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Default I'm in a funk!!

I don't know why I am even writing this because it sounds crazy but if anyone understands, it will be all of you. I don't know what my problem is. I feel like my weight has been dropping off pretty quick and then last week on the 18th, I stepped on the scale and it showed I was at 192 which is a 49 pound loss! I was soooo excited and have been going crazy waiting for it to be an even 50 pounds because that would be halfway to goal! So the next morning I was back up at 194 and don't really understand why. I have been eating right and exercising the same. I did not intake as much water as usual but still took in 8 glasses worth. So finally today I am back at 192 and I just feel bummed. I feel like I've wasted days without doing anything wrong. Does this make sense? Now I feel like my easy days are over and the hard part is about to begin. I am due to start tom next weekend so maybe that is why I feel crappy or maybe I set myself for that 50 pounds loss before it was time?
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Read this thread:

You CANNOT let 2 lbs mess you up that badly. Everything affects your weight - even if you're perfectly on plan you could gain a couple of pounds of waterweight if you ate more salt one day, or if your period is about to start, or if you're ovulating, or if the humidity is up ... all kinds of things.

2 lbs in a 24 hour period is a blip. It's very likely not fat ... just something that will resolve itself.

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You have so much to be proud of! 50 lbs is an amazing accomplishment. Step back from the struggle and look in the mirror! You are amazing girl. How many people in this world can claim to have lost 50 lbs? we would be a nation of supermodels if just anybody could do it!
Those 2 extra days were worth it in the end...Who knows why some days we hold more water than others and the scale doesn't want to cooperate. Your body had a reason and now you are 50 lbs. lighter!
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Do you usually weigh daily or just weekly or monthly?

If you don't usually weigh daily you won't realize that these fluctuations happen all the time. I weigh every day, and while I'm human and don't like to see it fluctuate up, it doesn't bother me too much - because I've seen it happening for 2 1/2 months now, and yet I'm still losing steadily.

Weighing only weekly works really well for many people - but then if you go and weigh daily all of sudden - you either have to cope with seeing the fluctuations, or go back to weighing weekly (or monthly).
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