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Default Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread full of tips on how to make it through this weekend WITHOUT gaining weight!! It is a prime time for people to over-indulge and screw up their eating plan and slack on exercise. What's your best tip?

I will start with my tips for eating healthy at a barbecue.

If you are choosing what to grill, try grilling summer veggies! I LOVE grilled zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and sweet potatos. Just slice them 1/4" thick, lengthwise and brush with olive oil and grill til done, turning once. Asparagus is great grilled too! If you want a hot dog, get a low fat kind. Hebrew Nationals 97% fat free are great. If you want a "burger" try a Morningstar Farm or Boca burger. My favorite burger is a Gardenburger. Or grill a chicken breast, skin-on, and remove the skin before you eat it.

SKIP the chips. Have carrot and celery sticks instead. SKIP the sugary desserts and have fruit salad or watermelon instead. Drink only water or iced unsweetened tea.

And get your exercise, even if it is just a walk!

Now, I am not barbecuing. We are going on a 3-day trip, staying in a hotel with a continental breakfast (UGH!!) and spending days at museums and a zoo.

I would appreciate tips on how to stay on plan, as well as where to eat on our road trip!
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Breakfast at hotels isn't too bad - most rooms have a coffeepot in the room. I bring my own oatmeal and dried blueberries (I measure it out and pre-package in a baggie). I bring my own cup, bowl and measuring cup and use the coffee pot to make hot water for oatmeal.

When I'm traveling, breakfast is the ONE meal I know will always be on plan - I eat it in the room before I even go out to face temptations.
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For the hotel, take your own food. Even if they are providing food, it is no reason to eat crap food. I went to a week long conference where every meal was provided. I basically took along my own food for the entire week although here and there I'd eat certain things that fell into my plan. Find restaurants in the area where you will be at that also fall into your plan. Chipotle is one of my favorites, get a bowl, no rice or small amount of rice, beans, veggies, salsa topped with lettuce. It is actually cheaper than ordering their salad. Don't be afraid to ask for things your way. Since I've started eating a vegan diet, I've gotten a lot better at that.

A zoo is good, means lots of walking. I went to the zoo last week and it was some really good exercise. I'd recommend taking your own water and snacks as well.

We are winging this weekend for the most part but we are going downtown to visit a museum or 2. Plan is to walk, walk, walk. Easy to do when using public transportation.
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Thank you so much for the tips. I am going camping with several people and I am slightly worried about it. The people I am going with are very supportive of my weight loss efforts, but this is my first time camping without splurging on many different foods.
I wish I could give you advice, but I am new at all of this and for the past three months, the only places I have ate besides my house is subway......and McDonald's (Asian Chicken salad.....yum). I look forward to seeing others advice.
Good luck this weekend!------oh, and have fun-----I LOVE museums.......zoos, not so much.
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