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Default Food is not the answer

In one of her books, Geneen Roth says that she has a sign taped to her refrigerator door that says, "It's not in here." The last week has been one of the worst for me in a long time in terms of reminding myself that whatever is wrong, food is not the answer.

I've been pretty sucessful at reminding myself, but I can't count the number of times that I have opened the door to the fridge/cabinet/pantry, and then said to myself, "It's not in here." Then I close the door and go into another room. It's stress, I know that's why the last few weeks have been so hard. It's my thesis, and my thesis, and then my thesis some more. It's the looming deadlines and the desire to give up and my frustration at my ability to procrastinate. (If procrastination was an olympic sport, I'd be going to China this year.)

Food is not the answer. We all know this, right? But do we ever completely lose the impulses to try to find a solution in the fridge? It's not in there, but that hasn't stopped me from opening the door and looking.

What do you folks do to stop yourself when you find that you're looking for answers in food? Because so far I've been really good about being able to reason with myself and walk away, but I'm afraid I'm not going to last much longer.

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Lisa you are doing SO great. And you really have it in your head, too. You are going to make it. I do know what you mean. Just recently, I found myself turning to something OTHER than food for the answer: my bike. It is the weirdest thing. When I get stressed out, instead of going to the pantry I go to my BIKE. (The one in my avatar). Do you have an activity or exercise you can resort to for stress relief? Maybe even a long walk. If you do it often enough, you may come to crave it for comfort, like I do.

The hardest times for me now are when I cannot bike for some health reason. I have been falling apart this week because I couldn't ride my bike. But now that I rode again today I feel centered again. Maybe you can try to find something that grounds you in the same way.

Whatever you do, I am rooting for you!
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Lisa, being able to close that fridge without food after you've opened it is a huge turning point. You should be so pleased with yourself and don't worry about the future! Right now you know the happiness isn't in the fridge and thats all you need to concentrate on. Day by day, pound by pound. You will do this!
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I hear ya! I had a fight with DH on the weekend, first one in a jillion years, and i was upset and had to get out of the house -- straight to WENDY'S!!! and they a dairy queen to follow up!!! gee, that'll show HIM right!?! what the?! It was so deliberate too! i didn't end up there by accident, i drove straight for it and at dq did i get a small cone? Noooooo only a LARGE would do!! UGH it blew my weight loss for the entire week I'm sure!!!!

p.s. we made up
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