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Default Daily Plate Goal Vs. Fitday Downloaded Version?

OK, SO - maybe you all can help me out here.

i've been using the downloaded version of fit day. i really like it, i like the way it tracks weight, you can easily see the changes, i like all the graphs, i like all of it!


it really bothers me that i cant upload my food as i go or while i'm at work, you know? I wasnt a fan of the online version of fitday...

daily plate looks good, but i dont know how easy it is to really find your foods on there and all that jazz. also - it doesnt give you a demo of what your features are and how it is all laid out before you buy the gold package! i dont want to spend 50 bucks on something that i end up not liking.

what do you all use?
are there a lot of graphs and tracking things on daily plate?
is it easy to use?
does it remember favorite foods or let you add in custom ones?
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The Daily Plate is VERY easy to use, it remembers favorite foods and lets you add in custom ones, and best of all, you can use just about all of its features for free. You don't need to buy a gold membership to use it-you merely need to register for a free account.

A gold membership will help support the site, and it will get you some nifty bonus graphing tools, but all the core, important features? 100% free.
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