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Default Things you thought you'd never say...

Along this journey I have been thinking about things I say now that I never thought I might say. One that comes to mind is that "I have stayed with healthy living for more than four months". I have tried and tried many, many times to get weight off and live better. It seems that over all of my life I could never get past four months. Gosh it's almost a year now!

Another thing I thought I'd never say is that I look forward every single day to getting up and stretching. Who knew something like that could make me feel so good. I have a series of stretches that are GREAT.

What are some positive things that you thought you'd never say now - upon taking this journey towards a healthy lifestyle.?

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"That's a *huge* amount of food!"

When I attended WW meetings a few years ago, that quote was said by some skinny woman there. My friend and I, who had just started out and were waaaaay overweight, just looked at each other like that woman was insane. We thought she was such a snob and was making fun of us fat people.

Funny how a little perspective changes you. I find myself saying that very quote quite often now.
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"I don't have a thing to wear. It's all too big."

THAT was something I never, ever dreamed I'd be able to say!
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"I do."

At 264lbs, I never had a date, a boyfriend, a kiss or anything. I honestly never thought I would fall in love and get married; I assumed throughout high school and some of college that I would, basically, die alone.
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It's just too sweet.

I didn't know something could be too sweet until recently.

or "I look good!" It still surprises me that I look "normal" and not obese when I see myself in photos.
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"No thanks" to a Mexican food buffet (provided by a drug rep for a dinner meeting). Too cheesy, too fatty, too many carbs and grease, and I had no idea what was in the carne asada, so I didn't eat any. It was not on my plan and it did not pass my lips. I waited until I got home and had a grilled chicken sausage and steamed veggies.
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"I've been to the gym 5 days in a row... no, make that 6!"

I've never liked to exercise, but I really have changed my life!
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I actually like to exercise...I NEVER thought I would say that!
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"I can't .. I have to go to the gym!" (to an invite to go out for drinks after dinner)

"I'll just have one bite." (and then just have *one* bite and enjoy it)

"Don't put any butter on mine. I'll have it plain." (corn, potato, whatever)

"I did 4 miles on the elliptical today!" or "I squatted the olympic bar today!"

"Oh look! Isn't this cute. I wonder if they have it in a size 10??"


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"They're on clearance, so I might as well buy them in the next size down. I'll get there eventually."
Going down a size used to be wishful thinking. Now it's inevitable.

"I wonder how much it would cost to get this shirt taken in."
Alterations to make clothes smaller? I never considered that before.

"No thanks," to donuts, cookies, cake, etc. I didn't ever turn the sweet stuff down, even if I knew I should. Now it's pretty easy to do.

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Choosing with every bite.
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"No, I don't even want one." walking past a box of doughnuts.
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"What veggies are we having with dinner/lunch?" Veggies?! I never ate veggies before starting this journey. I was strictly a meat,starch and sweets kinda gal.
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"I 'slept in' until 7 today. OMG, that was so late." Paid for it with a headache.
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"I'm full."

It's interesting for me to note that lately I have been pushing my plate away even if I haven't finished everything on it. I'm not talking about huge portions or anything--just basic, measured, calorie-counted stuff that I'm eating (or rather, not eating ).

Before, I would have just continued to eat until my plate was empty, because I would think to myself "Oh, you can't be full. If you don't eat all this you'll probably get hungry again soon." So I would eat until my plate was empty, even if it meant I went past the point of being full or uncomfortable.

But now, I just can't do it anymore.

I guess I am becoming better attuned with my body, and that's a good feeling.
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In Onderland!!!!
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"if I eat all of this, I'm going to be sick" in regards to a foot long sub! I used to eat them by the foot but now when I buy them buy the foot, it lasts me a few days! Never thought I would see the day!! *lol*
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