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Default Met a major goal and let down by the reward.

This morning when I weighed in I was very happy. This week I hit the 100 lbs lost mark. When I started this journey I decided that when I had lost 100 lbs I would reward myself with a mini shopping spree. I was really excited when I set out for the mall. I decided to try Victoria Secrets and did get some cute panties but was greatly disappointed that they didn't have any bras that were big enough to fit me. I have no idea why that upset me so greatly. When I started this I was a 46F and now I am a 40DD. I am proud of what I have done so far and I know that I can reach all of my goals but it really hit me hard. It hit me hard that I still have so much to lose and that even after losing so much I can't shop in normal stores. I don't know if Victoria Secrets bras will ever fit me. I hope that some day soon they will but if they don't I can't let this keep me down.
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on the 100lbs lost!!!!!!!!

Don't worry about VS... their bras are all wonky & strange... and quite frankly, I never bought into anything about them being the best. (There are plenty of online stores that have sexier things that actually fit me proper...)
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Hey don't be disappointed it must just be the store you went to. Victoria Secret definitely sells 40 DD- go to the online store they have great bras in 40DD
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Wow on the 100 pounds!! I can't wait for that day to come! I'm sorry you were kind of let down...but you are so close! I'm an E and what I wouldn't do to be able to wear any DD cup. Keep up the excellent work and focus on all that you've done for yourself!
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What a great accomplishment! Please don't let the fashion industry take away from your happiness.

Honestly, even when I could fit in them (a looooong time ago), I always through VS bras were poorly made and not supportive. I'm a 40DD too and I buy gorgeous bras at Lane Bryant that are great. Yes, it's a plus size store, but I see skinny girls with big chests in there buying bras all the time.
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There are many, many stores with cute bras. Don't be down about ONE store not having anything to fit. I am currently in a 34DD after losing almost 80 lbs. And I have a VERY, VERY hard time finding a bra that I like.
Congrats on your loss - it is an EXTREMELY FANTASTIC and COLOSSAL accomplishment. Do not let ANYTHING diminish your joy - you deserve to be very, very happy and proud.
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Congrats on the 100 lbs and on keepning some clevage. I have lost almost 100 lbs and went from a 48d to a 38b yikes!!!!
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First off - congratulations and on the 100 pounds! That is an awesome accomplishment!

I'm sorry your goal was disappointing to you. I would try another store, even a Bali store has plenty of cute and sexy bras in your size. Forget VS!
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You have accomplished so much -- don't let one bad moment get you down! I'm like you, if I had something special planned, I would be so excited to make it there and so disappointed to be let down. But, even with our weight loss, sometimes the direction we think we should take gets a little detoured and that's okay, there's always more options. I would come up with a new reward and have at it!!

Great job!!
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Congrats on the 100lbs lost!! Amazing!!

As for the bra situation... I can fit into Victoria Secret bra's, but I HATE them! Not enough support for my DD's! Lane Bryant has better push up bra's, WAY better, I have my skinny friends wearing them! Baffles me how my tiny friend wears a 38DD, but she does! I hope that I can always get my bra's from there, my girls have never looked better!

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100 pounds is amazing!!!! Yea!!!!! WOW <--- not a dancing hotdog
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Don't worry about VS. It is definitely not all it is cracked up to be. I actually had one...a while ago...and I hated it also! I do know what you mean though... everyone talks about VS and you just wanted the chance to buy it. I say it is still a victory because you got panties!! I will take sexy panties from a normal store any day over a bra. I can find sexy bras in big sizes not panties!
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I had to quit shopping at VS when I was in high school, because once I got to a 34 C it was impossible to even find anything in their selection that went up to THAT size in store. Now that I'm at a 34 D (My highest weight was 170 and it's all in my big ole 'baby bearing hips') I don't even bother. It's just SO disappointing. I bought a ton of panties from them before I headed to college last summer, and I actually don't like any of them anymore. They're all cut strange, and fit me in a weird way. I'm giving up on VS unless they make a huge change to their product line, because they really let me down. I'm very sorry to hear that they let YOU down as well.

Congratulations on your weight loss! You're doing an incredible job!! I hope you find a new special treat that kicks butt compared to VS.

Are there any other stores you ladies can recommend? My friend and I were measuring our bra sizes not two hours ago, and she's at a 40DD and has nooo idea where to shop. We're making a day of underwear shopping on Friday, so I'd love some recommendations.

Hope you feel better soon ahill1979!
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Wink is my best friend for the undermentionables. Kicks VS in the you know what.
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It's a wonderful accomplishment. There are plenty of stores with panties that are cute - try Catherines, Lane Bryant and more.
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