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Default What foods do you crave during PMS?

Are there any specific foods you crave during PMS? And is it the same every month?

I crave salty stuff. Always. Never sweet stuff, which seems to be what most people crave. So, things like chips, popcorn and especially chicken wings!

I try to satisfy the cravings with soy crisps. I found a good white cheddar one that does the trick pretty nicely.
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Chocolate and pizza...but I crave those all the time so I guess that doesn't count. Haha.
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I crave salt too. but also sweets at times. PMS is a hard time to stay away from these things.

BTW, LOVE the new avatar fiber!

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Chocolate and red meat (and lots and lots of it). Hubby literally would bring home burgers and chocolate (without being asked) as peace offerings. He'd call it "meat week" and would tease me (not during meat week, he knew better) that he'd toss a burger at me to distract me, so I wouldn't attack. It sounds very codependent of him to bring me burgers, especially when I didn't ask, but I do understand. My moodswings were so BAD, he was more than a little afraid of me. He was keeping better track of when my period was due than i was. Since I've changed my bc, we've both been alot happier (and he never brings home burgers anymore, yeah!)

Oddly, I find neither chocolate or red meat particularly appealing the rest of the month. In fact, my PMS, moodswings, and cravings were so severe that I started eliminating TOM altoghether by stacking my bc (skipping the placebo week by just starting a new pack at week four rather than at the start of week five).

Without getting rid of TOM and finding low carb, I don't think I would have been able to lose much if any of the weight I've lost.

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I crave chocolate! ugh lol
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I crave it all...chocolate (reeses cups specifically) cheeseburgers....cheesesteaks ...french
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I've always craved salty foods and chocolate, especially chips and salsa, and chocolate ice cream
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Chocolate, chocolate and then I crave chocolate. I've eaten chocolate chips, chocolate jimmies, raided my kids candy bags, you name it...
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Salt. I used to actually sit and eat two entire CANS of Pringles, with Coke, during PMS. Serious.

During this weight loss journey, when I am dying for salt I have sometimes roasted kale or green beans and salted them to cure the craving. I know salt isn't the greatest, but it's like the craving is unbearable. Once when I didn;t have kale or beans, I wanted salt so bad that I actually sat and licked a small pile of salt out of my hand. Ugh.

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Chocolate!!! It's my downfall, which is really bad since I work in a bakery. I've broken the habit of sticking it in my mouth at work. I do have skinny cow ice cream at home to look forward to. I don't feel like I'm so deprived that way. I used to eat one every night actually, but now it's mostly during pms.
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Used to, I really craved baked goods containing chocolate and lots of sugar and fat--brownies, chocolate-chip cookies. However, I don't seem to have PMS cravings anymore since eliminating sugar from my diet. Any cravings I have seem to come at random points in my cycle, and appear to be more triggered by the timing of my food and whether I'm eating too many carbs--if I delay my morning meal and snack, I start to get serious carby cravings and true hunger, or if I just overindulge in carbs at a meal, that triggers cravings.
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I wont give in.
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Gummi Worms, I know it is weird. It has to be Publix brand Gummi Worms or it wont do anything for me. And of course CHOCOLATE and movie popcorn. They have to be eaten together.
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I don't get a particular craving so much, I just have a couple constantly hungry days.
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I am a baked goods bandit----

It takes all my willpower not to bake up a big batch of hot steaming ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies when I'm craving real bad!

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Chocolate and salt. Chocolate covered pretzels are my perfect pms food!
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