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Default I'm too big and my bike seat hurts- any suggestions for a new one?

I just rode about 7 miles yesterday!!!

HOWEVER... ughhhh... my "girly parts" are killing me!!! That little narrow seat (and mine is kinda "gel-ey") it was like half my big butt was folding over the outer edges, and ALL my 260+ pounds were piling onto my poor little bits... that's a LOT of weight to rest one one area of the body!!!!

I think if the REST of my butt had more support, there would be less force and pressure leaning on the middle area---

I LOVE LOVE LOVE biking--- would easily do it every day--- but I'm in so much pain today... it will keep me from biking for a while.

Are any of you ladies frequent bikers? Did you buy any "special" seats to take care of your girly parts when you're severely overweight? (I know some of you are smaller--- I'm talking more along the problems that obese people are having with their bikes...)

THANKS!!!!! Specific make/model would be great, as I hit up our local bike shops and they didn't carry much--- looks like I'm gonna have to order from online, so the more specific the info, the better!

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I can't recommend a specific model, but I have a seat that is just a bit wider than normal - in a wedge shape. The same one I have had since I was many pounds heavier. It isn't even a gel seat. I bike miles and miles each week. Once you get used to riding, you won't be sore anymore. It will take a couple weeks. I would go out every other day, even if it feels sore, because that is what gets you used to biking.
Any wider, wedge-shaped seat will do you just fine. You might also want to invest in a pair of bike shorts that have padding in them. Will make your ride more comfie.

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I had the same problem that you are having until I replaced my bike seat with this one. I bought it from Walmart. I looked at bike shops but didn't want to shell out the $$$.

I was around 280 lbs when I started using this seat and I still love it. It really took the pressure off of my girl parts. Good luck!

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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I second the vote that if you keep riding (a little bit at a time) the pain will go away. But I was going to suggest Walmart tor Kmart as a decent source of a wider seat. Keep your old seat, I think it will come in handy when you get to biker chick status.
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Get padded bike shorts!!!! They work wonders. If you're self-conscious, you can wear regular shorts on top. Don't wear denim, they hurt worse!
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If the seat is hitting you where I think it is, and nearly your full weight is being born by the frontal "bits" as I suspect, then I don't think there is much chance of "getting used to it." Especially if it was anything like I experienced when hubby and I our bought bikes. I wasn't even able to ride fifteen minutes before I had to quit. Even though it was very uncomfortable while riding, pretty much from the beginning, I wasn't prepared for the pain of the second (and much, much more so on the third day). Let's just say that my husband was teasing me about being sexually assaulted by a bicycle, and I can't say he was too far from the truth.

There was definitely no chance of hubby and I "getting romantic" for nearly a week afterward.

The gel seat made an immediate difference. No pain in the lady bits, just the regular exercise soreness in the butt and lower back, but that did go away more and more as I rode more.
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Lightbulb How about the handlebars?

How about raising the front handlebars? I am wondering if you are leaning forward because the handlebars are too low. I would never have thought about this except earlier this past month I was "shopping" for a bike (first in decades) and a gentleman "stranger" came over and gave me some tips on how to "fit" for your bike. Who knew? I didn't!

My DH knew that you need to have the bike high enough where you can put both feet on your pedals and stand up. This other man said that you should be able to "stand" while your butt is on your bike seat, have about 8-12" between your crotch and the bike middle bit. That is sort of a safety feature for bicyclists. I did point out that I wasn't a guy but in other words you need to fit the bike to your body. So, even us ladies need to make sure there is space where space counts.

Not all bikes allow you to raise either the seat or the handlebars but you shouldn't be leaning forward when you bike unless you have curly handlebars. You should be sitting upright like you are sitting in a chair with good posture. I sat on my old bike I had as a kid, which I decided to use instead, and I immediately knew that I needed to raise the handlebars so I could sit upright properly. I think you squeeze your front when you are leaning too far forward which tells me you don't need a different bike seat, you need to raise your handlebars instead. My 2 cents.
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Thanks everyone! Well, I'm over 6 feet tall so I would need some MEGA high handlebars to keep my from leaning over--- sitting with straight chair posture would mean that my handlebars would be like another foot higher (not possible)....

I had seen that Schwinn no-pressure seat--- lots of varied reviews online--- some love it, some hate it--- Heck, I can always get it and return it, right?

Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies!
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I don't have any personal experience with these, but someone on the 300+ Club recommended these seats by Hobson.
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I had the same problem. I went to Wal-Mart and got one like this. Target carries it also but I only paid $20.00 for it. I also bought another on at Target made by Schwinn. It is really comfortable.
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Eeek... Just made it back to this page and this thread.

First things first:

We all know there are seats designed for men and seats designed for women right?

A good site to peruse is here:

ETA: Gel Seats can be all well and good but to be honest many are not designed for heavier people so you might find you go through them faster, the cutaways are designed for men, and the wide/cushion ones are essentially designed for women... Though the wide/cushion ones can be very comfortable if you choose the right one.

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Some of the advice here is right on... and a good bike fit from a bike shop is extremely helpful. Some other suggestions - look for a woman specific seat, the supports in the saddle are a bit wider for women's wider sit bones. Some also have a slit in the front to give some breathing room for the girly bits. Make sure it says women specific as just seeing the outside does not always indicate whether it be for boys or girls.

You might also check the angle of the saddle in addition to the handle bars. Make sure your saddle is level. If so, then make a very slight adjustment of that angle, try it and see if that helps. If you are feeling more pressure in the front, then the nose of the saddle might be a bit high (this can be just a teeny bit when you look at it.. tiny adjustments make a big difference.)

Watch too much gel and too wide of a saddle if you are planning to do anything more then short rides. While there are exceptions, the gel kind of moves and you end up sitting on the saddle frame, not padding... not comfy.. and the wider saddles on longer rides can chafe like a demon as your legs rub against it over and over.

Padded shorts will help (try chamois butter to help with chafing as well.)

If you decide to get a new saddle, most bike shops will let you try one out for 30 days and exchange it if it is not working... they will also give advice on how to adjust it for more comfort.

I use a Terry Liberator X.. it has been great through literally thousands of miles. It might not be the one for you, there are many options out there.
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A while back, I bought a seat from Target -- and they don't sell that seat any more. They sell this one now:

click here

It looks almost the same but I don't know if it feels the same as mine.

I got a new bike about six months ago (a pink and white one), and the seat on it was so cute that I decided I wanted to leave it on the bike instead of replacing it with my black one from Target. My husband and son and I were on a bike-trip out of town and we rode 25 miles in two days. Before the first mile was up, I was back at the car, switching out that "cute" seat for my comfortable black one!

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I ended up buying the Schwinn No Pressure bike seat.... it doesn't have a "horn" on it... seems like it will be cool...

I still have to install it, but I'll update you guys later!
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