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Default Question about your "current weight" (the number that you report)

Hello Ladies,

Just curious. What do you consider to be your "current weight?" In other words, do you count your first-thing-in-the-morning, perhaps with-no-shoes-on weight, OR might you count what you weigh, say in a gym with clothes and shoes on, as your current weight?

I, myself, have been counting what I weigh in the mornings, first thing, before eating breakfast and with no shoes on as my current weight. But it occurred to me on yesterday after weighing for my brand new personal trainer (yay!) that maybe I should consider what I weigh with clothes and shoes on, since that's what might be done when weighing at the doctor's office or having to weigh anywhere else.

How do you guys look at it?

Thanks in advance for your responses,
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I do the same as you: first thing in the morning, naked. I want to weigh ME, not clothing/shoes/breakfast. So I figure that's best, for me.

I think no matter what time or how you weigh, the important thing is to be consistent. So if you weigh with clothes and shoes on, you should ALWAYS weigh with clothes and shoes on. Otherwise you won't know if the changes are from YOU or from clothes, food, water you drank, etc.
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I think to be most accurate you need to weigh at the same time wearing the same thing every day. I personally weigh first thing out of bed after using the restroom and while nude. This is what I weigh. Clothing can vary dramatically.
I also think it doesn't matter so much - it'll go down everywhere as you lose.
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first thing in the morning naked. I don't weigh any other time.
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I weigh first thing in the morning absolutely naked after a toilet visit!! Im taking any chances with clothes or shoes, I think its personal preference to be honest!
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My current weight is whatever it is Wednesday mornings. That is my official weigh in day. First thing after I get up, go potty and get buck nekkid

I only change my current weight on weigh in day. Same with my ticker.
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I also do my weighing first thing in the morning, naked, after using the toilet, before getting a drink of water It's the consistency that's important, not whether it's the "truth" or not. Weight loss is relative truth anyways...downward trend is what counts, not absolute numbers. Weight changes throughout the day, undoubtedly even moment-to-moment.
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I weigh first thing in the morning (after peeing), but I "report" the most recent Monday weigh-in. Actually, I usually round it to the nearest zero or five, like just over 20 pounds, or almost 25 pounds. I don't like to sound too obsessed when talking about my weight or dieting to people
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I weigh myself anytime I'm naked in my bathroom--- usually morning and nights.


My ticker only gets changed on my OFFICIAL weigh in days (which I chose to be Wednesdays). I weigh the same way each week--- after going potty, naked, on the scale first thing in the morning... and I only take that once a week report as the official weight.
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My take on it is that it doesn't matter if one scale reports me at 700 pounds, the other at 200. Either way, as long as the weight goes down I'm doing well. The scale is there to report my progress; any scale should show that regardless of what it says my current weight is. I'm okay with the doctor's office weighing me heavier than what mine does, because the doctor's scale will still show that progress.

With all that said, my official weight is my weight taken at home, without clothing, in the morning. There aren't as many variables this way (weight of different clothes, water and food consumed, time of day).

I think it's fine if you want to go by the trainer's. Just keep in mind that your weight will vary with what time of day you're going, your clothes, ect. If it's pretty consistent then I'd think it'd be fine for measuring progress.

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I weigh in the morning, after my shower, naked.

Every Monday I use that as my "official" weight and set my current weight/ticker according to that.

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I count my Monday night weigh-in at my TOPS meeting as my official weight. I weigh every day (naked before breakfast, but only the weigh-in at TOPS "counts" for the week.

The TOPS scale, weighs about 2 to 3 lbs lighter than my home scale, which just happens to coincidentally be about the weight of the outfits I wear for weigh-in, so my TOPS weigh-in clothed is almost identical to my naked weight at home.

Truly, I don't think it matters. Worrying about the ounces or single pounds can become excessive, and obsessive. The minute you drink a glass of water or go potty, your weight will have fluctuated by a pound or more.
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Hiya ladies,

I hope you don't mind my popping in - the thread caught my eye. I have always weighed myself in the morning, after I have had my coffee. Coffee usually gets my bowels moving, so I wait until after my BM. I don't worry about the weight of the coffee (a large mug) because usually the same amount went out as pee.
I weigh myself either in my PJ's or just in a Tshirt and panties.
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I always weigh in the morning after potty if possible, before breakfast and getting dressed. But I don't think of myself as having a "weight" but as having a "weight range" I know my weight can vary up to 5 lbs in a day (sometimes more) and can vary from day to day due to fluids, etc. So a few weeks ago my weight range was 183 - 189. Now my weight range is 181 - 186, so I have lost about 2 lbs. This keeps me from going crazy over all the daily weight variations. Even though yesterday morning the scale said 184, I know that as long as my range is moving down, I am losing. The weight on my ticker is my weight on Saturday mornings, my official weigh in day, it is generally somewhere in the middle of my range. Does that make any sense to anyone but me? I guess I have a very complicated relationship with the scale!

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I use my WW weigh-in weight. It's taken wearing clothes (including shoes) and after breakfast, so it's 2-3 lbs heavier than my first thing in the morning weight. I was 260 at home the day I started WW, where I weighed in at 263.

I figure at some point when I hit a plateau I'll take off my shoes for a "pick me up" weight loss, lol
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