Just to hear someone having the same issues I deal with daily and then to look at the sucess you have acheived, mind blowing. I wish I had the answer for the all or nothing mentality, lol. I just know if I fall and scrape my knees I have to get up and start walking again. And I fall A LOT, lmao. My thought process is, well, at least I keep trying. I have huge hopes that this time the falls will be fewer and farther in between. Wishing you, I, and everyone the best of luck with this issue.

  • I might try the maintaining thing. But I think I wont be able to wrap my mind around that until I get under 200 pounds....I know I am being hard on myself but I have to keep on getting on. I would like to be under 200 by my bday...Nov and possibly 180 by New Years. I think I can attain these goals. I have been maintaining (gaining and losing.... ) for about 3 months now...